America's Running A Marathon, Not A Sprint

We demand answers to Monday's horror,
but aside from consoling the injured
& showing support to the city of Boston,
there isn't a quick way to assign blame,
exact revenge or salve our grief.

We seek just action in response to Newtown
but foolish Senate "traditions" halt progress,
allowing the conservative mindset of a minority
to prevent a majority from passing gun laws.

For many immigrants, it's been a long road,
sometimes painful, frightening, exhausting,
yet it seems that there may be a finish line
if we all have the stamina to continue.

A Marathon is a democratic event:
the terrain is equal, it's free to watch,
the public is there every step of the way.
And it's long. Painful. Yet achievable.

In American democracy, right now
we're running a marathon, not a sprint.
Let's hope we have the training, focus,
courage, will-power & endurance
of those Marathon runners we all admire.

Our hearts are in Boston, Newton
& with all our fellow Americans.
Come share your thoughts with friends
as we share a drink & share the night
at your local progressive social club.

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More Social. More Security.

More Social. More Security.

We can reform immigration in a way
that builds community with people & families
who are contributing to America --
or we can keep criminalizing our neighbors.

We can pass sensible gun regulations
to create a sense of trust, safety & relief
-- or we can succumb to the paranoia
calling for more guns, danger and distrust.

Our budget can strengthen our country,
invest in infrastructure, provide a safety net
-- or can cut successful social programs
that support the most vulnerable among us.

So why is Obama out to cut Social Security,
when on issue after issue, we need policies
that are More Social for More Security?

You can be secure in the social scene
where you share views, and sip some booze
at your local progressive social club.

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Are They Ignoring or Just Ignorant?

As the GOP tries to connect to Latino voters,
they first apologize for a Congress member's slur
-- which he says he didn't realize was a slur.

While Congress considers steps on gun violence,
conservatives oppose action, deny the facts
& cling to the myth that more guns make us safer

And though some on the Right have come out
for marriage equality, others still claim
that same-sex couples are a threat to marriage.

It can be hard to tell whether right-wingers
are truly ignorant of the world around them
...or whether they just prefer to ignore it.

If only we could ignore them a little more...

Here's a fact you can't ignore:
good company & good conversation
at your local progressive social club.

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The Grand Old Party or A Gay Old Party

As arch-conservatives cling to definitions
of marriage as between a man and a woman,
more and more Americans come to believe
that people have the right to marry whom they love.

While the Supreme Court's right flank
seems uncomfortable recognizing gay families,
Anthony Kennedy, the presumptive swing Justice,
is recognizing history's swing toward equality.

Dem leaders finally follow public sentiment,
2016 contenders and coming out for gay rights
& though the Republican Party lags behind,
more GOP voices are calling for change.

In the end, people love who they love,
couples have the right to start families,
and why stand in the way of a great wedding?

Whether through Courts, States or the Capitol,
before long, even the Grand Old Party
will be celebrating a Gay Old Party,
and we'll all be better off for it.

Speculate about SCOTUS, pipe up about politics
& pass around a pitcher to share a toast
as you gather with like-minded lefties
at your local progressive social club.

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Congress: Can't Budget, Can't Budge It

Even the recent heinous acts of gun violence
aren't budge the US Senate, which is too scared
to tackle a restoration of the assault weapons ban.

Superstorm Sandy, the series of climate crises
& the hottest seasons on record can't budge
the climate change deniers in both Houses
into any action on carbon reduction.

Despite an election that rejected him,
nothing will budge Paul Ryan
from a Tea Party budget plan
that slashes popular, essential programs.

It's one thing to say Congress can't budget.
But when it comes to Congress, nothing --
not common sense, popular sentiment
or urgent necessity -- can budge it.

Congress: can't budget. Can't budge it.

If you need a drink to lift your spirits,
or some comrades to share spirited talk,
join your local progressive social club.

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If The Vatican Can Act, Why Can't The Hill?

The President having GOP Senators for dinner
didn't stop them from having him for lunch.
He may win over their taste-buds and tummies,
but it's a far reach to their hearts and minds.

Paul Ryan's past budget proposals
have turned the Republicans into lemmings,
yet despite a decisive national defeat,
Ryan's new budget is a lot like the old.

More Americans speak against the sequester
but stopping cuts requires Washington action,
and in DC these days, the hardest task
is getting Congress to do anything at all.

We need a group of proud aging men
with differing goals & fractured alliances
to can get together to make a decision.

They just did it in the Vatican --
why is Capitol Hill having so much trouble?

Whether discussing the white smoke in Rome
or just the hot air and dark tempers in DC,
share your thoughts, a drink & a night
with your local progressive social club.

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Filibustered and Feeling Busted

Because Congress created a Doomsday device
that it was unable or unwilling to confront,
we're now stuck with the sequester
& it's senseless, severe service cuts.

Because conservatives remain in the grip
of the dystopian paranoia at the NRA,
commonsense gun laws finally introduced
already face a steep uphill climb.

Because Democrats were too timid to stand up
to their own Prez over illegal drone strikes,
it took the bane of liberals, Rand Paul,
to raise the issue through a filibuster.

When a man droning about drones is the most
functional, uplifting act in the Capitol,
we might as well cheer a filibuster --
because otherwise we're feeling busted.

Lift your spirits, your voices & libations
and fill-a-pitcher instead of filibuster
at your local progressive social club.

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These Rats Are Still On Their Sinking Ship

Instead of stalling senseless sequester slashing,
the GOP prefers to prove a point
by sinking a ship instead of saving it --
but it's their Party's that's submerging slowly.

The 75 Republicans who speak for repealing DOMA
are former players, out of step and out of power,
dreaming of a moderate GOP future,
but stuck in a moderate GOP past.

A former Senator nearly gets blocked
from becoming Secretary of Defense
because he had the good sense to get out,
while he left the senseless back on the Hill.

They say rats flee a sinking ship,
but this time everyone else has fled the Party
and the rats in the GOP are doing the sinking.

After the haggle and Hagel, you need a huggle,
so embrace an evening of engaging imbibing
at your local progressive social club.

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Seek or Quest or...Sequester

We could have political leaders who seek
to create the prosperous economy of tomorrow.
Instead Congress avoids responsibility
and follows the path of yesterday's bad choices.

Elected officials could make it their quest
to inspire confidence in all Americans.
Yet now they make Americans question
what our representatives are representing.

They could strive, champion and lead,
but they hide, chicken out and flee
from a self-created crisis with a silly name
that was a silly solution to another mock-crisis.

Their choices: calm crises, or create them?
Ambitious inspiration or anxious perspiration?
They can seek or quest...or sequester?

I guess the seekers and questers weren't available.

Come seek some solace in liberal company
as we sequester ourselves for political conversation,
sharing what we think while sharing what we drink
at your local progressive social club.

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Bleeding Hearts Vs Heartless Beasts

Bleeding Hearts Vs Heartless Beasts

The President's leftward lean in his Address
made hardy liberals' hearts beat faster,
while Boehner's stony, silent stare
made you wonder if his heart beat at all.

Increasing the minimum wage, cap-and-trade,
immigration reform, pay equity, gun control
were all valentines to progressive partners,
while Rubio proved more heartless than heart-throb.

Investing in education, infrastructure, science,
Obama wrote a love letter to the future.
Saying that we're better off on our own,
Rand Paul wrote a break-up note with reality.

On this Valentines Day, the direction of our nation
may be as simple as following our hearts:
we'd rather be called bleeding heart liberals
than conservatives without beating hearts at all.

If it's bleeding hearts vs heartless beasts,
we know who will be our Valentine.

Your heart needn't bleed alone
as there are plenty of like-minded lefties
ready to share politics and a drink
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

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