The Good-ish, The Bad, The Really Really Ugly

The first GOP debate featured a competition to see
who would treat immigrants the most cruelly,
slash Planned Parenthood the most ferociously,
and mock Hillary Clinton the most egregiously.

Jeb bragged that he didn’t go by “Bush,”
Walker boasted he fought against working people,
and Carson was the only candidate to talk race
by insisting he wouldn’t talk about race.

Chris Christie huffed, Rand Paul puffed,
and Donald Trump blew the house down
picking a fight with Fox News in the process.

In the end, John Kasich looked reasonable
for saying he’d gone to a gay wedding,
Rick Perry looked bad for not being on stage,
and everyone looked foolish trying to trump Trump.

It was the good-ish, the bad,
and the really, really ugly —
and it was only the first debate.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is feeling the Bern
and Joe Biden is bidin’ his time.

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The Daily Show vs The Fail-y Show

Tonight, one man will leave the stage,
beloved, admired, respected, missed.
And 10 other men will earn a different reaction
as they take the stage for the GOP debate.

Jon Stewart has challenged the powerful,
called out hypocrisy, and made us laugh.
Trump, Jeb, Huckabee, Christie, Walker
serve the powerful, embrace hypocrites
and make us laugh in a very different way.

For years, Stewart has given us relief,
while informing, engaging, inspiring.
For the next year, there will be no relief
from the right-wing rhetoric of the primary.

Where comedy elevated reality,
we have had The Daily Show.
Where reality leads to tragedy:
the GOP debates … or the Fail-y Show.

We keep laughing to keep from crying.

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Countdown to Crazytown

With Trump topping Republican polls,
GOP pols are pulling no punches
as they try to push their way to the top ten
who win a prized position in the first debate.

Cruz calls Obama a state-sponsor of terrorism,
Huckabee compares the Iran deal to the Holocaust,
while Bush and Walker make hay
over whether they’d ditch the deal on Day 1 or Day 2.

The candidates continue closed culture wars,
doubling down against marriage equality,
sending mixed messages on Confederate flags,
and flailing in the futile fight against Obamacare.

And don’t get them started on the minimum wage.

They’re crusading to out-crazy King Donald,
and with 7 days left until 10 take the stage,
it’s truly Countdown to Crazytown.

Grab your popcorn and be ready to be amazed.

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Unacceptable. Unelectable?

What happened to Sandra Bland is unacceptable
— as is how unexceptional such incidents are
and how tepid our nation’s political response has been.

The opposition to the Iran deal is outrageous —
as is the fact that it’s the boosters of the Iraq War,
now spending $40 million to oppose diplomacy,
with the help of saber-rattling GOP hopefuls.

The low wages of American works are absurd
making recent wins in LA, NY and DC incredible!
Just as ridiculous is how many in Congress
and running for Prez oppose raising the minimum wage.

And then there’s Trump’s xenophobic fear mongering,
the fact that fellow Republicans let is stand,
and only call him out on attacks on McCain.
More insane: he’s topping GOP polls.

There is so much that’s just unacceptable.
And sadly, in our reality, it’s also unexceptional.
Can we make those who turn a blind eye unelectable?

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When Pluto Feels Closer Than Plutocrats

President Obama announces a historic Iran deal,
a triumph of diplomacy and breakthrough for peace,
but this chance is lost on GOP war hawks who prefer
a policy of fearmongering and endless war.

As Greece struggles to stabilize its economy,
only made worse by imposed austerity,
the plutocrats who hold Europe’s purse strings
are poised to tighten their grip even further.

Jeb says Americans should work longer hours.
The Chamber of Commerce slams overtime reforms.
Wall Street hates new rules for financial advisers.

Then our spacecraft takes pictures of Pluto:
the edge of our solar system feels closer to us
than the right wing, war hawks and 1% on Earth.

But those photos remind us anything is possible.
If we reach Pluto, someday we’ll reach the Plutocrats.

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Not Just Symbols, Not So Simple

As the Confederate flag comes down in SC,
it’s more than just a symbolic victory
in pushing back against white supremacy,
yet not the one solution to racism in America.

As NBC, Macy’s and the PGA dump Trump,
it’s a signal of intolerance no longer tolerated
as well as a real hit against a megalomaniac’s power,
but not enough to make him—or his views—vanish.

The Greek referendum send a sign to Europe
that austerity bullies won’t go unchallenged,
but the answer to Greece’s and Europe’s challenges
will be a lot more complicated than a simple vote.

Progressives are winning a series of fights,
but each one unearths deeper problems.
They’re not just symbols, but answers are not so simple.

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It’s All Greek To Me

Greece’s economic crisis transfixes Europe,
yet it’s so far removed from most Americans
that when you explain the problem and solutions,
you might as well be speaking, well, Greek.

Conservatives oppose expanded overtime.
Right-wingers rant about marriage equality.
Republicans keep fighting against Obamacare.
Are they even speaking our language?

And at a time of compassion for Charleston
and for churches being burned across the south,
as hateful as supremacists’ words are,
apologists sound even more indecipherable.

And then there’s Donald Trump.
What on Earth is he talking about?

Whether listening to reactionaries abroad
or right-wingers here at home,
it’s all Greek to me.

Kick off the holiday with fellow liberals
as we toast the 4th of July
at your local progressive social club.

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Flags Furthered and Fallen

A horrendous crime in South Carolina
spurs many states to retire a flag
associated with a history of horrendous crimes
since the days of the confederacy.

The Supreme Court’s healthcare ruling
allows Obama to plant the flag of legacy
firmly in a program of affordability and access
that will always be called Obamacare.

Though progressives rallied behind a flag
of anti-corporate, populist revolt,
the Senate’s passage of Fast Track showed
that Wall Street’s flag still waves of the Capitol.

Among Supreme decisions and symbolic fights,
some legacies are secured and others diminished
in a week of flags — furthered and fallen.

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Racing Race and Trumping Trump

A shooting in Charleston stops us in our tracks,
yet Congress stands still on gun violence
while racing to re-vote on Fast Track
and scrambling to scuttle Obamacare.

Amidst news of pool party police brutality,
abuse in prisons, and criminal justice reforms,
the story about race that gets the most focus
is of one sensational case in Spokane.

In the GOP race, Jeb jumps, Trump trumps,
but the biggest challenge to GOP hopefuls
may be a Pope named Francis who just declared
it’s time to race into action on climate change.

We sprint to keep up in a spinning news cycle,
though too often run the wrong way
especially when we race to make sense of race.

But if there’s one thing these stories share,
in terms of importance, they all trump Trump.

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Drinking Liberally
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Medicare or Meta-Careless

The President is pushing a trade deal
by relying on Republicans, vilifying progressives,
and enlisting the help of corporate America.

The Heritage Foundation and the Tea Party
are on the same side as labor and enviros
in opposing what will come down to a toss-up vote.

And to pass Fast Track TPA for the TPP,
the GOP is accepting worker-friendly TAA
but paying for it by raiding $700m from Medicare,
and pitting the elderly vs the unemployed.

So in this labyrinth of unlikely alliances
and alphabet soup of legislation,
a handful of critical Dems have to choose:
support Medicare or be Meta-Careless?

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full of good company and conversation
at your local progressive social club.

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