Stewart’s Gone — But Satire Goes On

A President who rose to prominence
opposing an open-ended Mideast war
is now seeking Congressional authorization
for an open-ended Mideast war.

Republicans stake out turf by fighting for
a polluting pipeline pipe dream in Congress
segregation of same-sex marriage in Alabama
and blocking a popular Attorney General nominee.

While Bush, Cheney and crew went untouched,
the only person who’ll be held accountable
for lies about the Iraq War -- is Brian Williams.

And as we mourn the senseless killing
of three young people in Chapel Hill,
this possible hate crime will likely get less coverage
than Kanye West and 50 Shades of Grey..

Today’s sorry state of affairs will make us miss
Jon Stewart’s gift of laughter all the more.
On the other hand, maybe his job is done —
as the news seems to be becoming its own satire.

Come sigh, cry, laugh, gaffe, share and care
as you raise a glass and raise your your voice
at your local progressive social club.

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Inoculate Against Hypocrisy?

When Ebola presented a limited threat to America,
GOP leaders ignored science and stoked fears.
Now an outbreak of a beatable disease claims lives
and Republican candidates disseminate misinformation
about the importance of vaccines to preventing deaths.

Jeb and others discover the issue of economic inequality
but Boehner and crew slam progressive tax proposals,
fume at the president for executive actions raising wages,
and focus on — you guessed it — overturning Obamacare.

The Administration claims to honor our values worldwide,
but as the Saudi transition reminds us,
our “close allies” have had their own ties to Al Qaeda,
and human rights abuses on their soil we’ve long ignored.

We hear about vaccines for measles and whooping cough
— is there a vaccine to inoculate against hypocrisy?
If so, event anti-vaxxers would welcome it in Washington.

In the meantime, take a shot we can all agree on —
and follow it with a pint of friendship and discussion
at your local progressive social club.

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Heckuva Snow Job

GOP hopefuls play pretend about a new approach,
but at a conservative convening in Iowa,
they keep up their cultural crusades
against gay rights, women's equality and immigrants.

The Tea Party rails against Obamacare
even as Indiana Republicans expand Medicaid,
and Boehner and McConnell admit they don't
have any ideas of what to replace Obamacare with.

And maybe the word "inequality" is on the lips
of Mitt, Jeb, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul --
yet paid sick leave, minimum wage and free college,
are all treated as DOA by the GOP in DC.

We may not have gotten a historic blizzard this week,
but there's still been one heckuva snow job
-- and we're gonna be digging out for a long time.

In the meantime, raise a cool drink with warm company
as you laugh, listen, learn and share libations
at your local, progressive social club.

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AmeriCans but RepubliCan’ts

AmeriCans but RepubliCan’ts

In the State of the Union, the President announced
that Americans can now look ahead with new hope.
But can Republicans move past defunding Obamacare,
blocking women’s rights and their pipeline obsession?

The Prez said together we can make a new economy
with paid sick leave, a higher minimum wage,
free higher education, and a fairer tax code.
Can the GOP get past tax breaks for the super-rich?

And on the 5th Anniversary of Citizens United,
millions of us said we can get big money out of politics.
Yet can the recipients of dark, unregulated money
say no right-wing billionaires and corporate donors?

We know we’re a great country —
and maybe now we have a president ready to fight.
Americans will show a can-do spirit,
but will The Party of No learn to say yes?

Or will Americans contend with Republican’ts?

“Yes, we can” enjoy company and conversation,
lifting liberal values and libations
at your local, progressive social club.

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Paid Sick Leave - Because The World Needs A Break

In Washington, the GOP pursues a sick agenda:
pushing pipelines, attacking abortion rights,
undermining healthcare, fighting immigration reform
and championing corporate cronies and big banks.

Republican Presidential must be ill with brain fever:
Jeb talks of inequality and Mitt focuses on poverty,
though these 1%-ers ignored these issues as Governors,
and Mitt once said he wasn’t concerned for the very poor.

And the worlds suffers from the disease of hypocrisy:
we mourn the tragic Charlie Hebdo attacks,
yet France makes arrests over undesirable speech,
America condones drone deaths of innocents,
and our allies find reason after reason to arrest dissidents.

Good thing the President’s championing paid sick leave
— from DC to the GOP primary to major world powers,
seems like everyone is acting a little bit sick,
and we’d be better off if they all took a break.

If you need a break, break bread with friends,
as you lift a glass and lift up your ideas
at your local progressive social club.

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Standup for Charlie Hebdo

Laughing Liberally presents an evening of standup comedy and conversation in support of Charlie Hebdo and freedom of comedic expression. 100% of the net proceeds will go to ensure the existence of Charlie Hebdo, and to the families of the victims.

Hosted by political comedian Scott Blakeman, the show will feature performances by John Fugelsang, the host of Tell Me Everything on Sirius XM Radio 121, Frank Conniff, TV's Frank from Mystery Science Theater 3000, Dean Obeidallah, co-director of The Muslims Are Coming and host of The Dean Obeidallah Show on Sirius XM 121, Katie Halper, co-founder of Laughing Liberally and co-host of Morning Jew, Julianna Forlano, host of The Julianna Forlano Show on WBAI, Leighann Lord, Ken Schultz, and special guest comedians and cartoonists to be announced.

Get your tickets by following this link now.

Weapons Drawn

The GOP takes the Senate with targets set
on dismantling Obamacare and rushing Keystone,
but the Prez is drawing weapons of his own
from executive orders to the veto pen.

As protests continue over black lives lost,
and the NYPD, which lost lives, protests as well,
a bomb outside Colorado’s NAACP
reenforces that this is more than war of rhetoric.

In Paris, those who drew no weapons
except for drawing the weapon of humor
were killed by extremists who so feared satire
they used violence in order to silence.

It’s a reminder there is all manner of power
in all ways that weapons are drawn —
may they be drawn responsibly,
in the cause of progress, justice and free speech.

Ready to express and feeling depressed?
Either way find like company and liberal libations
at your local progressive social club.

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New Year’s Fears, Cheers and Beers

We fear what could happen in Washington
as Republicans take control of the Senate.
And we cheer some of the recent moves
that show the President has stiffened his spine.

We risk falling into further quagmires
in Syria, Iraq and a “war” on Isis.
But combat operations have ended in Afghanistan
and diplomacy is being given a chance with Iran.

Will it be a year of extremism and excesses
from the CIA, police forces and corporate powers?
Or a year where progressive forces find a way
to expand healthcare and curb carbon emissions?

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum and Jeb Bush
may compete for scariest Presidential candidate.
Or Clinton, Sanders and even Elizabeth Warren
might fight to be champion of regular Americans.

Will this new year be one of fear or cheer?
Either way, it’ll be a new year that needs a beer.

So pull up a pint as you pick up with your pals
sharing a pitcher, politics and plenty of fun
at your local, progressive social club.

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If Only Christmas Came To Washington...

On Christmas Day, we mark the birth
of an immigrant boy born to a single mom.
But both immigrants and single moms
are often in the crosshairs of American politics.

We celebrate a prophet who cared for the poor,
didn’t fear the sick and reviled money-lenders
— while our politicians often blame the poor,
fear-monger the sick and cater to banks.

This holiday commemorates a man whose life
was dedicated to challenging state authority —
yet state-sanctioned torture, police killings,
and criticism of protest are now on our minds.

The right-wing says there’s a war on Christmas.
Maybe they are the ones waging it —
because a little more of Jesus’s compassion
could benefit our political discourse today.

Share the holiday, your politics and a drink
as we gather to toast, talk, cheers and share
at your local, progressive social club.

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Bush and Cheney - The Answer to Nobody's Prayer

As the President normalizes relations with Cuba,
Governor Cuomo bans fracking in New York
and the Senate actually confirms nominees,
Dick Cheney returns to defend torture.

As Elizabeth Warren rallied progressives in DC
to fight a bad spending bill and treasury nominee,
amplifying speculation about her future,
Bush returns — this time Jeb — to run for President.

From the school massacre in Pakistan
to the protests of wrongful deaths here in America,
we know the world is full of problems.
But nobody thinks Bush/Cheney is the solution.

That’s about as absurd as an international crisis
erupting over a Seth Rogan / James Franco comedy…

Don’t be ambushed by Bush or chained to Cheney —
join like-minded lefties to share ideas and a drink
at your local progressive social club.

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