If Only Christmas Came To Washington...

On Christmas Day, we mark the birth
of an immigrant boy born to a single mom.
But both immigrants and single moms
are often in the crosshairs of American politics.

We celebrate a prophet who cared for the poor,
didn’t fear the sick and reviled money-lenders
— while our politicians often blame the poor,
fear-monger the sick and cater to banks.

This holiday commemorates a man whose life
was dedicated to challenging state authority —
yet state-sanctioned torture, police killings,
and criticism of protest are now on our minds.

The right-wing says there’s a war on Christmas.
Maybe they are the ones waging it —
because a little more of Jesus’s compassion
could benefit our political discourse today.

Share the holiday, your politics and a drink
as we gather to toast, talk, cheers and share
at your local, progressive social club.

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Bush and Cheney - The Answer to Nobody's Prayer

As the President normalizes relations with Cuba,
Governor Cuomo bans fracking in New York
and the Senate actually confirms nominees,
Dick Cheney returns to defend torture.

As Elizabeth Warren rallied progressives in DC
to fight a bad spending bill and treasury nominee,
amplifying speculation about her future,
Bush returns — this time Jeb — to run for President.

From the school massacre in Pakistan
to the protests of wrongful deaths here in America,
we know the world is full of problems.
But nobody thinks Bush/Cheney is the solution.

That’s about as absurd as an international crisis
erupting over a Seth Rogan / James Franco comedy…

Don’t be ambushed by Bush or chained to Cheney —
join like-minded lefties to share ideas and a drink
at your local progressive social club.

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Cruel and Too Usual

Horrific and outrageous details come to light
about America’s use of torture in interrogations,
yet so many of us aren’t surprised by this news,
and too many others still defend the actions.

Protests declaring that "Black Lives Matter"
continue nationwide with uncommon force —
but the deaths that motivated this uprising
are far too common across the country.

In DC, Congressional leaders push a deal
to cut education and environmental protection,
expand the Pentagon and let banks run wild
— bad ideas, but business as usual.

The Constitution protects against
cruel and unusual punishment.
Unfortunately, from torture to wrongful deaths,
much of the cruelty we see is far too usual.

Learn and listen, or lament and lambast,
do it with like-minded lefties and liberal libations
at your local progressive social club.

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"No Indictment" Is An Indictment

In Ferguson, a grand jury didn’t indict
the officer who killed Michael Brown,
despite the frequent adage that a prosecutor
could get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.

In New York, a grand jury didn’t indict
the officer who killed Eric Garner,
despite a video showing the choke-hold
that brought down the unarmed man.

As outrage erupts across the nation,
demanding recognition that black lives matter,
an unarmed youth is shot and killed in Cleveland,
another in a housing stairwell in New York.

Right-wing pundits continue to point the blame
the witnesses, protestors and victims themselves.
And Dems rush a solution of body cameras
— even though Garner’s death was on tape.

There’s nothing grand about grand juries,
and the two “No Indictment” decisions
are an indictment — of our justice system
and of our society and its crushing problems.

If you can’t take it in, or don’t want to hold it in,
let it out tonight with like-minded company
as you speak up, step up and let loose
at your local progressive social club.

Tonight - and every Thursday
7:30-9:30pm and beyond
Rudy’s - 9th Ave btw 44th & 45th
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Tonight’s host: Justin Gerald
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Tomorrow: Friday, December 5th
The Laughing Liberally Lab
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Julianna Forlano, Katie Halper and Ken Schultz.
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Friday, December 19th
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And next Monday, December 8th @ 7:40
Our friends at DFNYC are hosting a screening
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CITIZEN FOUR - and post-film Q&A
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Thankful, Rageful, Hopeful, Forceful

The failure to indict in Ferguson
has stirred anger, fear, outrage, surprise,
and calls for justice, reform, peace, honesty,
but giving thanks isn’t the first instinct for most.

The President’s actions on immigration
is a leap for millions of people and their families
to reduce uncertain and create community —
but not a time of thanks for millions not included.

From progress in talks with Iran
to new rules on ozone emissions,
emboldened Obama gets hopeful.
Once these go from words to actions,
then, we’ll truly be thankful.

This Thanksgiving season, we give thanks
for any small steps of progress —
and thankful to the regular citizens
who, seeing that the progress is not enough,
keep calling, working and fighting for change.

We're feeling more than thankful this holiday:
rageful, hopeful, soulful, forceful.

So, let’s give thanks.
And then, as needed, let’s keep giving hell.

If you’re thankful for a weekly gathering
of warm company and heated topics,
join us tonight for a sip of the season
at your local progressive social club.

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Pipelines and Lifelines

Republicans and ConservaDems nearly passed
the disastrous Keystone tar-sands pipeline.
A pipeline of progressive opposition stopped it for now,
but ultimately the Prez’s veto is our only lifeline.

Tonight, Obama will tackle immigration reform,
executive actions where Congress has been inert.
It could be a pipeline to pump energy into our economy,
but this lifeline for millions will ignite backlash as well.

And Elizabeth Warren took a Senate leadership role,
where she’ll be a pipeline of progressive ideas,
and a lifeline for regular Americans who feel left out
by a Congress more concerned with corporate cronies.

Following the midterms, while some Dems chose flight,
the President and progressives have shown some fight.
Hopefully, it continues: a pipeline of Presidential progress,
and our nation’s lifeline under this conservative Congress.

Come out for a lifeline of liberal libations
and a pipeline of progressive palaver
at your local progressive social club.

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Fight or Flight to Face the Right?

After the midterm elections, many wondered
whether losses would neutralize the President.
But this week he wasn’t neutral on Net Neutrality,
calling for the FCC to protect a free and open internet.

The GOP victories changed the climate in DC,
but may have changed Obama for the bolder —
as he announced a climate change pact with China.

And recent losses may cause some Dems
to conduct mass deportations of core principles —
but the Prez is migrating to a stronger pose
indicating executive action on immigration reform.

From the Keystone pipeline to budget battles,
some Democrats are thinking of taking flight.
But maybe they — and we — are in for a surprise,
if President Obama decides to take up the fight.

Join the fight, tease the Right and enjoy a night
of left-leaning libations and like-minded laughter
at your local progressive social club.

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Election -- or Ejection?

Voters made it clear: for higher minimum wages,
pro-choice, anti-gun and pro pot legalization --
and they also gave the Republicans a landslide.

Voters want a more effective government --
and empowered a party that has spent years
obstructing, distracting, misleading
and preventing an effective government.

And Dems ran on what they’d do if elected,
but hadn’t done when they were elected,
while running away from everything
their party and Prez had been able to achieve.

Whether the politics of rejection, voter dejection,
fantastical projection or a moment of reflection,
Tuesday may have been a tidal wave election
-- or more like a total ejection.

Let’s hope everyone has a working parachute
because it’ll be a bumpy ride on the way to land.

You can fume at home or find comfort together.
And there’s no point drinking alone,
when you can find camaraderie and compassion
at your local, progressive social club.

After all, this is what Drinking Liberally is for.
We don't come and go with the elections.
We're here year-round, to form and strengthen
your sense of progressive community.

We did it in 2004, when Bush won.
We did it in 2010 after the Tea Party.
We're still here. See you at the bar.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Election Day Tricks or Election Night Treats?

Halloween is coming, but the true cause of fright
are the anti-science, anti-women’s-rights,
anti-equality, anti-diplomacy right wingers
who may take control of the Senate.

As we don spooky costumes, none are scarier
than a GOP Senate that would use its power
to block judicial appointments, rollback health care,
pass the Keystone pipeline & threaten shutdowns.

But while Republicans think victory is theirs,
the truth is that from South Dakota to Georgia,
many races are toss-ups, the Senate too close to call,
and Election Night will prove a nail-biter.

The GOP is planning some Election Day tricks,
but maybe Dems will score Election Night treats.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

The Threat of Right-Wing Errorists

Iraqi civilians face a real threat from ISIS,
but hawks want Americans to believe
militias are amassing at the Mexican border.

Ebola is a dangerous outbreak in West Africa,
but conservatives are stoking the fear
that it’s gone airborne all across America.

Our hearts go out to the people of Ottawa,
in the aftermath of a fatal shooting —
but will this lead Republicans to call
for more access to guns in the U.S.,
or for a wall between us and Canada?

Elevating panic is the GOP election strategy,
hoping a terrorized public will vote their way.
Isn’t there a word for those who use terror
as a deliberate tool to achieve their ends?

The Right Wing trumps up a "War on Terror,"
so we have to wage a War on Error —
deliberate deception and malicious misinformation
that could poison the public and affect the election.

Someone has to stop these Right-Wing Errorists.

Feeling election fever or midterm malaise,
come share your thoughts and a pint
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

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