Can't Decide Which Side You're On? Neither Can The Media

1.) Everybody's doing it: While remaining outwardly bipartisan, the Afghan Ambassador to the US expressed his support for key points of Obama's plan for Afghanistan.

2.) McCain's attempts to paint Obama as image-obsessed and disdainful of the military fall flat as Obama's persona continues to repel all the mudslinging.

3.) The free ride hits a pothole as McCain's media coverage becomes inconsistently adoring. The media's un-prompted airing of McCain's anti-Obama ad and the positive spin of Republican senator Stevens' indictment are ridiculously admiring, while the Washington Post article cited above is uncharacteristically negative.

4.) Offshore drilling won't deflate gas prices immediately, according to Obama and many experts. CBS' Chip Reid ignores this, bolstering McCain's love of drilling while failing to fully cite Obama's stance.

5.) Obama's not the only target of media misrepresentation: Deplorably, headlines continue to attribute blame to inebriated female victims of rape cases.