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Shake Ups and Shake Downs

McConnell shakes the Senate down
to rush through a vote on a bill
that would attack the middle-class,
attack health care, benefit corporations
& nobody has had the chance to read yet.

Trump shakes up his team again
with leaks of changing Secretary of State,
and even more shaken by news
that Flynn might cooperate with Mueller.

Matt Lauer. Russell Simmons.
Garrison Keillor. John Conyers.
As #MeToo continues to spread,
culture and corporations shake
... will government be next?

From a tax scam that'd be an earthquake
to give billionaires a tax break
to cultural moments that cause a double-take,
it's a week of shake-ups and shake-downs
that leave us all shaken, not stirred.

Your thirst you'll slate & talk the stakes
with like-minded, left-leaning liberals
at your local progressive social club.

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Not Your Typical Thanksgiving Meal

The Trump team's menu of actions this week
has put more than 50,000 Haitians at risk,
considered importation of trophy elephant parts
and offered a side of killing Net Neutrality.

GOP is serving a whopping corporate giveaway,
seasoned with ANWR drilling,
& unraveling the ACA for dessert,
putting it all on the middle class's tab.

And while there are plenty of turkeys—
Franken & Conyers, Charlie Rose & Lasseter
--Roy Moore's still strutting in a close race
& Republicans save him a seat at the table.

From Trump's America to the #MeToo eruption,
this isn't your typical Thanksgiving meal.

But we can still be thankful
for the recent election results,
for women bravely speaking up,
for the ferocity of the Resistance
& for Americans of goodwill across the country
working to include everyone at our common feast.

Be grateful more than hateful,
share thanks, thoughts, drinks & laughs
at your local progressive social club.

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Gotta Admit: The GOP Won't Quit

Trumpcare was defeated again & again,
yet now the GOP Senate tax bill
would take health care from 13 million
by taking aim at the ACA one more time.

Roy Moore's been kicked off the bench twice
and has come back both times.
Following accusations & calls to drop out,
he's still all-in for the Alabama senate race.

The House GOP is poised to pass
a devastating corporate tax giveaway
overcoming facts, deficits, cuts,
and massive popular opposition
to get their top priority done.

Attacking health care to corporate tax cuts,
you gotta admit: the GOP just won't quit.

That's why they have to be fired —
by the energized American voters.

So much to talk about, gawk about,
think about & drink about
at your local progressive social club.

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Virginia is for Lovers

The Republicans ran on Trump’s playbook
of race-baiting, xenophobia, division.
And had their clocks cleaned across Virginia
by a diverse delegate slate of dynamic Dems.

The first transgender state legislator in the U.S.
A Black Lieutenant Governor. A Democratic Socialist.
A woman sparked by a rep’s attack on the Women’s March.
A victim of gun violence taking down the NRA.

A Liberian refugee elected Mayor in Montana.
The twin cities elect St. Paul’s first Black Mayor
& two transgender City Council members in Minneapolis.

Trump blames the GOP for not embracing him.
The GOP freaks into panic mode on taxes
and some Republicans push for Dream.

In the end, Trump and the Republicans
ran campaigns on hate and division.
But in the end, voters rejected the haters
and proved: Virginia is for Lovers.

Share a lovely, lively, left-leaning toast
with like-minded liberals and libations
at your local progressive social club.

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It's Mueller Time

This week, Trump's campaign chair
was indicted for "conspiracy against the US"
and we had the first guilty plea in Mueller's probe.
And the GOP treating it as normal.

Then a tragic killing in NYC,
which Trump turns into fodder
for his anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim agenda.

And then the GOP releases its tax scam
to give trillions to the richest Americans
at the expense of everyone else.

After a week like this,
we all deserve a beer.
Good thing it's Mueller time.

Join local liberals for an uplifting libation,
to find lefty light to illuminate a dark week.

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Fight, Flight or Flake?

Jeff Flake announced he’s leaving the Senate
rather than be complicit with Trump,
but for now he’s still in the Senate
casting votes that are complicit with Trump.

Bob Corker is tangling with Trump on Twitter
but sounding off and sounding tough
isn’t the same as taking Senate action
to tame Trump’s nuclear threats
or untangle his ties to Russia.

And John McCain enjoys the attention
of heroic headlines of his independence.
But until he’s demanding impeachment,
it’s more feisty fuss than a fierce fight.

In the Trump era, Republicans who speak up
have a bigger choice to make:
Will they fight with all the tools they have?
Or, like Flake, will they just flake?

As GOP dissenters flake and take flight
and Trump continues to fright,
let’s all make sure the resistance
doesn’t fret or flop but keeps up the fight.

Raise spirits, raise the alarm, and raise a glass
as we together share politics and pints
at your local progressive social club.

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He's Making Congress Look Good

Trump decertifies the Iran deal
against advice and intelligence,
but doesn't call for new sanctions
and leaves it to Congress --
which miraculously doesn't rush to war.

He ends critical health care payments
that make care affordable for millions,
then flip-flops on whether he'd support
a rare bipartisan effort to clean up his mess.

He declared he'd end DACA,
made it Congress's job to fix,
but as Congress talked the popular Dream Act,
Trump added demands, bumped timelines
and basically kept changing his mind.

And along the way, he managed
to insult the families of fallen soldiers.

It takes a special kind of reckless incompetence
to make the dysfunctional Congress look good.

But as the Republicans push for a budget
that'd transfer $2.4 trillion to the 1%,
the GOP Congress is working hard
to outdo the Destroyer-in-Chief.

Find a purpose with bipartisan support:
a progressive pint with political pals
at your local progressive social club.

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Unstable and Unable

He may decertify the Iran diplomatic deal
and destabilize a critical framework for peace
while talking of the “calm before the storm,”
provoking North Korea, dismissing diplomacy,
and enabling our role in the war in Yemen.

He’ll use executive orders on health care
to destabilize the insurance markets.
He’s pushing tax cuts to wreck our budget.
He’s issued demands to scuttle the Dream Act.
And he’s failing to support Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, he is unable to stop himself
from picking unhinged fights with his Cabinet,
his party leaders, world leaders,
the news media and the NFL.

There’s Constitutional action the Cabinet can take
in the case of an unstable president.
Otherwise, grassroots resistance and electoral wins
are the only way we can deal with an unable president.

And in his own fog of instability he probably thinks
being Destabilizer-in-Chief is a good thing.

Enjoy conversation smart, savvy, and stable
and share a drink if you are able
at your local progressive social club.

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What Happens In Vegas Can't Stay In Vegas

The massacre in Las Vegas was horrific,
heart-wrenching and senseless.
But it wasn't surprising in a country that
answers bloodshed with "thoughts and prayers."

The dire scene in Puerto Rico is tragic,
frightening and maddening.
And made worse by a callous response,
and by the greed of vulture capitalists
who have crippled the island's economy.

And in DC, the GOP plans an assault
against our budget and working families
to give massive tax breaks to the 1%.
Infuriating, unnecessary, potentially devastating
and not shocking if you follow GOP politics.

When a crisis hits, we can mourn.
But as a crisis is made worse
by ignorance and inaction,
we have to organize.

If what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,
then we're doomed to repeat our history.

So let's all work to make sure that
what happened in Vegas can't stay in Vegas,
and not forget victims there,
the 3.4 million Americans of Puerto Rico
and everyone who'd lose out under a GOP agenda.

And let's get together with good friends
over good politics and good drinks
at your local progressive social club.

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Fighting Zombies Would Be Easier

The Republican attempt to attack health care
was stopped YET AGAIN.
So Trump will sabotage it in other ways,
as the GOP moves on to tax breaks for the rich.

The devastation in Puerto Rico is heartbreaking,
an acute humanitarian crisis,
heightened by an insufficient response from D.C.
all worsened by an underlying economic crisis
created by vulture capitalists who keep circling.

Russian continues to interfere in our politics,
Facebook continues to fall short in its policies,
and the Trump team continues to try
to obstruct the Mueller investigation.

From terrible bills that will not die,
to long crises that won’t be addressed,
to bad behavior that goes unchecked,
it’s like we’re confronting zombie politics,
a persistent assault from an undead army.

At least zombies just want your brains.
These guys want our brains, our healthcare,
our money, and the soul of our democracy.

Maybe fighting zombies would be easier.

For now, toast another defeat of Trumpcare,
and raise your spirits for the many fights ahead
at your local, progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

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