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Right Is Wrong When Right-Wing Is King

The audience boos when Rick Perry says an immigrant kid
should have a chance to give back to society --
but applauds him for the number of executions in Texas.

Ron Paul gets jeered questioning America's foreign policy,
yet cheered when he stands firm against the government
helping an uninsured man facing a fatal ailment.

The crowd hisses Mitt Romney's record
of insuring the citizens of Massachusetts...
and lauds his promise to insure nobody as President.

In running to be the right candidate for the wrong crowd,
right-wing & wrong-headed beats being just plain right.

When Jon Huntsman realizes that, he'll be sorry
he gave up his real job in the Obama Administration.

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Debates About Debates About Debates

The President wants to talk about jobs
but his first job is a speech to prompt a debate,
which is delayed for the GOP debate
to try to take the President's job.

The GOP claims its top priority is jobs
but isn't doing its job of debating jobs,
choosing instead to debate a speech vs a debate.

And as they debate how to debate a debate
they prevent the President from doing his job
which should be to debate -- and create -- jobs
…the only debate that's not happening right now.

It's easier for the GOP to debate each other
rather than having a real debate about jobs.

And it's easier for Obama to cede a debate debate
...he concedes so well, it's practically his job.

Annoyed at the GOP? Confounded by the White House?
Either way, you deserve a drink -- and to vent & rant
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The Wit and Wisdom of Michele Bachmann

The intrepid members of the Minneapolis chapter of Drinking Liberally have dramatized an unlikely text: actual quotes from Representative Michele Bachmann.

The Wit & Wisdom of Michele Bachmann Part One from Steve Timmer on Vimeo.

Learn more about the people behind the project -- people who have been following Bachmann long before most of us ever heard of her.

An American Autumn or An American Fall?

Rebellion against corruption and autocracy
extends an Arab Spring through the summer --
yet corporate power is celebrated in America
& money's influence on politics only grows.

Super PACs super-charge campaigns with cash,
DC defends big banks while Americans lose homes
& pols protect the richest as working folks go broke.

The unemployed, under-water, in-debt Americans
could become an earthquake that would shake politics...
or they could be co-opted by a pro-corporate Tea Party
that underfunds, underfeeds & undercuts America.

We've stared with amazement at the Arab Spring --
are we ready for an American Autumn…
or are we bracing for an American Fall?

Raise your voice, raise your concerns, raise a pint
with left-minded company and liberal libations
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The Republican Line of Secession

The GOP is so confident in their field of candidates
that they keep hoping different people will run...
and as soon as Rick Perry entered the fray,
they began talking about Ryan, Giuliani & Christie.

Perry sells himself as a jobs candidate
because of all the minimum wage jobs in Texas.
He sells himself as a growth candidate,
while Texas grows in poverty & government aid.

Perry has famously suggested Texas should secede
…not the best resume for a Presidential candidate
unless he's running for President of Texas, not the USA.

The GOP wants a candidate that will "succeed" --
Someone should tell Perry those are two different words.

But with this guy's line on secession,
the GOP is looking for the next in their line of succession.

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If Their Job is Cuts, Our Jobs are Cut

As debate in DC is directed by debt & deficit,
the two parties limit their own ability
to invest in our economy and create jobs.

The President faces entrenched unemployment,
a prolonged recession & a frustrated electorate --
yet we can all repeat his efforts to cut, cut, cut,
but can't quote his plans to create, create, create.

And now a new Congressional Super Committee
has a much-ballyhooed mandate to cut even more.
Where's the mandate to put Americans back to work?

The American people want -- and need -- jobs.
But DC acts like their job isn't about our jobs.

If their job is cuts…our jobs are cut.
And this road to recovery just got a lot longer.

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-- and watch the GOP Presidential Debate! --
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Happy Birthday, Mr. President

President Obama turned 50 on Wednesday
and Congress sent a gift: a debt ceiling bill…
with no revenue increases, no unemployment benefits,
cuts to needed programs & threats to our social safety net.

The President wanted bipartisanship and he got it:
members of both parties unhappily voted for the deal,
members of both parties fault his weak leadership
and Americans of all stripes are disappointed in DC.

The Birthday Boy loves a little compromise --
and that's all he got: very little compromise
while Dems "responsibly" agreed to a bad bargain
as the Tea Party stood firm on the far-right sidelines.

You got your birthday wish, Mr. President --
in the future be more careful what you wish for.

Let's just hope that Medicare is still around
to celebrate its own 50th birthday in a few years…

Make a deal worth sealing with no debt ceiling,
just trade your evening for drinks & discussion
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Oh, What a Ceiling

Oh, What a Ceiling

As the Prez crafts compromises to raise the debt ceiling,
offers entitlement cuts but lets corporations keep stealing,
the debate gives progressives a deep sinking feeling.

Across the aisle, Boehner's own caucus keep peeling
despite his demanding, insisting, begging and kneeling --
in his powerless, precarious perch, no deal is he sealing.

And the American people find this too revealing --
that as we need jobs and relief from an economy reeling,
DC's talking more pain and offering no healing.

While they play a reckless game with the debt ceiling
we see how dangerous are those with whom we're dealing…

Come out and share how you're really feeling
as the drinks are flowing & camaraderie congealing
at your local progressive social club.

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Right Wing, Left Out

In England, media mogul Murdoch muddles through a mess,
as the chaos consumes & concerns conservative Cameron.
Will Fox's father's flop flow to further failures?

In DC, as Democrats determined to deal with the debt
are joined by Republicans ready to play ball,
the Tea Party wing of the GOP is left on the bench.

In Wisconsin, the first results in a run of recalls
pump progressives and warn Walkerite right-wingers
that democracy might deal them a defining defeat.

Across the US and overseas, the Left is in the right
and the Right Wing is simply Left Out.

Lefties, lift a liberal libation and let loose laughter
as we share stories, trade tirades and exchange insights
at your local progressive social club.

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Barry President and the Deathly Shallows

When the Death Eaters threaten Hogwarts,
it's an up-front attack that the good guys can confront.
When The Tea Party threatens the American debt ceiling,
they walk out, wait out & wage war sitting on their hands.

Harry, Hermione & Ron defend their way of life
with clear values, friendship & courage.
Obama, Reid & Pelosi face party-infighting
as Dems use GOP frames & bargain with Social Security.

With Voldemort it's a conclusive battle, good vs evil.
With Boehner and McConnell, it's never conclusive
as compulsive compromise meets right-wing recalcitrance.

Harry Potter had to sort out the Deathly Hallows.
Barry the President contends with deathly Shallows.
If only politics had a little more magic in it.

Join fellow liberals for the night, learn about the fight,
share stories, pass pints, debate, deliberate & drink
at your local progressive social club.

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