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Protest Attacks ON Our Country, Not A Tax FOR Our Country

While GOP leadership feigns anti-corporate anger
to please and appease one arm of The Tea Party,
they also attack financial reform proposals
& show no interest in regulating banks.

After Obama convenes a historic conversation
about reducing the nuclear threat globally,
conservatives caught in Cold War paralysis
attack his proposal & come out pro-nukes.

Once Justice Stevens announced retirement,
Republicans attacked Obama's nominee
...who hasn't even been named yet.

GOP obstructionism wastes our money & time,
shakes our financial & international security,
& is a threat to the American Way of Life.

This Tax Day, a lesson for the Tea Party:
don't protest a tax FOR our country that helps us;
protest attacks ON our country from the right-wing
who want government to fail us all.

Be Proud to Pay & toast to Invest-in-America Day
as you join an evening of high spirits & high ideals
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Green Day! Broadway! O.K...

Green Day has come to Broadway! The exclamation mark is not my own -- rather it's energy that's been punctuating the buzz around the new theatrical version of the album "American Idiot," originally released in the politically-charged election season of 2004. Every poster and promotional pitch seems to shout as though to let you know this will be really real, really fresh, really loud.

It was, in fact, very loud, which is fitting for a rock concert. The performers bounded and writhed and moshed and left every calorie they had to burn on the stage. There was something electric happening -- bright and flashy and moving -- and the angst they were wailing about mixed with shrieks of delight from enthusiasts in the audience.

Lots of electricity...but what was it charging? In the end, not much. The show does a fine job creating a through-line among the songs with light a touch: bits of monologue tell of suburban youths filled with rage and angst and wandering. Ultimately, though, the story isn't that interesting.

So the musical lives or dies by how you connect with the music -- and in my case, that reaction was ambivalent. Much of the time, I was more engaged by the visuals on the overwhelming number of televisions that dotted the scenery than by the lyrics. The charm and strength of the performers pokes through but at times my attention wandered -- not a good sign in a 95-minute event. The only song you leave humming is cleverly positioned as an encore number (I'll leave the "unpredictable" choice unsaid) so you walk out of the theater with a tune fresh in your mind.

My mixed reaction probably had to do with my own expectations. Part of me had expected the show to transport back to 2004. Sounds strange to be nostalgic for a time so recent? Yet that was a year of protest, of election fever, of feeling like we were campaigning, fighting and, yes, singing for the future of our country. I was ready to experience 2004 again.

Other than a video montage at the top, the show provided no such nostalgia. Which may be OK for its overall success -- how many people feel that strongly about a 6-year time machine? Interestingly, the audience members shouting the loudest were probably in high school in '04 -- for whom an opera of angst may be the most nostalgic feeling of all.

Thank God He Doesn't Say "Nukyuler"

President Obama and Russia's Medvedev
signed an agreement to cut their nuclear arsenals.
Bush never got further than looking into Putin's soul.

Obama prompted national dialogue with new rules
limiting when the US would use nuclear force.
The only conversations the GOP has started
have been about bondage clubs & Confederacy Month.

And the Prez has been bullish on nuclear
as one piece of a new national energy policy.
Republicans haven't had the energy to say anything
except "No" to any and all energy reforms.

One side has a new clear vision for nuclear.
The other has no clear vision for anything.
One side says "nuclear." The other "nukyuler."

Who would you rather trust with the launch codes?

To toast the treaty, treat yourself
to a night of debates, drinks & democracy
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Finally, Someone Understands...Thank You, RNC!

It can be lonely being a drinking club in the political world. While we all know politicos love to toast here and there, many elected officials are shy about being photographed with a pint in hand. And many of our more sober, elder colleague organizations, raise a wry eyebrow at our whistle-wetting antics.

But at last, we're not alone. As Lindsay Beyerstein has uncovered in Alternet, the RNC considers booze an official office supply.

Hey, we'll take our allies where we can find them. Congratulations, Michael Steele -- you've made the RNC resemble Drinking Liberally...at least in that one regard.

Who Are The Biggest April Fools?

Michael Steele's RNC spends party money
to throw a Grand Old Party at a bondage club.

Obama bows to his "bipartisan" instincts
with a Bush-like program to drill, baby, drill...
that Republican leadership immediately criticizes.

Tea Partiers aggressively howl about Big Government
as many of them, without any sense of irony, collect
Social Security, Medicare & unemployment benefits.

If we made these up, you just wouldn't believe us.

Who needs to create April Fools pranks
when there are so many April fools in the news?

No joke: we'll kick of April by kicking back,
tossing back a drink & tossing around ideas
at our local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Obama May Not Be a Fighter, But He Has Proven He's a Winner

We worried he wasn't a fighter
& he'd let healthcare die post-Scott Brown
but the President brought it back to life
& did what no President last century could achieve.

We complained he was too focused on bipartisanship
straining foragreement with the Party of No
but in the end he shouldered through healthcare
by getting his own party to toe the line.

We were annoyed he didn't step up to lead
& push a vision, draw lines in the sand...
and now we have the largest reform in decades
that looks an awful lot like his campaign plan.

We were concerned that he wasn't a fighter.
Obama proved something else: that he's a winner.

And in the words of the great Joe Biden,
"Man, that's f***ing big."

A toast to reform -- imperfect, but impressive
-- and to the President that made it happen
as we share ideas for what comes next
& share a few drinks with liberal friends
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

We'll Need Healthcare After This Unhealthy Debate

Some sort of healthcare reform may soon pass
but only after DC was gummed up for a year
by obstructionist tactics, bribes to selfish Senators
& every effort to stall, strangle & stunt progress.

Somehow denying reproductive rights took center stage
while a public option, single-payer & medicare expansion
were good ideas that never got an up-or-down vote.

Insurance companies, Pharma & private hospitals
all had their say & their sway in this debate
...which will result in reforms that nonetheless
put us well behind most other developed nations.

Yet, if this passes, it'll still be a miracle.

We've all lost sleep, felt rising blood pressure,
& had migraine headaches from GOP arguments...
we'll need healthcare after this unhealthy debate.

Until we get healthcare, at least we have each other
& can share a few drinks with a few friends
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Parliamentary Trick...or Political Treat?

The Republicans scream that reconciliation --
a process by which a majority gets things done --
is a "parliamentary trick"...while a small minority
holds the Senate hostage with the filibuster threat.

They shout & stamp & wheeze & wince
that Democrats are undemocratic to consider it
...while they refuse democratic up-or-down votes
on critical appointees with no real opposition.

One Senator can obstruct extended unemployment benefits
& another can put holds on hundreds of measures,
wasting our time, money & chance to improve our country.

If reconciliations is a "parliamentary trick"
at least it makes progress -- a political treat.
And it's time Dems go Trick-or-Treating.

Let's wreck their silly notions with reconciliation
& show that Washington actually can work.

I'd toast to that.

Join your friendly neighborhood liberal drinkers
to talk polls & pols, elections & distractions
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Obama: We Know You Can Run, Now Prove You Can Pass

After running on healthcare in '08,
& working on it for most of '09,
Senate Dems & the White House seem to realize
it only counts if they actually pass reform
...even if it's "only" with a majority vote.

Reacting to the Tea Party & Scott Brown win,
Dems need to see they can't run as "populist"
unless they pass real regulations on the banks
that still profit while Americans are out of work.

And after running time and again for gay rights,
Dems are finally working on Don't Ask, Don't Tell
which makes the GOP runs the other direction.

We know Obama's got a great running game
...now it's time he proves he can pass.

And since the GOP is running away & taking a pass
Obama just needs his own majority to get in line.

Join us for a run of good conversation
as we pass around a pitcher of liberal libations
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

A Snowball's Chance in DC

A Republican winning Kennedy's seat
had odds of one-in-a-million.
Then Scott Brown won.

Getting any GOP support in the Senate
would happen once in a blue moon.
Then the jobs bill passed.

So watch out if you say that healthcare
has a snowball's chance in hell...
you might end up with a face full of slush.

A full-day bipartisan healthcare meeting
seemed less likely than Snowpacolypse 3
yet maybe the President't 6 hours on C-SPAN
will pull a masterful snow job after all.

He may not need a snowball's chance in hell
...just a snowball's chance in DC.

Come out to toast a liberal libation
to the fact that healthcare is still alive
& that the Senate passed something this week
with your like-minded left-leaners
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

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