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A New Year Resolution for a A New Year of Real Solutions

The fiscal cliff was an artificial problem
caused by a Congress punting an issue
and settled by Congress punting an issue.

When President Obama caved last time,
he swore it would truly be the last time,
a resolution he re-resolved this time,
which will last until he caves next time.

The Republicans show serious resolve
to refuse to seriously solve anything.
The Democrats are only resolute
in their commitment never to be too resolute.

We're kicking off a new year,
but Washington can't kick old habits.
We need a New Year's resolution
to see this year new real solutions
…or hey, we'll say we want a revolution.

Our revolution begins at happy hour
so make your resolution to raise a glass
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - chapter near you.

We Have Bigger Problems Than The Mayans

The end of the world came and went
and instead of a Mayan apocalypse,
we saw the NRA proposing its own.

The Christmas holiday came and went
and instead of creating peace on earth,
we scuttled Santa's sleigh with drone strikes.

The fiscal cliff's about to come and go
& though no deal is better than a bad deal,
both sides will use the dire, urgent moment
to push unwanted, unnecessary ideas.

Seems like the biggest disasters
aren't made by Mayan prophecies
but the ones we bring on ourselves.

Let's put away our guns and drones,
man-made crises & political apocalypses
-- and instead of ending the world,
how about we just end the year?

Here's to a healthy, happy, big-hearted
more progressively prosperous new year.

In the meantime, share a night with us,
sharing reflections, resolutions & a toast
at your local progressive social club.

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This Can't Be America's Christmas Carol

While the season calls for Peace on Earth,
we mourn victims in Newtown and everywhere.
Instead of focusing on Goodwill for All,
conservatives resist sensible gun control,
defend assault weapons and call to arm teachers.

We cheer George Bailey and Bedford Falls,
yet our President offers a deal to put seniors
in a new generation of Pottersvilles.

We sing Let It Snow and of Winter Wonderland,
but as the obvious devastation of climate change
goes unchecked, unchallenged & unchanged,
fewer of us will experience a White Christmas.

A few ghosts taught Ebeneezer Scrooge to change.
How many will it take to convince America?

This isn't how our Christmas Carol's supposed to go.
Let's find the courage to share different stories
in the true spirit of this holiday season.

Come all ye faithful to join the chorus
of like-minded lefties hoisting liberal libations
at your local progressive social club.

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Let's Get Fiscal -- And Get Physical

The GOP say the only way to address the debt
is to weaken Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security,
but we know that healthy, secure Americans
make a healthier, more secure America.

Deficit hawks want to stop investing in our country
and privatize our resources and public works,
though we know a strong national infrastructure
is key to a strong, national economy.

Tea Partiers obstruct needed disaster relief
and laugh off spending on disaster preparation,
yet we know a robust defense of our country
will make a more profitable, predictable country.

They talk about being fiscally responsible,
but doing it by physically irresponsible --
weakening our citizens, society & nation.

We need strong Americans & a strong America.
Getting physically stronger is fiscally smarter.
Let's get fiscal -- and get physical.

And let's get together for a liberal libation
with like-minded lefties ready to chat
at your local progressive social club.

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New Deal vs No Deal

Tax fairness is a pillar of a successful economy
but the GOP wants to further tax cuts for the rich
without saying how they'll pay for those cuts
...meaning working Americans will pay the tab.

Our social safety net has strengthened our society
but the Tea Party wants to slash entitlements
...yet won't name particular programs they'd cut.

We want revenue to keep our country running,
but conservatives argue for closing loopholes
...without showing how that can add up.

One side is arguing for a stronger America.
The other side isn't making an argument at all.

We want the New Deal.
They are offering No Deal.

At least we know who we're dealing with.

Deal yourself in for a coupe of rounds
of good conversation with great company
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Deficit Politics Of, By and For the Birds

As we see the devastating impact of climate change
which needs bold investment in societal change,
deficit hawks shrilly squawk over pocket change.

Walmart workers need to rely on Food Stamps
& Hostess employees run out of dough
while the vulture capitalists keep on feeding.

Americans voted to pursue the President's agenda
but the GOP keeps playing their tired old tune
proving incumbents can be the lamest ducks of all.

Hackneyed hawks, vile vultures & daffy ducks
are bigger turkeys than our Thanksgiving feast.
All of it is politics of, by and for the birds.

If you're sick of this Bird Flu, get inoculated
with lefty libations & like-minded friends
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Conservatives: Giving Thanks But Nothing More

While Walmart gives thanks for record profits
it doesn't give its workers a living wage,
health benefits or basic workplace rights.

The right-wing gives thanks for America's strength,
but won't give our country needed revenue,
or give an inch on the top 1% paying its fair share.

While the GOP gives thanks that gerrymandering
saved its slimmer majority in the House,
it isn't giving Obama any latitude to govern
or giving Americans the priorities they voted for.

We need leaders who give our economy a jolt,
give our country needed resources
& give working families a chance.

The right-wing gives thanks -- but nothing more,
and sometimes giving thanks isn't enough.

So we are thankful that the fight continues
from brave strikers on picket lines
to new progressives in Washington
to citizen-led efforts to create a better America.

We give those progressive causes our thanks,
our support, our energy & our hope
that we'll keep having more to be thankful for.

Share your thanking & your thinking
with fellow lefties and liberal drinking
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Elections Come And Go, The GOP Stays The Same

The American people spoke on Election Day
in support of the top 1% paying their fair share
but Boehner & McConnell return to DC
& immediately insist tax revenue is off the table.

Voters sent the Republicans a message
to let Benghazi inquiries run their course
but the GOP keeps searching for a scandal
instead of searching for the truth --
or searching for a jobs plan!

And John McCain threatens to filibuster Susan Rice
if she's nominated for Secretary of State
saying our UN Ambassador is ill-prepared
...from a man who made Palin a household name.

Preserve social security, no austerity,
focus on jobs, let Bush tax cuts expire --
the American people have spoken,
but the right-wingers aren't listening.

It's just a reminder that elections come and go
but the Grand Old Party stays the same.

Hopefully, the Democrats remember
that it's American voters they should listen to
-- not Senate old-timers or Fox News pundits.

Whether you need a post-election catharsis
or want to recharge for the fights ahead,
join a drink and share what you think
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Four More Years - Many More Beers

A historical, exhausting and costly campaign
led to victory for a President who spent 4 years
not tackling global warming, taxing billionaires,
jailing bankers or reforming immigration.

As a dozen toss-up races were decided,
the new Senate bolsters the same majority
that's been hostage to a filibustering minority,
stymied by lethargy, protocol and conservatism.

And after volunteers pounded the pavement
to determine scores of tight House races,
we still have Speaker John Boehner.

The most expensive election in history
just maintained the status quo.

But with the extreme right-wing alternative,
the status quo doesn't look so bad.

Plus with a record number of women in the Senate,
our first gay Senator, first Buddhist Senator,
our first Hindu member of Congress,
votes for marriage equality across the country,
as well as for marijuana reform and union rights
& names like Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren,
Tammy Baldwin & Alan Grayson,
the status quo just got a little better.

Speaking of the status quo: DRINKING LIBERALLY
continues to be your home for camaraderie,
conversation and left-leaning libations.

Join us to see old friends and make new ones,
maintain your energy and sustain your commitment
to creating a more liberal America.

Elections come and go. We're still here.
Four More Years -- and Many More Beers
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start a chapter near you.

The World We Fear, The Society We Want

Politicians who campaigned against each other
have become elected officials who work together.
After years of seeking Obama's Waterloo,
the GOP now praises his leadership.

We're not hearing rants against union thugs,
but applause for first responders & relief workers.
Instead of diatribes against Big Government,
we're grateful for public emergency services.

Bad corporate citizens are showing generosity.
For-profit companies are aiding the public good.
Citizens aren't asking if you're red or blue,
but if you need a hand or can offer one.

We don't want a world of escalating disasters
and need action on climate change to prevent it.

We do want a society that acts for the common good
and need to take action to preserve it:
the civil society we've seen in Sandy's aftermath
that we rarely see in a Presidential campaign.

This hurricane shows us how much we have to fear.
It also shows how much reason we also have to hope.

Right now, help and donate to that society.
Next week, vote for a stronger society.
Then, beyond, work and advocate to preserve
and strengthen that society against all threats
foreign, domestic, global, natural & human-made.

In the meantime, find your community
-- comrades and conversation, tales & toasts --
as we join in the society we so desperately need
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

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