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When Compromise Isn't a Bad Thing

Living Liberally isn't known for moderation -- after all "Drinking Moderately" just wouldn't have caught on as quickly.

And so, we're sometime find ourselves in disagreement with those who plead for compromise, bipartisanship and false centrism as though they are inherently good things. Being "bipartisan" doesn't make something right -- and as the US Senate keeps reminding us, not all "partisans" are as much on the liberal side as we like.

But today we tip our hat to State Senator Eric Schneiderman -- another generally uncompromising figure -- for encouraging a compromise worth its weight: getting the State Senate back to work.

As the long-time Living Liberally friend and fan-favorite wrote in a column run by The Huffington Post today:

Marriage equality, the Reproductive Health Act, paid family leave, tax relief for the middle class, the Crime Gun Identification Act, the Farm Workers Bill of Rights, mortgage and pension fraud legislation, school governance reform and other essential bills must be addressed this year. All of these important agenda items are being held hostage by politicians who are more interested in perks and titles than doing what's right for the people of New York.

We look at other states like California that are so bankrupt as to be essentially broken. In New York, we've broken ourselves.

Many of us wonder why NY hasn't become the progressive champion that would lead other states down routes like marriage equality. That question will remain important in future sessions -- but for now, it's not about how we lead...it's about how we function.

Until we get that done...then get onto the business of building real momentum behind our issues that wouldn't be halted by a few self-serving Senators.

The Prez Gives "Bold" Whole New Meaning: "Cautious"

The President "boldly" extended some benefits
to same-sex partners of federal employees
while his Department of Justice defends DOMA
despite his campaign claim he opposes it.

He's making "bold" healthcare reform a key fight,
but nixed single-payer before the debate began.

He revealed proposals for the financial industry
& proclaimed them the "boldest" reforms since FDR --
which just doesn't say much about reforms since FDR...

Obama is giving "bold" whole new meaning: cautious.

Talk about affairs in Washington, Tehran
& even our own democratic battlefield in Albany
as you share a drink & a night
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Daily News Roundup!

❂ A blogger briefly recounts his meeting with Bill Clinton, concerning the significance of the "new" progressive era, one in which the blogosphere serves as a “counterveiling source of progressive pressure” for elected Democrats

❂ Celebrations of Obama's election may be over, but that doesn't mean progressives should cool their heels and take a breather. If you haven't read Frank Rich's Op-Ed piece from Sunday's Times, it discusses the ominous nature of the growing use of violent rhetoric from conservative-fringe loonies and respectable G.O.P. members alike. Liberals be warned...it's a dangerous world out there

❂ Steve Kornacki from PolitickerNY.com muses over new 31-31 stalemate in the New York State Senate, after Hiram Monserrate flipped back to the good ol’ Dems yesterday. According to him, all the Democrats have to do is wait.

❂ Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, one of the men responsible for the 9/11 attacks, now testifies that information he provided (while being waterboarded up to 183 times in one month) was “made up.”

❂ The Peruvian Congress is having second thoughts after attempts to legislate the use of the Amazon sparked protests between locals and the authorities

The Idiot's Guide to Paying for Health Care Reform

By Lee Camp

Check out this video. Laughing Liberally comedian Lee Camp provides clarity on the health care reform debate:

Municipal Composting?


San Fransisco implements municipal composting to cut down on organic waste. Brilliant! Now why don't we have this in New York?

Until then, check out the NYC Compost Project website for information on what you CAN do.

The Right-Wing Shouldn't Get Another Shot

The GOP was wrong when they were in charge
& they're obstructionists in the minority,
yet Senate Dems let right-wing Republicans
mangle the agenda on healthcare & energy
though they haven't earned the right to govern.

Decades of conservative State Senate control
led to New York voters electing new leaders,
yet defective Dems defected in a coup
that will block equal rights & progressive reforms
by giving the GOP another chance they don't merit.

And while the right-wing screams against
bringing Gitmo prisoners to trial on American soil,
it's right-wing extremists that bloody our country
from Dr. Tiller's death to the Holocaust Museum,
as homegrown extremists get a pass they don't deserve.

Whether their targets are in Kansas or DC,
or policies that would help all Americans,
the right-wing shouldn't get another shot.

Who knows what damage they'll do next?

Share your sorrow & share ideas for our country
as you share a pitcher & an evening with friends
at your local progressive social club.

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"Pro-Life"...Definitely Not Pro-Living

The right-wingers calls themselves "pro-life,"
as they incite, commit & defend acts of violence
like that which ended the life of Dr. Tiller in Kansas.

They call themselves pro-life, but they're anti-health,
first fighting child coverage, and now public options
that would actually make Americans healthier.

They call themselves pro-life, but what kind of life
is pro-torture, pro-war, pro-guns,
anti-safety regulations, anti-sex-education?

The Right may call themselves pro-life,
but then why are they so often against the living?

Come Live Liberally with like-minded lefties
as we drink, eat, talk, laugh, share & scheme liberally
at our local progressive social club.

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A Step In Justice, A Steep Injustice

To the highest court in the land, the Prez nominates
an exciting, experienced judge in Sotomayor.
In California, the high court in that land decimates
excitement, experiences & equality of its own citizens.

The pick in DC offers a compelling American story
in the form of a woman who will beak down barriers.
The ruling in Sacramento tells a different story,
as it erects barriers within our own population.

As the right-wing opposes her confirmation,
they'll alienate an entire community in America.
And as the right-wing lauds Prop 8,
they'll lose an entire generation of Americans.

Democrats are pleased with her Supreme quality;
let's now hear them speak out on supreme equality.

With Sonia Sotomayor, all Americans
should be proud of this step in justice.
And with the events in California, we all
should be equally loud at this steep injustice.

Drinking Liberally began on May 29th, 2003 --
come out for 6 years of Thursday night revels
as we raise a glass to the Supreme Court
& raise aghast voices to the California ruling
with like-minded libation-lifting lefties
at your local progressive social club.

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Look Who's Living Liberally

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer is living liberally...

... are you?

Can Fuel Emission Standards Help With All This Political Hot Air?

Congress takes on meaningful credit card reform
& somehow the GOP turns it into a discussion
of allowing loaded guns in national parks.

The President declares healthcare is a priority
and insurance giants claim they want to help...
then the next day they began their opposition.

The Dems get elected on campaign promises
of restoring rule of law, ending Bush-era policies,
& now in power, they hedge on Guantanamo
& the President discusses "preventative detention."

At least Obama announced a meaningful move
to create a strong national fuel emissions policy...
with all the hot air out there, we need it.

Have a cool drink to temper the hot air
or a mixed drink for your mix of pride & dismay
as you share opinions & liberal libations
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

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