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The Right-Wing Shouldn't Get Another Shot

The GOP was wrong when they were in charge
& they're obstructionists in the minority,
yet Senate Dems let right-wing Republicans
mangle the agenda on healthcare & energy
though they haven't earned the right to govern.

Decades of conservative State Senate control
led to New York voters electing new leaders,
yet defective Dems defected in a coup
that will block equal rights & progressive reforms
by giving the GOP another chance they don't merit.

And while the right-wing screams against
bringing Gitmo prisoners to trial on American soil,
it's right-wing extremists that bloody our country
from Dr. Tiller's death to the Holocaust Museum,
as homegrown extremists get a pass they don't deserve.

Whether their targets are in Kansas or DC,
or policies that would help all Americans,
the right-wing shouldn't get another shot.

Who knows what damage they'll do next?

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"Pro-Life"...Definitely Not Pro-Living

The right-wingers calls themselves "pro-life,"
as they incite, commit & defend acts of violence
like that which ended the life of Dr. Tiller in Kansas.

They call themselves pro-life, but they're anti-health,
first fighting child coverage, and now public options
that would actually make Americans healthier.

They call themselves pro-life, but what kind of life
is pro-torture, pro-war, pro-guns,
anti-safety regulations, anti-sex-education?

The Right may call themselves pro-life,
but then why are they so often against the living?

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A Step In Justice, A Steep Injustice

To the highest court in the land, the Prez nominates
an exciting, experienced judge in Sotomayor.
In California, the high court in that land decimates
excitement, experiences & equality of its own citizens.

The pick in DC offers a compelling American story
in the form of a woman who will beak down barriers.
The ruling in Sacramento tells a different story,
as it erects barriers within our own population.

As the right-wing opposes her confirmation,
they'll alienate an entire community in America.
And as the right-wing lauds Prop 8,
they'll lose an entire generation of Americans.

Democrats are pleased with her Supreme quality;
let's now hear them speak out on supreme equality.

With Sonia Sotomayor, all Americans
should be proud of this step in justice.
And with the events in California, we all
should be equally loud at this steep injustice.

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& raise aghast voices to the California ruling
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Look Who's Living Liberally

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer is living liberally...

... are you?

Can Fuel Emission Standards Help With All This Political Hot Air?

Congress takes on meaningful credit card reform
& somehow the GOP turns it into a discussion
of allowing loaded guns in national parks.

The President declares healthcare is a priority
and insurance giants claim they want to help...
then the next day they began their opposition.

The Dems get elected on campaign promises
of restoring rule of law, ending Bush-era policies,
& now in power, they hedge on Guantanamo
& the President discusses "preventative detention."

At least Obama announced a meaningful move
to create a strong national fuel emissions policy...
with all the hot air out there, we need it.

Have a cool drink to temper the hot air
or a mixed drink for your mix of pride & dismay
as you share opinions & liberal libations
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The Best Fundraiser Pettiness Can Buy

Who knew that Al Franken wasn't the Minnesota Senate candidate who'd get the biggest laughs?

Before Al was the perpetual-nearly-seated-Senator, he was most famous for Saturday Night Live and "Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot." So we expected his campaign would be, well, funny.

Turns out Al ran a serious, focused campaign that upset an incumbent and will have placed him in the US Senate, once the shenanigans pass.

Not so funny.

His opponent, though, Norm Coleman, continues to deliver the laughs...as he does in this video, brought to us by our friends at Norm Dollar:

Yes, that's Norm signing autographs as he's being told that progressives have pledged a dollar a day for each day he remains a sore loser. The campaign is up to $100,000...and Norm's pettiness remains the norm.

Thanks for the laughs, Norm...though in the end Al will have a big guffaw, because he who laughs last laughs loudest.

The Living Liberally Annual Celebration...& You

Celebrate a year of political progress and promise, support the work of Living Liberally around the country, and honor our allies Media Matters, Jack & Jill Politics and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer. Saturday, May 30th in NYC. If you can't come, you can still show your support. Learn more.

The GOP: Shooting Themselves in the Foot & Each Other in the Face

In pursuit of Souter's suitable successor,
the White House has signaled it may select
someone that'll turn Red-Staters red in the face.

The GOP bemoans loss of the nuclear option...
meanwhile Dems swing support for the public option
putting a hearty healthcare overhaul on the agenda.

While right-wingers reach for their next Harry & Louise,
the President's team announces original actions
to rein in the derivatives that ran wild & helped ruin us.

The Republicans just can't keep up with him...
Corporate Cons cry, Religious Right wails and flails,
isolationists are isolated, libertarians pack their bags,
Romney & Steele fight each other, the party attacks Crist
& undead Deadeye Dick pops up to defend torture.

Maybe the GOP is always one step behind
because they're always shooting themselves in the foot.
Or because the only targets they hit...are each other.
(Another lesson from Good Old Buckshot-In-The-Face Dick.)

And while they do, the President stays one step ahead.

Hey Progressives, here's your chance...now get to work!

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The Country's Stress Tests & No-Drama Obama

We await results of the bank "stress tests,"
only one piece of a confused economy
where the auto industry reels, homeowners drown
& AIG bonuses were bigger than realized.

Afghanistan faces anger over civilian deaths
as 20,000 troops prepare a stress test for that country.

Specter the Defector stresses Dems in the Senate
by opposing the President's agenda,
while divisions on healthcare, energy, the Supreme Court
serve as a stress test for the party in power.

The only one who doesn't seem stressed?
No Drama Obama...ready to pass any stress test.
Good thing he's the President.

Then there's the GOP...crumbling under stress day by day...

Take a break from your stress and your tests
as you find relief, release & rejuvenation
in the company of like-minded libation-lifters
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Specter the Defector - Defected, or Defective?

A specter of death falls upon Republican dreams
as Specter of Pennsylvania joins the Dems,
now one Franken away from a filibuster-proof majority.

Specter the "Dem" - who, up until he'd made this switch,
had courted the Keystone State's right-wing
as his key to winning the next GOP primary.

Specter, welcomed & protected by Dem leaders,
though he still speaks against Employee Free Choice,
& cast his first "Democratic" vote against the Prez's budget.

Not elected as a Dem, not a loyal Dem, not voting Dem.
Is he really a defected Dem? Or a defective one?

With Democrats like he, we may not need a GOP.
And as things are going, maybe we won't have one.
Now, if only in Maine, a little Snowe would fall...

Whether you're giving old Arlen a cheer or jeer
come out and do it over a liberal beer
with your local progressive social club.

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