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Now He's a Nobel, Let's Aim for "No Bull"

It swells us with pride to see our President honored
& with him our country's highest aspirations for peace.
Yet as he receives the Nobel, those noble aims
are undermined by escalation in Afghanistan.

As our leader, Obama will attend Copenhagen
to call for global action on climate change.
Yet his proposals have been those of a follower,
lagging far behind our neighbors & our needs.

His call for healthcare reform drove the agenda
but his willingness to water down the work
means what could've been a bold new bill
is becoming full of bull & bipartisan bluster.

There's much about him that's noble
& today he is honored with a Nobel.
Now, let's get some progress that's no bull.

Come share a toast & a roast, drink & debate
with like-minded lefties over liberal libations
at our weekly progressive social club.

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What Happens to Hope Deferred?

We were hopeful the President would change course
but should've recalled what he called the Good War,
as he asks to escalate Afghanistan quickly
& postpones a slow exit to 2011.

The House gave us hope for healthcare reform,
but the GOP has written an obstructionist handbook
& too many centrist Dems drag their feet
possibly delaying help for Americans 'til 2010.

We hoped the NY Senate would stand for equality,
shaming Maine & California, beating New Jersey
...but should've remembered this was Albany.
Now hope is derailed for another year.

Langston Hughes asked whether a dream deferred
would dry up, fester, sag or explode?

What happens to Hope deferred?
Does it dry up voters like a raisin in the sun?
Or make progressive ire fester, then run?
Maybe it sags Democrats like a heavy load.
Or, in the primaries, does it explode?

In 2010, Dems will find out...

Meanwhile share your hope & frustration
as you engage & argue, drink, debate & dream
at your local progressive social club.

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The Audacity of Thanks

(Please note: due to Thanksgiving, we meet tonight!
We'll return to Thursday events next week.)

We were hopeful we elected an anti-war President
& are gratified he seriously rethinks Afghanistan
but are concerned he's considering escalation
& won't be thankful until our troops come home

We're hopeful Americans will get health coverage
& impressed we're further than we've ever been
but dismayed at rumblings of centrist Dems
& won't be thankful 'til all have healthcare.

We were hopeful we'd see a new economy
& are pleased at talk of banking reform
but frustrated with Wall Street's bulging bonuses
& won't be thankful 'til Main Street grows stronger.

Last year, we had the audacity of hope.
We're still waiting for the audacity of real change
that gives us reason to be truly thankful.

In the meantime, we do give thanks
to our farewell to Bush, to America's improving rep,
to the many people who work to strengthen
their families, communities and the world.

That's all worth toasting.

Come our to share your thanks & share some drinks
for a holiday gathering of left-leaning friends
at your local progressive social club.

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Reid. Right. 'Rithmatic.

Harry Reid put forth a Senate health bill.
& to see who wins & loses, read between the lines.
But to get it passed, it's Reid between the lines
of progressives & regressives ready for a ruckus.

We push universal coverage as a universal right
& parts, like skipping Stupak, Reid wrote right
...but we know the Right might fright, bite & fight.

However: 50 votes plus Joe Biden is a majority
& we have 60 votes in our caucus.
So Reid, forget the Right -- it's just 'Rithmatic.

Let's vote on this & save lives.

Come caucus & carouse with a cause
sharing a night with left-leaning company
at your local progressive social club.

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Make Change, Make Dollars...Makes Sense

Veterans Day reminds that to honor our troops
we need to make change in Afghanistan,
& stop spending their lives & our billions
on a problem with no military solution.

The House passed healthcare reform
& now the Senate needs to stand for change
that will drive down costs & save money
& more critically will save Americans.

Wall Street's winning out over Main Street
so it's time to change how banks do business
& truly invest in jobs & security for all of us.

When you make change, you can make dollars
...& that just makes sense.

Let's hope Obama, the House & Senate do the math.

Pour out your thoughts as we pour some pitchers
& toast & talk & dream & scheme
at your local progressive social club.

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A Year Ago vs. A Year To Go

The Dems two gubernatorial losses
were an open seat & an unpopular incumbent,
while the Palin / Pawlenty / Beck-endorsed loss
was a seat that hadn't gone Dem in a century.

Maine gave us heartbreaking & horrifying vote,
but it looks like Washington State voters
have battled by ballot to protect gay partnerships
(and let's not forget Kalamazoo...).

Some good area NY legislators were tossed,
yet from Atlanta to Houston, run-off elections
are signaling more change in the wind.

Some of Election Night hurt, and hurt badly
& seemed to take the shine off of last November.

Yet we also saw: unwinnable seats may be winnable,
referenda about human rights aren't out of reach,
& they key to 2010 wins is starting to work now.

We might not have the glow of a year ago
...but now we have only one year to go.

So come raise a glass to some of the winners,
toast with fondness those who fought the good fight
& share your ideas for the next year
at your local progressive social club.

...and come toast the New York Yankees.

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Conservatives Like Options...It's The Public They Can't Stand

The Senate finally nears a healthcare bill
but Holy Joe Lieberman wants the option
to filibuster with the GOP against progress
as 45,000 Americans die yearly from no coverage.

The House finally nears a proposal
but Blue Dog Dems cling to the option
of opposing their party without repercussions
& abandoning their voters who want reform.

The President pushes us closer to change
but the GOP wants the option to opt out,
& to sabotage, sully & sink a plan
they won't even vote for in the end.

Conservatives like options
...it's just the public they can't stand.

After we pass this public option for healthcare,
voters should consider another public option:
opting for different representatives next November.

Meanwhile, come out to a public house (a pub)
where you'll have the options of pints & pitchers
plus a portion of progressive palaver
at your local progressive social club.

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Just Give Us 30 Seconds

Just 30 seconds...you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll share a moment, and it will improve your day.

Why We Cheer For Bank-Robbers Over Robber-Banks

Banks' reckless risks ran real awry,
upending our economy, poisoning pensions,
creating a crisis & f-ing unfortunate families
...but we were told they were too big to fail.

After we bankrolled their bulls**t bailout,
they bounced back to business-as-usual
then posted preposterous profits,
though kept crunching credit for all of us.

Their salaries soared & arrogance enlarged,
so the gov is going to whittle wayward wages,
but they keep boasting billions in bonuses --
unaware, unconcerned or unmoved by our outrage.

Bonus? More like Screw-Us.
This bonus is bogus.

That's why we cheer for bank-robbers over robber-banks.

Livid? Have a libation - with like-minded liberals
as you come for convo & company you can bank on
at your local progressive social club.

Drinking Liberally
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Eight is Enough. Eight is Enough.

We went into Afghanistan to fight terrorists,
but Al Qaeda's regrouped while we got quagmired,
& 8 years later, bin Laden's still at large.

We ended up trying to build a sturdier state,
but 8 years later, nuclear neighbors are less stable,
& Afghan elections make a mockery of democracy.

We wanted a better life for Afghan women,
but instead exposed them to the pain of war
& 8 years later, don't even count civilian casualties.

We have invested our lives & our funds
& forced Afghans to invest as well,
yet 8 years later, contractors collect the dividends.

By 2008, we said of the Bush era "8 is enough."
Now, in 2009, when it comes to this endless war,
President Obama needs to hear that chant as well.

Eight is enough. Eight is enough.

Share a somber glass to those who have suffered,
as we share ideas, arguments & a night together
at your local progressive social club.

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