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It's Not the Heat, It's the Stupidity

As our nation faces a scorching heatwave
in the midst of the hottest year on record,
climate change deniers simply blame "summer."

The weeks of wildfires blazing across Colorado
follow storms and droughts and tornadoes
yet right-wingers want to cut emergency relief,
hoping trickle-down economics squelch the flames.

Religious radicals believe a God will save us
from an eventual Armageddon --
yet refuse the role of steward of God's Earth
in the face of Apocalyptic weather patterns.

Sometimes we apologize for the weather,
saying "It's not the heat, it's the humidity."

This time, there's no apology:
It's not just the heat, it's the stupidity.

Beat the heat with cold drinks & cool company
as you warm up for political conversation
at your local progressive social club.

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Mitt Romney: No Declarations, Less Independence

Romney declared the health mandate wasn't a tax,
fearful he'd seem a tax-increasing Governor;
then sided with the Court declaring it is a tax,
hopeful to make Obama a tax-increasing President.

After Obama's announcement on immigrant youth,
Romney took a few days before saying anything at all,
then delivered a speech that said nothing at all,
except that he disagreed, somehow, with the President.

He tries to point to his moderate Massachusetts record
while actively courting the right-wing billionaires
whose Super PACs flood our democracy with money.

When it comes to tough questions,
Romney backpedals away from declarations.
When it comes to right-wing Super PACs,
he has no interest in independence.

Whatever you think of the mandate, join a person-date
with liberals, libations & lots of declarations
as we toast America's birthday & enjoy the night
at your local progressive social club

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From Courtly Demeanor to Courting Disaster

The Supreme Court used to respect precedent,
but in refusing Montana's Citizens United challenge,
a body of nine non-elected Justices ruled in favor
of major change to our election law of the last century.

The Court used to pride itself on apolitical impartiality,
but Scalia chose to rail against Obama immigration policy
with the fervor he usually reserves for retreats
with right-wing funders and ultraconservative activists.

Americans once respected the High Court
more than any branch of the US Government --
but a series of shocking, divisive judgements
have seen faith falter and approval decline.

...and all that's before today's Obamacare decision,
bound to incite one side or the other
& ignite, rather than settle, the political landscape.

As the Court's puts aside its courtly demeanor,
it feels it's more and more courting disaster.

Judge the judgements & discuss the decisions
over a courtly drink with courteous comrades
at your local progressive social club.

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For Mitt's Every Action, An Equal and Opposite Retraction

Romney forcefully disagrees with the President
over support of undocumented immigrant youth,
but then back pedals from clarifying
whether as President he'd repeal the policy.

Mitt says he's for Simpson Bowles recommendations,
which include a call for increased revenue
-- and that he stands by the Grover Norquist pledge
not to raise any taxes to increase government revenue.

He slams Obamacare over the individual mandate
then defends the mandate in Massachusetts.
His team leaks that Rubio won't be the VP pick,
after which Romney says Rubio's being vetted.

In physics, every action has an equal & opposite reaction.
In Mitt-ics, every action has an equal retraction.

And given the Tea Party stance on science, it won't be long
before Mitt comes out against the laws of physics as well.

Take the action of joining a night of camaraderie
if you want the reaction of good times & good politics
at your local progressive social club.

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The Right-Wing Urge To Purge

Florida plans a purge of its voter rolls,
disenfranchising many of its own citizens
...because the most secure democracy
is the one where the fewest participate.

Romney's ready to purge our country,
arguing against teachers, police & firefighters
because he'd like Bain-style capitalism to bring
austerity to the many & wealth to a few.

And The Tea Party was ready to purge Jeb Bush
after he said the GOP had moved too far right
...a statement he quickly retracted
as he realized who held the Republican reins.

Meanwhile, the CEO who lost billions?
No purge there -- he keeps his job.

Progressives need a stronger surge
to push back the right-wing urge to purge.

And hopefully, the conservatives will know
what a purge feels like come November.

Ready to rant? Determined to debate?
Or just looking for levity, libations & lefties?
Either way, stop on by and come say hi
at your local progressive social club.

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When We Don't Remember, We Don't Recall

When we don't remember it was organized labor
that brought us weekends, wages & work safety,
it becomes easier to vote for a Governor
who stands against unions' interests & our own.

When we forget to check whose money
bankrolls his bottomless campaign coffers,
unfettered, unaccountable infusions
can overwhelm voters & buy out democracy.

When our recollection fails, we overlook
unprecedented power grabs & divisive laws,
and a Tea Party hero holds his office.

Conservative cons convinced & connived,
and Wisconsin - and America - lost on Tuesday.

When we don't remember, we don't Recall.
Time to fix our memory & our democracy.

Whether to vent, lament, scheme or dream,
come share your thoughts & share an evening
with your local progressive social club.

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Romney: At Last, In Last, Just Plain Last

At last, Romney won the race
by being the last one in the race.
He did outlast the outcast cast
but did he come in first, or hang out last?

And which Romney who'd run has won?
This "severely conservative" last Romney
-- or the pro-choice posturer, pro-gay poser
that composed the poise of the last-last Romney?
Will this last Romney who's won still run?

How long can this last Romney last?
When will the real Romney join at last?
Or first with a burst, and fast with a blast,
will the next Romney be first, or come in last?

Alas, alack, ahem, avast,
whether first or next, passed or past,
suffice to say that Romney's last.

Come share a drink with liberal company,
share your thoughts on the coming election
& share a left-leaning night
with your local progressive social club.

DRINKING LIBERALLY - 9 full years.
Find - or start - a chapter near you.

It's Hip To Be Critical, Not Hypocritical

Every Memorial Day, we remember our war dead,
we pray to end wars & promise to lessen such loss
-- while we leave a force in Afghanistan, threaten Iran
and accept the the casualties caused by drone strikes.

More Dems, & even GOP, come out for marriage equality,
criticizing those who don't stand for civil liberties
-- except both parties accept "security" over liberty
via surveillance & tactics criminalizing our population.

Candidates all blast money in politics & negative ads
-- spreading that critique through expensive campaigns,
elaborate fundraising & the help of their Super PACs.

They oppose wars, invasions of privacy & political money
except when it's their wars, invasions & money.

It's hip to be critical, but they wind up hypocritical,
and it ends up being a lot more hype than hope.

If campaigns get you down, let us raise your spirits
as we raise ideas and raise a few pints
at your local progressive social club.

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Unclassy Lessons for the Class of 2012

As students celebrate graduation around the country,
they learn you can become a Presidential candidate
if you showed leadership bullying a peer in high school.

Graduates learn that the business world is forgiving:
you can push the economy to the brink of collapse,
and still be given another chance to lose $2 billion.

The Class of 2012 learns that corporations are people
except they have ways to escape their losses
unlike people who carry student loans forever...
& this year's class has the most debt in history.

Now, will they learn who opposes education funding,
who is fighting against loan support and reform,
& who benefits from a new generation in debt?
Or did that not make it into the commencement speeches?

It's a series of unclassy lessons for the Class of 2012.
We still like them more than Congress's Class of 2010.

Share a toast to 2012, a lesson you wish you'd learned,
as you share the evening with liberal camaraderie
at your local progressive social club.

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Biding Time or BIDEN TIME?

Was President Obama still "evolving" on equality,
was it just his strategy that was metamorphosing,
-- or did the Vice President's off-the-cuff comments
jumpstart a sudden survival-of-the-fittest sprint?

Was Biden a trial balloon or a useful buffoon,
the Prez a shrewd strategist or crude pragmatist,
or was it just time that leaders started to follow
the direction their party & populace were moving?

Some argue the announcement's too early politically,
some contend that it's long overdue morally,
some wonder if the President will even act on it
and many think he felt this way all along.

Maybe Obama was biding time or acting on Biden Time
-- either way: welcome to the right side of history.

We'll toast to that at the right side of the bar
as we share ideas, drinks & a night with each other
at our local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

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