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With Republicans, No Means No

Senate leaders forgot 51 is a majority
so insist on bipartisan 60 for healthcare --
to which Republicans have simply said No.

Thus President Obama addressed the nation,
flattered, cajoled & reached across the aisle,
& after shouting "You Lie," the GOP said No.

So Max Baucus, self-proclaimed king-maker,
offered a mediocre melange of half-measures,
& Olympia put the "No" back in "Snowe."

They are the Party of No for a reason.

Democrats, maybe it's time you learn:
with Republicans, No really does mean No.

Now use your majority in Congress,
your White House & your public support
& get the job done without them.

Say Yes: to good people & good politics
as you swap views & share booze
at your local progressive drinking club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

A Chicagoan Has to Teach a Southerner Manners

Last night the Prez asked Congress to say yes,
appealing to all Americans & across the aisle
to Republicans who have nothing to say in return.

He generously gestured to GOP ideas & advice
(more than a liberal would have liked him to do),
but the Party of No gestured with clutched papers,
with the frantic anger of Birthers & Tea Partiers.

Obama put aside the venom, bigotry & deceit
& invited us to be better than those Town Halls.
...& Rep Joe Wilson of South Carolina shouted
"You lie!"-- shaming himself, his party, his state.

Who'd have thought a Chicagoan would have to teach
a Southerner how to be a gentleman?

...now Mark Sanford's relieved he's no longer
his state's only source of embarrassment.

Obama spoke presidentially & inspired us again
...now let's turn great words into results.

Toast to a speech well-delivered
& share ideas for how to turn it into reality
as you share a few beers, cheers & jeers
with your local progressive social club.

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Americans Stopped Listening to Republicans...Why Haven't the Democrats?

When the President listens to Republicans
he finds support to escalate in Afghanistan
despite the violence, no clear goal
& election fraud in the "democracy" we built.

When Senate Dems listen to the Party of No,
they consider jettisoning the public option,
making healthcare reform meaningless
& mandating a give-away to insurance companies.

When the media listens to the GOP,
we hear how much GOPpers respected Kennedy,
yet in life they slandered him as a "liberal,"
blocked his work & their activists boo him now.

So...why are we still listening to Republicans?

When their homeland security chief listened,
he manipulated threat levels for political gain.

Now, when AG Holder ignores Republicans,
he appoints an investigator into illegal torture
& puts Justice back into civil rights enforcement.

Moral of the story: ignore Republicans...
as the American people told us in '06 & '08.

Tune out the right & turn on the Left
as you join left-leaners for liberal libations
at your local progressive social club.

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People Write Us Funny Shit

Quoted from my inbox -- this is exactly what I received:

"I ma a staunch supporter of Democracy values, you can see my work at : www.fordemocracy.com .
Why in the world would you include the word DRINKING in a liberal group and in addition associate the world liberally which in this context means: a lot, then you have to say to compensate: but drink responsibly. If the stupidity of such a label does not strike you, you need a lobotomy.
I have a group and would be very happy to join you because I believe your cause is just and smart, but because of the title drinking liberally I cannot.
I have a natural repulsion for sheer stupidity and that is the essence of your title.
Please use your brain and change the name!
Thank you
Eric Lafayette"

A Toast to the Liberal Lion

The Liberal Lion knew about Speaking Liberally,
with oratory that carried his brothers' echoes
as his own roar resounded over 4 decades.

He knew about Voting Liberally as he pushed
immigration reform, healthcare, civil rights,
workers rights, equal rights through his career.

He knew Drinking Liberally, a little too well,
& as he came to drink a little less liberally
he emerged as a true symbol of Leading Liberally.

Ted Kennedy knew about living liberally
...and his legacy will liberally live on.

Join tonight for a toast to the Liberal Lion
as you share memories & share a drink or two
at your local progressive social club.

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Congress Needs a Vacation from its Vacation

Senate Republicans sat on their hands
on healthcare, energy & economic stimulus,
and then set off for a nice summer break
...only to face TV attacks at home.

Conservative Dems tried to play decider,
for coal companies, against public option,
& it was so tiring they went on vacation
...where they met the Town Hall insanity.

And the Dem leadership with big majorities
couldn't push for reforms America needs.
So it was time they took a recess
...during which they're pilloried daily
by their own caucus, the right & TV news.

The one good thing about these Town Halls:
they make our lawmakers eager to get back to DC
...and to get back to work.

Just shows that if you want to enjoy summer
you gotta finish all your classwork first.

Toast the summer as we roast the lawmakers,
share your views as your share a little booze
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

America Should Get Its Head Checked...if Our Healthcare Covered It

Senior citizens benefit from Medicare,
government-run socialized healthcare...
yet oppose government involvement in healthcare

Americans with health coverage from HMOs
where bureaucrats, not doctors, make decisions
fear a public option because they say
bureaucrats, not doctors, would make decisions.

And now Americans are scared of Death Panels.
Seriously, a satirist couldn't make that up.

I'd say America needs to have its head checked
...but our health plan probably doesn't cover it.

If we can't get medicine, then get a drink,
which is almost as good, and twice as healthy
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Compared to Healthcare, Korea is Easy

Hillary got more primary votes than Bill ever did
but he's the one able to sweet talk North Korea
while she's caught trading juvenile insults with them.

Gore got more votes in 2000 than Clinton ' 92 or '96
but when Al's reporters were in trouble,
the captors welcomed the ex-Prez, not the ex-Veep.

Obama rocked a landslide; Clinton never had a majority.
But Bill's the charmer that opens Pyongyang;
Barack can't even sweet-talk conservative Senate Dems.

Maybe Bill should become Ambassador to the Blue Dogs
...& tell them to stop holding healthcare prisoner.

Though Clinton may be smarter than revisiting that fight.
Compared to healthcare, North Korea is easy...

Share international & domestic views
over international & domestic brews
& lift a liberal libation with like-spirited lefties
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Maybe the President Should Invite the GOP for a Beer

The Congressional GOP forced stimulus bill changes
then voted against it in near unanimity,
despite President Obama's active wooing.

Most Republicans oppose Sotomayor,
they hold up the Employee Free Choice Act
and are raring to kill the energy bill
regardless of Obama's bipartisan outreach.

Now they cherish the chance to block healthcare
and have declared it will be "Obama's Waterloo,"
even as the White House says it wants GOP on board.

What does it say when the President is able
to get an arrestor and arrestee to calm down,
reach out to each other & share a beer...
but can't get the GOP to reach across the aisle?

Simple: he needs to invite them to have a beer.

Who knows what'd happen if they all drank liberally?

Maybe they'll show up at a chapter near you?
Raise a glass, raise your voice & raise some hell
as you always do with left-minded libation-lifters
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

If You're a Healthy Government, Let's Get a Healthier America

Prez is pleased he got GOP support de-funding the F-22;
but the greater challenge is funding healthcare reform
which is threatened by members of even his own party.

Dems cheer that they barely beat a repeal of gun control;
harder fight's getting Senators up-in-arms over gun rights
to give a damn about Americans' rights to healthcare --
medicine as much as muskets; pills, not just pistols.

The Dems congratulate themselves on Sotomayor's hearings --
a qualified judge said nearly nothing to win GOP approval.
Not staying silent, making a case for a real public option,
that's the greater work that scares & eludes the majority.

Congratulations, Dems, you've done the easy stuff --
now getting hard work done is a sign of Healthy Government.

And we know you're healthy...you have great health insurance
...from the government. Now share with the rest of us.

A beer may not improve your health,
but a night of liberal drinking will lift your spirits,
so come on out and share brews and views
with your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

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