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Maybe the President Should Invite the GOP for a Beer

The Congressional GOP forced stimulus bill changes
then voted against it in near unanimity,
despite President Obama's active wooing.

Most Republicans oppose Sotomayor,
they hold up the Employee Free Choice Act
and are raring to kill the energy bill
regardless of Obama's bipartisan outreach.

Now they cherish the chance to block healthcare
and have declared it will be "Obama's Waterloo,"
even as the White House says it wants GOP on board.

What does it say when the President is able
to get an arrestor and arrestee to calm down,
reach out to each other & share a beer...
but can't get the GOP to reach across the aisle?

Simple: he needs to invite them to have a beer.

Who knows what'd happen if they all drank liberally?

Maybe they'll show up at a chapter near you?
Raise a glass, raise your voice & raise some hell
as you always do with left-minded libation-lifters
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

If You're a Healthy Government, Let's Get a Healthier America

Prez is pleased he got GOP support de-funding the F-22;
but the greater challenge is funding healthcare reform
which is threatened by members of even his own party.

Dems cheer that they barely beat a repeal of gun control;
harder fight's getting Senators up-in-arms over gun rights
to give a damn about Americans' rights to healthcare --
medicine as much as muskets; pills, not just pistols.

The Dems congratulate themselves on Sotomayor's hearings --
a qualified judge said nearly nothing to win GOP approval.
Not staying silent, making a case for a real public option,
that's the greater work that scares & eludes the majority.

Congratulations, Dems, you've done the easy stuff --
now getting hard work done is a sign of Healthy Government.

And we know you're healthy...you have great health insurance
...from the government. Now share with the rest of us.

A beer may not improve your health,
but a night of liberal drinking will lift your spirits,
so come on out and share brews and views
with your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

The Sotomayor Hearing, With Nobody Listening

The Republicans spend their time insinuating
that Sotomayor is a bigot who is weak on the law
& aren't interested in listening to her actual views.

The Democrats use their minutes lobbing praise,
delighted to listen to their own grand rhetoric
but not much invested in her responses.

And Sotomayor, for her part, learned the lesson
not to be a thoughtful, persuasive conversationalist
...but simply to say as little as possible.

This may be called a nomination hearing,
but it is not clear that any of these folks are listening
...which is fine, since they're not saying much either.

And yet...this is how we'll get a better Court.

Wash the taste of Lindsey Graham out of your mouth
with cool beer & warm conversation on this hot night
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Quitter?! I Don't Even Know Her...

Mark Sanford was derelict in his duties
but Sarah Palin's living up to her responsibilities
...by abdicating them before finishing a single term.

John Ensign was a hypocrite & a disappointment
but Sarah Palin's proving herself a leader
...by giving up governing to focus on herself.

The Senate GOP is out-of-touch & out of power
but Sarah Palin's making real change
...by leaving office to work "outside the system."

But, she insists, don't you dare call her a quitter!

Quitter?...I don't even know her...

Hell, at least she's entertaining & I hope she stays:
it just helps conservatives look even worse.

Come share a glass, in disbelief or delight,
as we toast farewell to one more Con
and share the company of a few Pros
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

The Working Families Party Mayoral Forum

Josh Bolotsky and I are seated in the auditorium at the Hotel Trades Council union hall, gearing up to cover the Working Families Party Mayoral Forum.

We'll be doing the live posting over at Open Left -- and you can also watch the forum for yourself at: http://www.workingfamiliesparty.org/liveforum/

The rules and timeline are up; the forum should begin at 5:30pm.

Join us!

Live Coverage of NYC Mayoral Forum Today, 5:30pm EST

At 5:30pm today, the Working Families Party will be hosting a Mayoral Forum -- they'll be interviewing Democratic hopefuls Bill Thompson and Tony Avella, and incumbent Michael Bloomberg.

You can watch the live feed here.

Or tune back in for live blogging coverage.

The Left Has Comedians, But The Right Makes Us Laugh

After Mark Foley, David Vitter & Larry Craig,
the latest exploits of John Ensign & Mark Sanford
make "Republican family values" an instant punchline.

While Americans want healthcare & energy reform,
the Congressional GOP keeps saying everything's fine
...a strategy that's made them a national joke.

And every time Michael Steele opens his mouth,
Palin's on TV, or Rush pipes up again,
it's hard not to chuckle at the absurdity.

Sure the Left may have Senator Al Franken,
but it's the Right that's making us laugh.

But be careful, Dems - with 60 Senate seats,
we better see meaningful reforms out of DC
...or else, next election, the joke's on us.

Head into the holiday with reason to smile,
share that laughter as your share a few drinks
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Mark Sanford is Not the Only Republican Who Disappeared

Mark Sanford betrayed family, staff & supporters...
yet GOP governors already betrayed their citizens
by playing games & obstructing the economic stimulus.

So he's a hypocrite who judged others' affairs...
but the right-wing is full of hypocrites,
who support government handouts for corporate cronies
while objecting to a helping hand for regular Americans.

Yes, he was dangerously irresponsible in his actions...
just as the Republican Congress irresponsibly endangers us
by fighting healthcare, energy & financial reforms.

We're not surprised Sanford disappeared from his job.
The GOP Party-of-No checked out of governing months ago.

Now let's hope grown-ups show up & get to work.

Whether you're laughing at the farce of it all
or crying at the frustration, you need a drink --
shared with other like-minded libation-lifters
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

When Compromise Isn't a Bad Thing

Living Liberally isn't known for moderation -- after all "Drinking Moderately" just wouldn't have caught on as quickly.

And so, we're sometime find ourselves in disagreement with those who plead for compromise, bipartisanship and false centrism as though they are inherently good things. Being "bipartisan" doesn't make something right -- and as the US Senate keeps reminding us, not all "partisans" are as much on the liberal side as we like.

But today we tip our hat to State Senator Eric Schneiderman -- another generally uncompromising figure -- for encouraging a compromise worth its weight: getting the State Senate back to work.

As the long-time Living Liberally friend and fan-favorite wrote in a column run by The Huffington Post today:

Marriage equality, the Reproductive Health Act, paid family leave, tax relief for the middle class, the Crime Gun Identification Act, the Farm Workers Bill of Rights, mortgage and pension fraud legislation, school governance reform and other essential bills must be addressed this year. All of these important agenda items are being held hostage by politicians who are more interested in perks and titles than doing what's right for the people of New York.

We look at other states like California that are so bankrupt as to be essentially broken. In New York, we've broken ourselves.

Many of us wonder why NY hasn't become the progressive champion that would lead other states down routes like marriage equality. That question will remain important in future sessions -- but for now, it's not about how we lead...it's about how we function.

Until we get that done...then get onto the business of building real momentum behind our issues that wouldn't be halted by a few self-serving Senators.

The Prez Gives "Bold" Whole New Meaning: "Cautious"

The President "boldly" extended some benefits
to same-sex partners of federal employees
while his Department of Justice defends DOMA
despite his campaign claim he opposes it.

He's making "bold" healthcare reform a key fight,
but nixed single-payer before the debate began.

He revealed proposals for the financial industry
& proclaimed them the "boldest" reforms since FDR --
which just doesn't say much about reforms since FDR...

Obama is giving "bold" whole new meaning: cautious.

Talk about affairs in Washington, Tehran
& even our own democratic battlefield in Albany
as you share a drink & a night
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

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