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Fuzzy Math-ghanistan

The President announces a "faster drawdown" --
but while 10,000 troops coming home is exciting,
it still means an enormous force is in Afghanistan
on a costly, unending mission with no clear goal.

By the end of 2012, more troops will come home.
However, there will still be as many over there
as when Obama took office 4 years before…
less a "reduction" than a pre-surge "restoration."

At that point, this war will be into its 12th year.
Not saying that it's unlucky if we reach a 13th year
…rather that it's unfortunate, unhealthy and wrong
that we wage any war for that long.

All in favor of a speedy drawdown in Afghanistan
but this news seems more like Fuzzy Math-ghanistan.

What will be clear is when all our troops come home.

Until then, share your hopes, concerns and ideas
as you share a night, a booth and some beers
with your local progressive social club.

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Obama's No Giant, But Compared to the Seven Dwarves…

Obama hasn't solved our high unemployment
but Newt's "idea campaign" suggests tax cuts for the rich
& Mitt's debating himself about saving the auto industry.

Dems haven't ended our ongoing wars,
but Santorum's eager to start a new culture war
& Herman Cain is on his own war against Islam.

The Administration hasn't addressed climate change
but Pawlenty denies he ever believed in it
& Bachmann just think it's God's doing.

President Obama has not been a giant.
But compared to those seven dwarves,
he's looking bigger and better.

He should help sponsor more GOP Debates.

Come out to swap jokes & jabs, thoughts & worries
as you lift beers, share pitchers & raise your spirits
at your local progressive social club.

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Have We Had Enough Fun With Our Weiner Yet?

Anthony Weiner behaved like a creep & a fool.
However, he's getting a level of media attention
you'd think we'd direct at Wall Street bankers
who profited off foreclosing on working Americans.

Weiner has hurt his marriage, family & supporters.
Yet from the outraged chorus demanding resignation,
you'd think he'd hurt seniors by gutting Medicare
& hurt our economy by messing with the debt ceiling.

Weiner lied to the press about sending tweets.
But from the calls for Congressional inquiries
you'd think he'd misled the public about whether
we were conducting secret airstrikes in Yemen.

Has Weiner humiliated himself? Absolutely.
Do we have real problems to discuss?
Probably…but making Weiner jokes is just more fun.

Hopefully, we'll all stop playing Weiner games
and get back to work…that includes Weiner himself.

And hopefully, you'll come out to share a night
with like-minded lefties and liberal libations
at your local progressive social hour.

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Default? Your Fault!

Boehner tries blaming Democratic budgeting
for the dangerous dance with the debt ceiling
because he can't corral his own caucus
to do what everyone knows needs to be done.

Tea Partiers point fingers every direction
refusing responsibility for acting irresponsibly
as the tiptoe toward a fault-line in our economy.

And GOP hopefuls are too busy blaming Obama
for every ailment he inherited with the office,
rather than showing leadership in their party.

Our officials should be seriously talking default
...yet it's easier just to shout "Your Fault!"

Get back to work -- and voters will decide
which flaw was whose fault next election.

If you need a drink, don't drink alone --
share a pitcher as you pitch ideas
at your local progressive social club.

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Like The Rapture, The Tea Party's Time Has Not Yet Come

We were supposed to fear Tea Party power
but as a Democrat won a GOP House seat,
the Teapocalypse seems to be on hold.

We were supposed to tremble before Paul Ryan
but as Republicans run from his Medicare plan,
the Right's shining light doesn't burn so bright.

We were expecting the Republican Revival,
but as Obama's stock rises across the country,
more GOP hopefuls save their hopes for 2016.

Turns out the Right Wing is like the Rapture:
a few die-hards make tremendous noise --
but it doesn't look like their time has come.

And we all look around and realize
that there are real problems & real work to do.

The conservatives make us want to drink
so progressives give you someone to drink with
-- come toast to 8 years of liberal drinking
at your local progressive social club.

Celebrating 8 years of weekly gatherings!
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GOP Candidates: Running For President and Running From Their Past

Newt Gingrich sets out to run for the Presidency…
and runs away from memories of his government shutdown,
right-wing overreach, bad marriages & public deception.

Mitt Romney seeks to become our nation's leader…
but plays hide-and-seek with his one governing achievement:
a Massachusetts healthcare law awfully similar to Obama's.

Mitch Daniels weighs an entrance to the race…
but balances a background of Bush budget cuts
that burned through billions and busted our bank.

And Donald Trump attempts to leap ahead
because he's just trying to escape the past two weeks.

The GOP presidential campaign has to look to the future
…because nobody wants to be reminded of the GOP past.

Looks like we'll have Newt to kick around once more --
come share your laughs and worries of what's in store
while enjoying a drink and dishing what you think
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

When We Can Finally Say: Mission Accomplished

A highly-trained team killed Osama bin Laden
after a decade of uncertainty and unrest --
but will tens of thousands of troops overseas
now get the certainty and rest of returning home?

An intelligence operation brought him down --
will we now realize a massive military mobilization
may not be the only - or best - way to deal with foes?

We have dealt with our #1 enemy at last...
can we now push back on the policies of fear,
security state apparatus & anti-Muslim bigotry
that has intensified ever since 9/11.

We may have killed an enemy,
but only when we end our wars overseas
& stop living in fear at home
can we declare: "Mission Accomplished."

And we will certainly drink to that.

From birth certificates to death notices, a busy week
-- share your reactions and share a libations
at your local progressive social club.

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Our President Got Carded

Our President, elected by an overwhelming majority,
just gave in to the whims of a fanatical minority,
as though reason and evidence would ever silence
a crusade hell-bent on distraction & destruction.

The leader of the free world got carded in a bar
by a group of reckless vigilante bouncers
who would never pass their own sobriety check
& certainly have failed every reality check.

Our Commander-in-Chief's citizenship was challenged
by foes who have shown no sense of American history
& reject American values they pretend to embrace.

What next? A literacy test? A civics exam?
If so, fewer birthers will be at the polls in 2012.

Our Prez was carded, but we're the ones in the bar,
sharing a drink, ideas & a night of liberal company
at our local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Sorry, Republicans - You've Been Trumped

As GOP contenders try to look like grown-ups
preparing for a "serious" run at the White House,
their exploratory committees debuts get dumped
by a media that obsesses for anything called Trump.

Republicans proposes sweeping budget changes
& try to ignite a debate over entitlement spending,
but the guy calling for Obama's birth certificate
(yet can't produce his own) gets all the attention.

Conservatives jockey to seem folksy & accessible,
angling to become the Regular-Joe-in-Chief,
but the rich, obnoxious elitist steals the spotlight.

After years of right-wing hopefuls shilling on Fox News,
the man with an NBC show tops their primary polls.

Sorry, Republicans, you've been trumped.

Believe it or not, Trump's not the only news story,
so share what's on your mind & toast what's in your glass,
with like-minded left-leaning libation-lifters
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

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