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When We Can Finally Say: Mission Accomplished

A highly-trained team killed Osama bin Laden
after a decade of uncertainty and unrest --
but will tens of thousands of troops overseas
now get the certainty and rest of returning home?

An intelligence operation brought him down --
will we now realize a massive military mobilization
may not be the only - or best - way to deal with foes?

We have dealt with our #1 enemy at last...
can we now push back on the policies of fear,
security state apparatus & anti-Muslim bigotry
that has intensified ever since 9/11.

We may have killed an enemy,
but only when we end our wars overseas
& stop living in fear at home
can we declare: "Mission Accomplished."

And we will certainly drink to that.

From birth certificates to death notices, a busy week
-- share your reactions and share a libations
at your local progressive social club.

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Our President Got Carded

Our President, elected by an overwhelming majority,
just gave in to the whims of a fanatical minority,
as though reason and evidence would ever silence
a crusade hell-bent on distraction & destruction.

The leader of the free world got carded in a bar
by a group of reckless vigilante bouncers
who would never pass their own sobriety check
& certainly have failed every reality check.

Our Commander-in-Chief's citizenship was challenged
by foes who have shown no sense of American history
& reject American values they pretend to embrace.

What next? A literacy test? A civics exam?
If so, fewer birthers will be at the polls in 2012.

Our Prez was carded, but we're the ones in the bar,
sharing a drink, ideas & a night of liberal company
at our local progressive social club.

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Sorry, Republicans - You've Been Trumped

As GOP contenders try to look like grown-ups
preparing for a "serious" run at the White House,
their exploratory committees debuts get dumped
by a media that obsesses for anything called Trump.

Republicans proposes sweeping budget changes
& try to ignite a debate over entitlement spending,
but the guy calling for Obama's birth certificate
(yet can't produce his own) gets all the attention.

Conservatives jockey to seem folksy & accessible,
angling to become the Regular-Joe-in-Chief,
but the rich, obnoxious elitist steals the spotlight.

After years of right-wing hopefuls shilling on Fox News,
the man with an NBC show tops their primary polls.

Sorry, Republicans, you've been trumped.

Believe it or not, Trump's not the only news story,
so share what's on your mind & toast what's in your glass,
with like-minded left-leaning libation-lifters
at your local progressive social club.

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The Living Liberally Annual Celebration: Saturday, May 7th


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Turning Speech Into Action: Obama's Real Deficit Problem

In addressing the nation's long-term deficit,
President Obama pledged to end the Bush tax cuts
...which he agreed to extend just 4 months ago.

He called for us to curtail wasteful spending
...a month after launching a costly third war,
while two already drain our national coffers.

He affirmed the kind of country we want,
the values we hold, the programs we commit to,
& drew a line in the sand...which he often does
shortly before he compromises, caves & capitulates.

A solid speech, but will the Prez follow through?
Because his ability to deliver on progressive values
is the long-term deficit we're most concerned about.

Let's toast & talk, debate & deliberate, recap & revel
as we gather with progressive pals, guys and gals,
at your local progressive social club.

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As The Tea Party's Tea Goes Cold

Glenn Beck's Fox televsion show is ending!
We want to cheer, but we know Fox "News"
will fill the time with other conservative blowhards
that continue to push a distorted, right-wing agenda.

Progressives are winning the WI Supreme Court race!
While this shows the power of solidarity with workers
it stands against a backdrop of state-after-state
passing anti-labor rules & anti-family budgets.

The Tea Party's extreme overreach is going to cost them!
Happy they stumble, but there are real consequences:
their Medicaid privatization plan still drives debate
& their budget bullying may shut down our government.

…and some of us want a government that functions.

It's great to see The Tea Party's tea go cold…
but it should mean more than weak tea for all of us.
We need progressive to brew some hot coffee
…or maybe, we need a shot of something stronger.

Share what you think as you share a drink,
talk Wisconsin, Washington & the state of our nation
with lovable lefties and like-minded libation-lifters
at your local progressive social club.

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Conservatives: Conflicted, Convoluted and Just Plain Confused

Conservatives first shouted we moved too slow in Libya,
then they screamed at the Prez for moving to fast,
& now they squeal that we're working with France.

The GOP accuses Obama of not leading on the budget
while they focus on a culture crusade against NPR,
and play games with 2-week budget extensions
that undermine our country's strength & stability.

Tea Partiers blame him for not focusing on job creation,
while their statehouses wage a war on workers,
& presidential hopefuls put the economy on the back burner
to engage in anti-gay, anti-choice debates in Iowa.

Liberals may feel left out & progressives are pissed,
but conservatives are conflicted in their ranks,
convoluted in their logic, contorted in their goals
...& when it comes to leading, they're just confused.

Plenty to discuss, much to debate & reason to drink --
so share your values & a pitcher with a few friendly folks
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Change We Believe In or Change We'd Leave Out?

This time we engaged the international community,
rather than bullying and ignoring them,
before unleashing bombs on an Arab country
with no clear timeline, end goal or sense of cost.

The administration at least believes in global warming
-- even while it allowed more drilling post-BP spill,
called for more nuclear before the Japanese disaster
& advocated "clean coal" despite it being a myth.

Our President now expresses support for labor,
instead of holding working families in contempt,
while making budget deals to cut social services
as he extends tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

We're a far cry from the days of "Mission Accomplished"
…but this isn't exactly the spirit of "Yes, We Can."

We signed on for "Change We Believe In,"
but this is "Change We'd Rather Leave Out."

If you'd like a drink, an escape & friendly debate,
join like-minded libation-lifting lefties
at your local, progressive social club.

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Quakes, Shakes and Stakes

As Japan reacts to a devastating earthquake,
we pray for the people, their health, their welfare,...
their social safety net, their infrastructure
& their government's emergency response teams.

As revolution shakes Libya & the entire region,
we hope that elite plutocrats yield to the populace
that wants more public investment & social services,
more distribution of wealth & a stronger middle class.

And in Wisconsin we see what's at stake in America:
workers' rights stripped away, a century of gains undone
& a conservative attack on working families everywhere.

In America, the right-wing attacks our institutions,
undermines investments & shreds our safety net.

Everywhere else in the world, we pray
that other countries have all that in place.

We pray for those in the quakes & shakes
...and we also remember what we have at stake.

Discuss it all & join the revelry revolution
as we toss around ideas & toss back drinks
at our local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

If You Cut Schools, Do They Not Bleed?

Our country is wealthier than it's ever been
yet we believe we need a slash-and-burn budget
because we're afraid to make the rich pay their share.

Big banks contribute next to nothing in taxes,
while giving out bonuses backed by public bailout,
yet we're talking about cutting teachers.

Unions, the vehicles to a healthy middle class,
who have already agreed to concessions,
are being attacked for not sacrificing enough
...while the Kochs sacrifice nothing at all.

But won't taxing billionaires & banks hurt them?
Not nearly as much as they've hurt all of us.

Tax the super-rich and they sting a little.
Cut schools, and our future bleeds a lot.

And on that cheery note, who needs a drink?
Come out to toss out ideas & toss back a beer
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

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