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A Broken-Hearted Valentine

On Valentines Day, in Parkland, Florida,
17 children didn't return home from school.
But the GOP can't break the grip of the NRA
after 18 school shootings—so far this year.

This week, as the Senate considers Dreamers,
the White House insists on mass deportations,
GOP senators push to tear apart families,
and McConnell refuses a simple Dream Act vote.

While the Olympics inspire the world,
Trump itches to launch a war
& right-wing pundits cheer on provocation
with North Korea, Iran & Syria.

This Valentine's day offered little love
for liberals with bleeding hearts
or for people with any hearts at all
leaving our national a little more broken hearted.

Spread the love, share the night reclaim our country,
as you share a drink & a discussion
at your local progressive social club.

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Parades and Charades

Trump wants a military parade!
Because it's shinier to look at
than low approvals, lower stock market,
& the dark cloud engulfing him.

The GOP treats governing like a circus,
constantly at the edge of shutdown,
refusing to act on protections for Dreamers,
and parading incompetence at every turn.

And as the world tunes in to the Olympics,
seeing North and South Korea parade together,
Trump takes to Twitter & talks of triggers
to puff himself up & provoke others.

He wants a parade but it's all a charade,
as he parades his reckless ignorance,
in a dangerous game with dire consequences.

He wants a spectacle!
Looking at the state of the White House
and the absurdity of the GOP congress,
we have a spectacle already.

Talk Olympics highs & shutdown lows
as you lift your spirits & lift a pint
at your local progressive social club.

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Groundhog Nation

It's February, and Congress is considering
a short-term CR instead of a budget,
has made no progress on Dream,
and could stumble into another shutdown.

Trump gives a droning, hollow SOTU,
to try to seem "presidential" --
while pursuing deportations,
ramping up military escalation,
& undermining the justice system.

Paul Ryan wants to cut Medicare.
The GOP covers up for Trump.
The Democratic strategy is ... ?

And there's a youthful, spirited speaker
with a New England accent named Kennedy.

If all this sounds like a rerun,
you might think it's Groundhog Day,
caught in a repetitive cycle with no end.

But it's more like we live in Groundhog Nation
where the country is reliving the same story ...
and politicians are hiding from their shadows.

New month, same story,
same location, new conversations,
new news to chew on, same welcoming spirit
at your local progressive social club.

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Shut Down, Shut Up, Head Down, Rise Up

One year into Trump’s administration
was marked by a government shutdown,
millions of Women’s Marchers in the streets
& more women running for office than ever before.

Mueller’s ready to talk to Trump,
another GOP member of Congress resigns
& Paul Ryan won’t even commit to running.

Yet Dems back down in the shutdown,
give the votes for Trump’s wiretapping power
& approve an HHS head who hates the ACA,
while refusing to call Trump racist
over continued attacks on immigrants.

Dems can’t stick out a shutdown
and won’t tell Trump to shut up,
but Dreamers won’t be kept down
and the Resistance will continue to speak up
as the parties try to keep up
& Trump's team tries to hush up.

It’s year two of Trump in Washington,
year two of the Resistance —
and both parties are still figuring out
when to shut down, stand up,
keep their head down, shut up,
pay hush-up, or just rise up.

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Did Someone Say S***hole?

Trump rejects a bipartisan deal,
choosing racial insults instead,
then twists & turns with every tweet
as we tumble toward a shutdown.

Republican leadership refuses a vote
on the popular bipartisan Dream bill,
can't find children's healthcare,
and is proving it just can't govern.

The GOP may shut down the government
to support Trump's racist agenda,
punishing millions of federal workers
and all of us who rely on federal programs.

Closed parks and museums.
Delayed checks. Slashed services.
Sounds like the kind of s***hole
Trump was describing, and now,
a Trump Shutdown would bring it home.

It's the shutdown showdown s***show
—grab a drink and join the ride.

Share your thoughts & a drink
as we laugh, learn, toast, and roast
at your local progressive social club.

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Oh, My! Oh, No! O-prah!

Revelations in "Fire and Fury,"
Bannon ousted by Breitbart,
Trump's "stable genius" tweets
& zig-zagging on the Dream Act
may make you say "Oh, my!"

200,000 Salvadorans expelled,
Trump's nuclear threats,
Sessions attack on marijuana,
may make you say, "Oh, no!"

Or looking for a ray of hope,
wanting a leader with appeal
across race, class, age, gender,
may make you say, "Oprah!"

The weeks get weirder,
Washington gets wilder,
the realm of possibility gets wider,
many of us get wearier,
and we're left full of worry,
and, with Oprah, a bit of wonder as well.

Oh, my. Oh, no. O-prah!
Oh goodness...what a week.

You deserve a drink! And a discussion!
With political pals and progressive pints
at your local, progressive social club.

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New Year. Same Crazy.

Trump and Kim Jong-un wage a war over
who has a bigger button & smaller brain,
and wage it through state propaganda
and nuclear threats on Twitter.

Breitbart fans see mommy & daddy fight
as Trump & Bannon torch each other
in a very entertaining sideshow,
either distracting us from Trump's warmongering
or which Trump will warmonger to distract us from.

The GOP turns up heat on Mueller,
Freedom Caucus turns on Sessions,
Sessions turns against legalized pot,
the fraudulent voter fraud committee gives up,
& Trump turns on South Korea to boot.

And we're 2 weeks from a shutdown,
with no agreement on spending,
no progress on Dream or CHIP,
no meaningful relief for Puerto Rico.

Plus Alabama now has a Democratic Senator.

If you thought 2017 was unbelievable
... welcome to 2018.
New year. Same crazy. Only more so.

Join progressive pals for a political pint
as we toast & make the most of 2018
at your local progressive social club.

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Dickens Couldn't Make This Up

The GOP passes an unpopular bill
that rewards their big donors
enriches senators & Trump himself,
& will let them claim there's no money left
for Medicare, Medicaid & Food Stamps.

The GOP races to get home for holidays
without funding CHIP for 9 million children,
passing Dream for 800,000 Dreamers,
providing relief for 1 million Americans
still without power in Puerto Rico.

Amidst resignations on the right and left,
& investigations creeping through DC,
the colluder-and-abuser-in-chief
gloats about what a good job he's doing.

Scrooge pales in comparison --
and at least he reformed by Christmas.
What's happening in Washington,
Dickens himself couldn't make up.

But even in the darkest night of the year,
Resistance shines bright across the country
& the beauty of the longest night,
is that it only gets lighter from here.

Raise a glass against the dark,
with levity, light, laughter & liberal libations
at your local progressive social club.

Drinking Liberally
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A Snowball's Chance in Alabama

They said it couldn't be done,
but a civil rights champion,
buoyed by huge Black voter turnout
just narrowed the Senate gap
by winning in deep red Alabama.

The GOP's tippy-top priority—
to cut taxes for corporations and the 1%—
should be sailing through Congress.
Yet each version's less popular than the last
and there's a chance to beat this tax scam.

Women who have made credible accusations
of Trump's sexual assault and harassment
had been sidelined by bully Trump—
and now 70% of Americans believe
these allegations deserve an investigation.

As Trump's unpopularity soars,
as Mueller's investigation circles,
as Trump's admin & party are torn apart
by infighting, retirements, and indictments,
suddenly anything could be possible:
from Dream to a 2018 wave to impeachment.

Our dreams used to have
a snowball's chance in Hell.
Now let's say we have
a snowball's chance in Alabama ...
& reserve the space in Hell for others.

The winter is dark, but it's a season of light,
so warm up with hot conversation
at your local progressive social club.

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Oh, Holy Fright

The terrifying tax bill churns forward,
Dreamers face fearful uncertainty,
and the government could shutdown tomorrow.

While Franken & Conyers step down,
a sexual predator remains in the White House,
and a right-wing extremist, accused pedophile
may very well be heading to the Senate.

Amidst global fissures & provocations,
Trump decides now is the critical moment
to acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel's capital,
heightening tensions in an unstable region.

There's nothing holy about this holiday season,
other than "holy s**t" as a response to the news.

We listen for carols like "Holy Night,"
but right now feeling "Oh, Holy Fright."

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