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A Dream Deferred?

While claiming he admires Dreamers
and wants Congress to take action,
Trump and his pal Jeff Sessions
ended protections for 800,000 immigrants.

Congress’s August recess was swamped
with white supremacy, nuclear threats,
outraged constituents and DC shake-ups,
delaying any dream of a quiet summer break.

And now they’re back in DC
where Trump’s making deals with Dems
on debt ceiling and government spending,
Trumpcare threatens one last round,
and a tax fight looms large for everyone.

Dreamers and allies are outraged at Dems
for not going to the mat to defend DACA.
Republicans are mad at the White House
for taking away their debt ceiling hostage.
And nobody knows what Trump’s thinking.

Everyone is having their dream deferred
and we’re all working to make sure
the American dream doesn’t become a nightmare.

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