The Living Liberally 2011 Annual Celebration

Join the Friends and Family of Living Liberally
for our 5th Annual Spring Celebration & Fundraiser!

Saturday, May 7. 7-11pm.
Location: The DCTV Firehouse, 87 Lafayette St

Meet this year's honorees, enjoy the company of fellow Liberals from across our network, raise a glass to our successes and help support our continued expansion.

This Year's Honorees

Alan Grayson

Color of Change

Event Sponsors:
Advomatic, Blue State Digital, DailyKos,,
Job Party, MoveOn, Netroots Nation, SEIU, Zivtech

You can learn more about sponsorship opportunities here.

Event Partners:
DCTV, The Nation, The New Press

Host Committee:
David Alpert, Katrina Lynne Baker, Al Benninghoff, Josh Bolotsky, Mary Bruch, Katie Halper, TJ Helmstetter, Stephanie Elaine Hunt, Jen Johnson, Ben Kallos, Justin Krebs, Elana Levin, Matthew Moran, Glenn Oldhoff, Matthew O'Neill, Greg Rae, Lincoln Restler, Matt Rosenberg, Peter Rothberg, Claire Silberman, Brian Sonenstein, Shaunna Thomas, Kerry Trueman, Heather Woodfield, Ben Yee

To join the host committee, volunteer or ask any questions, please contact Mary Bruch: mbruch (at) gmail (dot) com

The official Twitter hashtag is #livinglib11 - you can check for updates here.

Get Your Tickets Now!

Volvo-Driving Liberal - $250
Sushi-Eating Liberal - $150
Latte-Sipping Liberal - $100
Recession Special:
Community Organizer Early Bird Rate
(get two tickets for only $150 if you order now)

Chip In What You Can -- if you can't come to the event, consider "Tipping Liberally" to help support our chapters across the country, and show your support for the event.

You can also help out via check and snail mail.

Make checks payable to:
"Living Liberally"
and send to:
Justin Krebs
236 Hoyt St #2
Brooklyn NY 11217

Note: Donations are not tax-deductible.