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Report Of Our Nation Event On The Nation's Website, plus Laughing Liberally This Thursday

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to thank all of you who came out to "The Nation Guide To Living Liberally". The place was packed and everyone had a great time.

You can check out a report that I wrote on the evening on the Nation's website, with great pics from DLer Steve Stearns.

Also, this Thursday, March 5th, there is another Laughing Liberally Local 312 event at the Quennect 4 Gallery,2716 W North Ave. 9pm, $5.


And don't forget the next Drinking Liberally is this Tuesday, March 10th, at Sheffield's, 3258 N Sheffield Ave, 7pm.

Hope to see you at one or both!

Nation Event Is A Time Out Critic's Pick...and you can get free stuff if you come!

Hey everyone,
Our event this Saturday for The Nation Guide to the Nation is a Time Out Chicago Critic's Pick! And there's a nifty article to accompany it.

And as if you needed another reason to come out this Saturday... there will be free stuff! That's right! Swag from the Nation! From Living and Drinking Liberally! From Headzup!

The swag is while supplies last, so get there early.
Food and drinks will be available for purchase, and the No Exit Cafe is generous enough to be hosting this event for free, so go early and have some of their great food!

Saturday, February 28th
No Exit Cafe
6970 North Glenwood Ave
Chicago, IL, 60626

Doors open at 6pm. Event begins at 7pm.

See you Saturday!
nation flyer

Drinking And Laughing Liberally Event For The Nation Magazine

Hey everyone,

Chicago's Drinking Liberally & Laughing Liberally will be hosting a night of comedy, music and more celebrating liberalism in Chicago and the release of the Nation magazine's new book, "The Nation Guide to the Nation".

nation flyer

With speakers:
Rick Perlstein- Author of "Nixonland"
Tracy Van Slyke- From The Media Consortium

Comedy by James Fritz, Carrie Callahan, and the Accountants of Homeland Security

Music by Lauren Maul

Political cartoons by Matthew Filipowicz

Saturday, February 28th
No Exit Cafe
6970 North Glenwood Ave
Chicago, IL, 60626

Doors open at 6pm
Event begins at 7pm

Dinner and drinks will be available for purchase. No Exit is owned by the same folks as the Heartland Cafe, so the food and drinks are quite good.

Hope to see you there!


Laughing Liberally Local 312 Show Friday Jan 30th

Hey everyone!
The Accountants of Homeland Security, Chicago's Laughing Liberally Local 312, are bringing the first post-Bush administration Final Countdown to the Quennect 4 Gallery Friday January 30th!
The lineup is badass
Adam Burke- Standup
Brad French- Juggler
Bryan Bowden- Standup
Agents Of Change- Music
Chad Briggs- Standup
The Puterbaugh Sisters- Sketch
Jay McKinney- Standup
Matthew Filipowicz- Political Cartoons

Quennect 4 Gallery- 2716 W North Ave
Friday, Jan 30th, 9pm, $5 Donation

It should be a great night! Hope to see you out there!

This Monday's Inauguration Show/ Party

Hey everyone,
Just a quick reminder that this Monday is the Final Countdown Inauguration Show/Party.
It's going to be huge.
We were Critic's Pick in Time Out Chicago, were featured on NBC's website and to top it off... it's Bush's last night in office.
So come out, and celebrate what is hopefully the end of one of the darkest times in our history by laughing at the men who made it so. Plus, we have a life-sized Bush pinata. And yes, you can throw your shoes at it.

Quennect 4 Gallery- 2716 W North Ave
Monday January 19th, 8pm, $5

Chicago's Laughing Liberally Local 312 Featured On NBC's Website

As the Accountants of Homeland Security, Chicago's Laughing Liberally Local 312, were busy getting revved up for our big Inauguration Show/ Party, we were excited today to find out we were featured in a cool little write-up on NBC Chicago's website.

And, yes, the article is correct. In addition to comedy, music, and a freak show, we will have a life sized Bush pinata.

So if you, or anyone you know is in Chicago, come on out January 19th to celebrate the end of eight long years with a night of comedy, music, and drinking. Lots of joyous drinking.

Quennect 4 Gallery, 2716 W North Ave, January 19th, 8pm, $5


Big Inauguration Show/ Party

Hey everyone,
This is just a quick note to have you mark your calendars for Monday, January 19th.

That's right. January 19th. Bush's last day in office.

That night, the Accountants of Homeland Security, Chicago's Laughing Liberally Local 312, will be hosting a huge inauguration show/ party at the Quennect 4 Gallery, 2716 W North Ave, 8pm, $5.

The lineup for the show is awesome. Comics, music, variety, plus there will be a life-sized Bush pinata!

Here's the flyer.

It should be a blast. Hope to see you there!

More info at

Just 2 Laughing Liberally Chicago Shows Left Before December Break

Hey Folks,

We actually have just two shows left before we go on a December hiatus.

So just two chances left this year to enjoy the Final Countdown!
Here’s this week’s super groovy lineup.

Marty DeRosa- Standup
Think Tank- Sketch
Othy Schwering-Standup
John Sturk- Magic
Matthew Filipowicz- Politcal Cartoons

Cornservatory Theatre 4210 N Lincoln
Saturday November 22nd, 11pm, $8, BYOB

Hope to see you there!

Behind The Scenes At The Biden/ Cheney Visit

So after Barack Obama's White House visit with George W. Bush last week, I guess it only makes sense that Joe Biden would scheduele a visit with Dick Cheney. I've heard they're already setting up a meeting with Barney and the Obama's puppy-to-be.

The Biden/Cheney visit occurred at the Naval Observatory, which since 1974 has been the official residence for the Vice President. From the official Observatory site:

"The white 19th Century house overlooking Massachusetts Avenue in Washington D.C. was built in 1893 for the superintendent of the United States Naval Observatory. The house was so lovely that the chief of naval operations booted the superintendent and made the house his home in 1923. The house was "taken over" again in 1974 when Congress turned 'Number One Observatory Circle' into the official residence of the Vice President."

Apparently, the Cheneys have decorated the Observatory with their own furniture. And you may think that Lynne Cheney is the main decorator in the family, but after you see our exclusive footage, I think you'll see Dick's influence shining through. Take a look.

So Joe Biden got to see Cheney's dungeon living room. I wonder if he got to see Cheney's famous "Room Of Shredders"? Apparently he has a one that's the size of the wood chipper in the movie Fargo.

There's also Dick's "Executive Authority Library." What's odd is that since moving in, Dick keeps expanding it into other rooms where it doesn't belong.

I imagine the Bidens will probably want to redecorate. I've heard it's pretty hard to get evil out of the curtains.


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Chicago's Laughing Liberally Local 312 Saturday Night

Hey everyone,
As usual, the Accountants will be bringing the liberal funny this Saturday night. Here’s this week’s crazy cool Final Countdown lineup.

John Barry- Standup
The Amazing Bibik- Magic
Mike Schmack- Standup
Samantha Cathcart- Music
Matthew Filipowicz- Political Cartoons

Cornservatory Theatre- 4210 N Lincoln
Nov. 15th, 11pm, $8, BYOB

Hope to see you there,