Drinking Liberally Columbia Chapter Blog

Drinking Liberally, Pho Viet Five Points, November 24

Well it's cold enough
Hey, let's try at least one meeting at Pho Viet. I always meant to go there when the weather got cold enough for hot soup and boy howdy it sure did. So how about come down for Thanksgiving pho (you can just drink beer, Joe!) and have a groovy time.

Senator Sanders sure was in SC a lot this past week. Somehow I didn't hear about it at all in advance (sitting in a corner going "Nemm nemm nemm nemm nemm nemm" about the USC football season might have something to do with this) but I dug the Facebook pics after the fact. The race seems to be heating up a bit, doesn't it? Come down Tuesday and talk about it!

Our friend and sometime member Jim Byrum hosts a Monday Lunch Group for hearing about or talking about progressive topics. Today's sounded to be fascinating (on police overreach) and I was sorry a) to miss it and b) to miss telling you about it in advance. If you'd like to be apprised of future meetings, reply to this email and I'll pass it along to Jim. OK Jim?

So I hope everybody has a very happy Thanksgiving and in the interim will come to Pho Viet Tuesday evening. I find that parking on Harden Street on the block of Groucho's works best; I hope this works for you as well. At the least prompting I will bring the new quad copter and give a demonstration, or at least wave it around a bit. Also cookies might well happen. I so hope to see you.
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, November 24, 7:15ish
Where: Pho Viet, 2011 Devine St., Columbia

Drinking Liberally, Publick House, November 17

Well that went well, so let's try it again! We might be in the pool room, we might be in the bar room; we just can't be predicted. We're pretty easy to find and I'll try harder to make a bigger sign. Hope to see you!

If you live in Columbia, please vote Tuesday. It's important. (It's the city council runoff.)

On pleure. Nous sommes avec Paris. Vive la France! Come down Tuesday evening and talk about it, city council, the latest debate, Trump, Carson, or your favorite TV show. All are welcome, topics and people. Come on down!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, November 17, 7:15ish
Where: The Publick House, 2305 Devine St., Columbia

Drinking Liberally, back to the Publick House

Hey folks,
Grill Marks has been a blast, but alas the parking situation has never worked out. This was what always kept me away from the Vista in the first place. Also the valet parking, which has come and gone, went again. So although I hope we can come back some day soon, it's probably best to give Grill Marks a rest. I trust everybody will work diligently on their personal jet packs so we can come back there real soon.

For this week, let's take it back to the Publick House and see if they still remember us. Traditionally we meet in the room with the pool table (i.e., towards Five Points). That's where I'll aim for, though sometimes it's taken. Look for the guy with the monobrow and the tiny tiny Drinking Liberally sign. (It's bigger than the lapel button, though!) And we'll play it by ear. If this weather keeps up, Pho Viet might be the ideal choice after all. We can talk about it.

Something to think about for future debate viewing gatherings: The basement at Grapes and Gallery on Taylor between Main and Assembly is ideal! Perhaps we can talk to them about getting together there for future debates. Would be a blast!

The "last Conundrum show" is actually at ifART Gallery at 1223 Lincoln, across from Blue Marlin. Kicky Improvised jazz from Tutuzi Akiyama, Bryan Eubanks, Jason Kahn and Toshimaru Nakamura. 9:30, $8. Ought to be big fun. Link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1513398762309988/

But Tuesday come out to the Publick House. Hope to see you!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, November 10, 7:15ish
Where: The Publick House, 2305 Devine St., Columbia

Vote early and often, then Drink Liberally: Grill Marks, November 3

Dear ones,
Aside from the election that's happening a year from now that has everybody all het up, we're having one in this very locality tomorrow (Tuesday). So I hope everybody will make a point to vote. If you want to see who's running for what where, copy and paste this URL: http://coladaily.com/category/elections/ Remember when The State used to do stuff like this? Yeah, come to think of it, me neither.

It isn't political or it shouldn't be, but almost everybody I know seems vitally interested, so if somehow you haven't heard, Buddhist monks from Atlanta are creating a healing mandala at Gallery 80808 (808 Lady St.) starting today (Monday) and ending Friday. I bet you'd really dig it. Further information is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/898967230187754/

As for us, we're having new people come out all the time. Not naming names, but the new person two weeks ago is a MSW candidate while the new person last week is a MSW holder and practicing social worker. Y'all should really come out this week and get together! And so should you all. Grill Marks is a blast, I've nearly mastered making a DL sign so you can find us, and hopefully Thousand-Year-Flood 2: Electric Boogaloo gives us a miss. So vote and come visit, won't you?
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, November 3, 7:15ish
Where: Grill Marks, 711 Gervais St.

Drinking Liberally: Grill Marks, October 27

Hi folks!
We may have found a perfect venue here! Or maybe we had a really, really lucky day. Anyway, last week Grill Marks outshone themselves. The service was good, the food and drinks were nice, it was quiet enough for conversation without being dead AND complimentary valet parking was back. (I kind of prefer the insulting kind, but what can you do?) So I for one am all thrilled and stuff.

Before I get on with all the flippancy and goofiness, I'd like to say some nice words for and about our friend Tom Law, who has brought us interesting, exciting, challenging and fun music at Conundrum Music Hall for the past four odd years. (Omission of hyphen was intentional.) Tom is a gentleman, a scholar, and a card-carrying liberal. He is closing Conundrum at the end of the month. It is a venue that will be much missed, but I'm glad to say that Tom will still be around, hopefully bringing us surprising music at other places. Sa-LUTE! One of the last shows will be the Rempis Percussion Quartet, primarily from Chicago, featuring two drummers (our friends Tim Daisy and Frank Rosaly) Wednesday at some time after 9 for $10. More info here if you copy and paste: https://www.facebook.com/events/424631167726479/ You really should go.

Mind you, I'm not saying that you shouldn't watch the Republican presidential debate fracas on CNBC (starts at 8 Wednesday). But hey, it's almost the last show at Conundrum! The YDs will probably have a viewing party at Delaney's (for the debate, not the jazz show) but the event isn't up yet. Watch DL's Facebook page or theirs for details. (You can still leave the debate early and make it for the Conundrum show, though!)

But first come out to Grill Marks for Drinking Liberally. I believe, I believe, I believe in my heart (such as it is) that I can figure out how to print out a DL sign, so we'll be easier to find or at least to recognize. We have a new member, we have Fran returning from her Atlantic journey (you're back, right?), we have free valet parking, we have ridiculous new Jeb! Bush quotes to make fun of, we have people dropping out of the race whom we didn't even know were running, and Paul Ryan, which isn't really an anagram of Ayn Rand, but should be. And we can toast Joe Biden for a lifetime of public service. And if you want to, you can wear Hallowe'en costumes. I dibs the naughty mermaid!

Come on down!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, October 27, 7:15ish
Where: Grill Marks, 711 Gervais St.

Drinking Liberally: Grill Marks, October 20

Hello beautiful and well-watered people!
We're back! Now that the water is safe to drink again, let's get this show back on the road. I look forward to seeing everybody (yes, all 8 billion of you; some may have to stand) at Grill Marks (by Jimmy John's on Gervais just by the corner with Gadsden). Come on down!

Wait, but first: Today (Monday) at 6, the Sierra Club is holding a City Council Candidate Forum on Sustainability and Development in the Olympia Room upstairs at 701 Whaley St. I hope you can make it.

And Tuesday I'm expecting the entire human race at Grill Marks for the return of Drinking Liberally. Except Fran; she's still sailing. (Send her continued well wishes.) And be on time. Ish.
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, October 20, 7:15ish
Where: Grill Marks, 711 Gervais St.

Drinking Liberally: No meeting, October 13 either, but watch the debate!

Hey kids,
Nothing's wrong (I mean on a personal level), but given the continuing boil order AND the fact that the debate is going on at our regular meeting time leads me to suggest that we skip this meeting, too. Folks wishing to watch the debate with a bunch of liberals will find our friends the Young Democrats of the Central Midlands at Delaney's at 741 Saluda Avenue. (That's the one at the Papa Jazz/ Starbucks end of the street.) They will start at 6 in the back back back room; the debate is scheduled to start at 8:30. Our friend Mark Rapp is having a jazz jam session also at Delaney's starting at 7. This should be interesting!

Think of our friend Fran who will be sailing a boat with one other sailor (granted an expert) down the east coast starting tomorrow for the next few days. May the Atlantic be pacific.

State Fair starts Wednesday. As I live in Olympia, I'm up for outings there any time. If you'd like free parking and don't mind walking a few blocks (or if you'd otherwise like to go fairing), just holler.

We WILL be having a meeting again next week, and it'll be great. Thanks for your patience, and I hope everybody is doing as well as can be under the circumstances.
What: Drinking Liberally
When: No meeting, but the debate watch party is Tuesday, October 13, 6
Where: Delaney's, 741 Saluda Avenue

Drinking Liberally: No meeting, October 6

Oh my friends,
This has been an incredible disaster. I hope it has touched you and yours as lightly as possible. And that future developments (as I type, another dam has burst) miss you, too. Due to road concerns, the possibility of another day's curfew, the possibility that businesses won't be open, and just as a general nod to safety and common sense (yes I have a little), we won't be having a meeting this week. Speaking for myself and for the club, I'm wishing you all the best and for our city and state the fastest recovery possible. If you have any pressing needs, feel free to reply and I'll try to spread the word. Love to you all.
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, October 6, 7:15ish
Where: Nowhere (or rather, wherever any of us is)

Drinking Liberally: Grill Marks, September 29

Hello brilliant people,
Personally, I'm loving Grill Marks. However, so is the rest of Columbia. Thus, it may have been premature to hold meetings there. I'm considering bouncing back to Five Points (Jimmy has opened a new Southern Belly on Harden) to get that Hot New Place bloom off of Grill Marks. But we'll see. Let's go back this week and see how it goes.

A helpful tip: the signage isn't terribly well-designed, thus the passerby would think that the establishment is named Marks and you would wonder where the apostrophe went. It's just off the northwest corner of Gervais and Pulaski, next to Jimmy John's. You should come out, we can make fun of Trump and marvel at the sudden sanity of John Boehner (but admit it, dude; it really rhymes with "loaner," doesn't it?) and generally have a merry time. And there will be a toy robot and strawberry shortcake mini-muffins. No, not the cartoon character! Come on down!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, September 29, 7:15ish
Where: Grill Marks, 711 Gervais St.

DL: Grill Marks, September 22

My fellow Win Biglians
As you may know, the presidential candidate, media titan, slumdog billionaire and all around combover king heretofore known as Donald Trump, has with his brilliant command of the English language, promised that he will "win bigly." I don't think this is enough. "Donald Trump" is a stupid name, two stupid names, two LOSER names in fact. I think the great man needs to change his name immediately to "Win Bigly." Wouldn't you be proud to have the voting machine choose such a great name for you, no matter how many times you try to vote for his opponent? After all, a noble spirit embiggens the smallest man. It would be so cromulent.

Speaking of cromulent, the poor excuse for a human being himself will be coming to our town with autumn (winter would be so much more appropriate) Wednesday at 6 at the Koger Center. I think it would be nice if some of us who can actually read and write and thus know that Latin immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than the general public go and tell that racist POS the GOP frontrunner so. (Still talking about Trump, not kidding this time.)

Meanwhile closer to home, Grill Works is still delightful as an establishment, if slightly less so as a venue since they found the volume knob on the sound system. But darn it, it's still delightful. We were digging the heck out of the little kids trying to catch the mist from the mist machine at the front of the patio. (They caught it, too!) You should come out, drink, eat, talk politics, help me with my Trump parody song lyrics, plan which country we're moving to if he wins, play with the robot, and generally have a hell of a good time winning bigly. Oh and there may be peach cobbler mini-muffins, but kinda sub rosa since they have peach cobbler on the menu. Shhh!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, September 22, 7:15ish
Where: Grill Marks, 711 Gervais St.