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To Hell with Hockey!

It's sunday.... here comes the Wall, border tax and Presidential Dementia

I'm thinking that The Republicans have proven that they don't know how to count. Trickle down theory is getting ready to be flogged to death. Canadian Kids kept from playing sports with US teams.

Growing DL

I am somewhat disappointed by our attendance. Although for the most part we have typically had about 10 people. We are not seeing as many new comers becoming regulars. This means that if you attended to check it out you have probably met about one fifth of our members. I would like to see 20 or more people attending. This should be easy to do if some of our legacy members would attend. The 'pre-obama' meetings were always well attended. Of course we had many of the UU crowd attending.

If you want DL to be a place to network and meet with Intelligent interesting people you need to show up a be one such person. We have at core a diversity of opinion which is why DL is so valuable. DL is a place to get contradicted and challenged outside the echo chambers of our daily efforts.

SO... please help grow our fledgling group. Invite your friends, post in groups you belong to on facebook and other social media. Bring your children of voting age.

michael peterson

Tuesday is tomorrow....

Wow what a week and it's just monday. Looks like DT is in for some rough water. It seems he's the only one that thinks Obama "wire tapped" him. How Pathological can this get? Who is leading the democrats? let's talk about it tomorrow night ...

Drinking Liberally Tonight Tues March 14 7:00 Publick House Devine Street

Sorry I got this out late ..... Busy finishing current remodel at home. Lots of stuff going on.... 14 million people to immediately lose HC coverage.... Republicans say it's ok.... because ACA is useless..... I say Repair and Restore ACA ... Hope to see you tonight.... Lots of new members to talk to..

Meeting 7 pm Tuesday March 7 Publick House on Devine

I don't know about you but Trump is driving me to Drink. Come share one with us.

Drinking: Liberally: Tues 7 pm Publick House on Devine

Last we we had a fairly Large group and a lively meeting. This is a new Group. It's an interesting mix of people. There is a lot to talk about and a lot of things to wonder about. Where do you things are headed. Come let us Know

Meets Tuesday 7:00 pm Feb 21, 2017 Publick House on Devine

Sweden? What is that about? anyway..... here's a link to the guide that seems to be setting the left on fire.


facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1391268624218238/

See you there

DL Meets Tueday 2/14/2017 7:00 pm Publick House on Devine

Bring your valentine...