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Wow I'm stunned..... How many Lives will Trumps bragging Cost?

It's impossible to send an email that isn't stale. The news cycle is now hours instead of days. Stop the Idiocracy! Meeting tonight 6/16/2017 7:00 pm Publick House devine street

DL Tuesday 7:00 pm Devine Street Publick House


Who represents the Grass Roots?

Tomorrow is World Tuna Day and DL will be meeting at 7pm Publick House Devine

https://www.checkiday.com/b00726a81c1d4a8430f1a2df6f7e07cf/world-tuna-day Andrew Jackson will be in attendance. See you there

This guy is going after Ted Cruz....

We need more people like this.


A Southern Whitehouse?

Meeting tonight (4/25) 7:00 pm Publick House on Devine.

Power to the People!

DL tonight Public House 7:00 pm Devine Street.

Power to the People!

DL tonight Public House 7:00 pm Devine Street.

This is a must read...


We are Safe now that there are Democrats in The Whitehouse....

Jared and Ivanka will make it all ok. The Bullshit couldn't be any thicker....See you all Tuesday Night 7:00 at the public house on Devine.

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