Drinking Liberally Columbia Chapter Blog

DL: Publick House, March 24

Having DL on St. Patrick's Day at an Anglo-Irish pub turned out to be not the best idea ever, as it was wall-to-wall in there, as in not only nowhere to sit, but also nowhere to stand hardly. So some of us moved on to Dentsville for an ad hoc meeting at Village of India, which is also nice. I apologize for failing to foresee the mob situation.

On the way to Dentsville, I looked in on Delaney's Speakeasy on Saluda by Wells Fargo, I think they call that bank now. It's deserted of a Tuesday at 7:15ish. Seems like it would be a magnificent venue, although I don't know what the menu situation is like. Nor is parking convenient unless you want to risk the bank (which the bartender did not recommend trying). Also also their website says they are a cigar bar, though I smell no evidence of this. What do peoples think? I'm thinking of having next week's meeting there, unless someone sternly objects. There always seems to be parking on Harden, just a block away. On the whole, it seems workable and certainly quiet enough for conversation. Please share your thoughts.

This week, I thought we would give the Publick House another go. If it's always that crowded on Tuesdays now, well great for them, but I suspect that it was just a function of 3/17. (There was a family there in green with their kid in a kilt.) So come on down; peach cobbler mini-muffins are a real possibility. See ya!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, March 24, 7:15ish
Where: The Publick House, 2307 Devine St., Columbia, 256-2207

DL: Real St. Paddy's Day!

Hi kids,
Come on down to the Publick House on real actual St. Patrick's Day and get your Irish up (OK, please don't) or perhaps your Guinness down! I still haven't made a final determination on a long-term venue. Who knows? This might be the last Publick House meeting.

Not that I would EVER suggest doing something else at DL time, but our friend Jean Ray Williams is singing at White Rose Crossing starting at 6:45 Tuesday night. She will be performing Irish and Irish-themed songs. There is also an open mic night. White Rose Crossing is at 831 Meeting St. in West Columbia.

Our friends at 2108 State St. are giving out 107 free lunches Thursday starting at 1. You can also fill out NCAA brackets with a chance to win a million dollars. When we met there, everybody loved the food; now you can get it for free! 2108 State St. is at that very address in Cayce.

So I hope to see you Tuesday night. Even though I don't have any Irish songs, my 1/8th Irish eyes will be smiling and I will have peanut butter chocolate chip yellow cake cookies. So there! See ya!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, March 17, 7:15ish
Where: The Publick House, 2307 Devine St., Columbia, 256-2207

DL is back! Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint, 601 Main St., 3/10

(Forgive it please. I've been writing a lot of serious, grownup business letters lately and REALLY want to use that salutation in one.)
Sorry about the delay. I have at least been productive, except when I was sick, but now am ready to have fun. And what better time for that than spring break? Spring break is also the only reasonable time to visit Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint (speaking of fun), because when the students are around, parking is imposseriferous. So this is a one-off unless we decide to return during summer break.

Uncle Maddio's is anything but a bar, but they do sell beer, so it's not an unreasonable DL spot. It's a create-your-own-pizza outfit (here: http://www.unclemaddios.com/menu/) with gluten- and dairy-free offerings, which is why I'm so charged. Friends of mine from the Midlands celiac group will also be along, so it's sort of a double meeting.

Parking should be easy, but if you don't see a spot you can check in the building's garage, where there are said to be several customer spaces, or on the other side of Blossom. Maddio's is just above Main and Blossom, a few blocks south of the State House.

Next week, I'm expecting to be back at the Publick House, with some kind of determination as to a permanent venue coming soon. I thought I would have been able to do that by now, but life has been fairly fraught. I'll get on it. Weekly meetings have resumed, however.

Point of View and our friend Bradley present Mean Streets at Tapp's Thursday at 7 for $5. I think you should go. https://www.facebook.com/events/607072022727276/

So come out Tuesday, build your own pizza and cheer or boo the survival or destruction of Obamacare at the hands of the Supremes. It's been a while and we miss you. Come on down!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, March 10, 7:15ish
Where: Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint, 601 Main St., Columbia

DL: Publick House Twosday Two Ten

Hi cats,
Let's have a meeting Tuesday evening. At the moment, I'm not expecting to have another meeting in February, unless somebody wants to be deputy scoutmaster and handle one or two of them, as I'm heavily involved in estate matters. But just twist my arm and I'll change my mind (probably).

Bradley and his co-cinephiles at Point of View are presenting a Valentine's special this Thursday 2/12, A Matter of Life and Death at Tapp's Skyline Room at 7 pm for $5. David Niven and Kim Hunter, y'all!

Also don't forget Mardi Gras Columbia on actual Valentine's, Saturday 2/14. According to the beads handed to me at the Main St. Farmers Market, it benefits Animal Mission and features parade, 5K run, festival. I hear it's at City Roots behind Rosewood, but you can find out at Mardigrascolumbia.com. Sounds zippy, don't it?
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, February 10, 7:15ish
Where: The Publick House, 2307 Devine St., Columbia, 256-2207

DL: RIP M.U. Dantzler M.D., and let's restart this

In case you hadn't heard, my dad, Malcolm U. Dantzler, died at almost 94 years old on January 6th. We were and are very cut up about it, but I think everybody can agree that it was quite a run. If you want to be awed, cut and paste this to see his obituary and goggle at his achievements: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/thestate/obituary.aspx?pid=173785344 (Also the guest book is delightful.)

I'm still in a fair bit of shock even now, and also am fairly knee deep in estate matters, so I'm not quite ready to hold any meetings just at the moment. But I expect that I'll feel differently in only a couple of weeks. At this time, I'm thinking about Tuesday, February 10th at the usual 7:15ish. I was hoping to come up with a sparkly new venue, too, but the good old Publick House (spelling aside) is of course still delightful. So look out for an an email two weeks hence, and I'll hope to see you. We may restart on a monthly-only basis and try to get back into the swing of weekliness as time goes on. Also, if you have any brilliant or even very good suggestions for a venue, shoot 'em right back to me. It occurs to me that nobody has to worry about venues having gluten-free offerings; as a good host, I should buy the first pitcher. If I do that, I can just sit there and drink water and not feel guilty about not spending enough.

So let's get this started again. I'm looking forward to it!
Where are we going?: Planet 10!
When are we going there?: Real soon!
(Well, the Buckaroo Banzai fans got it.)

DL: Oh let's end this

Hello friends,
I think I'm over my denial; Dad isn't getting better. Nor though is he getting worse. But his short-term memory is gone, he's nearly blind and there's next to no chance that he's coming home. He has moved to long-term care at Lowman.

I'm not going to be able to host on Tuesdays and nobody is interested in coming on Wednesdays. My nervous breakdowns are having nervous breakdowns; I don't need the additional stress of trying to host a club that nobody wants to come to. So let's put this to bed.

I've already told national DL that I can't do this anymore. Justin previously assured me that if somebody wants to restart the club in the future, they'll have no problem. We aren't on double-secret probation or anything; just taking a rest. If anyone wants to take over as host, I'll help any way I can (not that it's hard). Moreover, I can ATTEND on Tuesdays; I just can't HOST. (I can roll in at 7:30 or 8; just not reliably by 7 or 7:15.)

So I hope you'll come down to the Good Life Cafe Wednesday night for one last round-up. Sorry I haven't been a better host. Thanks for everything, everybody. It's been a blast.
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Wednesday, December 3, 7:15ish
Where: Good Life Cafe, 1614 Main St., Suite A, Columbia, 726-2310

DL: Back in the Main Street groove

Hi kids!
You have two, two, two meetings to choose from this week! The people who can't meet on Wednesday are meeting tonight (Tuesday) at the Publick House at 7:15ish. The people who can't meet on Tuesdays (at last count, only me) are meeting at the Good Life Cafe tomorrow at 7:15ish. With any kind of luck, I can talk Joe into taking over as host and then Tuesdays can be restored!

I tell you what, Wednesdays at Publick House isn't working out. Last week the back room was rented out again and the rest of the place was slam full. I apologize for not sticking around, but I couldn't figure out how to have a meeting at the bar and I wanted to go around to Good Life to see what effect The Hub had had on them. Appears to be minimal; anyway there's room for a DL meeting Wednesday nights. So I think I/we will give them another try, no disrespect to the Publick House, which is still way cool.

I was working on a Rip Van Dantzler bit, where I'd been asleep for twenty years. "Hey, how did you like 'Pulp Fiction'? And how about 'Shawshank Redemption'? And what's the deal with Prince using that weird symbol for a name?" I think Rip would be more than a little surprised about developments in the same-sex marriage situation in SC in the past week. Also the whole two-term black president thing. But regardless, all congratulations to all who fought the good fight, and mazel tov to all who can now legally marry.

Happy Thanksgiving and hope to see you Wednesday at Good Life Cafe.
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Wednesday, November 26, 7:15ish
Where: Good Life Cafe, 1614 Main St., Suite A, Columbia, 726-2310

DL: What THAT's all about

Found out why the Publick House is crowded roughly every other Wednesday. It's Handlebar Happy Hour, taking over the billiards room every 2d and 4th Wednesday. They're a really great bunch; also a lot of them are us. But it does amalgamate the rest of the bar pretty highly, and I was just about to say that we really ought to move, bu-ut, last week's meeting was the best in ages, in spite of or more probably because of Handlebar Happy Hour (which is about bicycles, not moustaches, in case you were wondering). So let's all get along!

Our friend Bradley and our friends at PoV seem to think that Thanksgiving might present some kind of conflict, so they're showing "Grey Gardens," at 7 on SATURDAY this, otherwise called the 22d. Is very well-spoken of and highly acclaimed. The movie, that is; Bradley and PoV are, too, of course. $5. For detailage, copy and paste: https://www.facebook.com/events/829413610414687/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

I was going to say something deep and meaningful here, but wouldn't want to spoil my perfect record. So come on down and see us Wednesday; no handlebar happy hour, so it'll be in the regular place, most likely. Hope to see you!

(Something deep: hug your loved ones. Dad was moved to long-term care at Lowman Home today. Maybe permanent, though hopefully not. So keep them close. You never know how long life'll last.)
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Wednesday, November 19, 7:15ish
Where: The Publick House, 2307 Devine St., Columbia, 256-2207

DL: Come on down!

Sooooooooo, that went well! If you want to drown your sorrows after last week's election, come on down! If you'd rather just forget about politics, come on down! If you want to plot the strategy that will get Elizabeth Warren the '16 nomination, COME ON DOWN! Or, you know, if you want to look at cat pictures...

I keep forgetting to mention it, but it's funny. There's some kind of glitch between Google Maps and the Living Liberally website such that all of us are for some reason in Australia. Our chapter meets near the Monash University Jiu-Jitsu Club. You should go check it out; anyway, at least we aren't at the car dealership anymore.

I just figured out what Obama should do now: switch parties. Wouldn't it be great? The Rs wouldn't know what to do! And maybe he could point out that Obamacare was previously Romneycare and before that the product of an '80s rightwing groupthink tank. Might be awesome!

One can never predict whether the Publick House will be crowded or not. Last week it was not. Hopefully this will happen again Wednesday. Come down and chat.
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Wednesday, November 12, 7:15ish
Where: The Publick House, 2307 Devine St., Columbia, 256-2207

DL: Early and often

I can't wait three weeks! I can't! I can't!-- Oh wait, I'm supposed to tell you what a sacred duty voting is. Right on it!

Peoples! Voting is a sacred obligation. You are sacredly obliged to vote sacredly and obligitorily. It's so sacred I think I just made up a word. So if you haven't done so already, don't forget to vote.

I'm being flippant about this because I'm reasonably sure that everyone seeing this has voted already or will by 7 this evening. And what I was being flippant about in the first paragraph is less important but also exciting: Timmerman Trail is being extended! They have put in an extension already, but it will be three weeks before the new pedestrian bridge is in, so at the moment it dead-ends a bit abruptly. I understand that this will take it to the river, though not to the Cayce Riverwalk unless SCANA wants to build sidewalks in Riverland Park, which the gentlemen I was talking to who were measuring the new segment seemed to think was a good idea. Also SCANA through Sumter Utilities (go figure) was putting in electrical boxes, which seems to indicate that lighting is coming soon. As darkness at 5 pm is also coming soon, this seems like an excellent idea, too. So heads up! Just three weeks!

Another month has rolled around, so another First Thursday is coming up, too! I bet it's extra-zippy. Here's the scoop: http://firstthursdaysonmain.com/press-releases/

I want to apologize for not having an election results viewing party, but I know you can find one for the candidate of your choice, and hopefully they'll have a joyous one. Please come out Wednesday night for DL and we will either celebrate, commiserate or make plans to emigrate as the case may be. Come on!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Wednesday, November 5, 7:15ish
Where: The Publick House, 2307 Devine St., Columbia, 256-2207