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Drinking Liberally: No meeting, October 6

Oh my friends,
This has been an incredible disaster. I hope it has touched you and yours as lightly as possible. And that future developments (as I type, another dam has burst) miss you, too. Due to road concerns, the possibility of another day's curfew, the possibility that businesses won't be open, and just as a general nod to safety and common sense (yes I have a little), we won't be having a meeting this week. Speaking for myself and for the club, I'm wishing you all the best and for our city and state the fastest recovery possible. If you have any pressing needs, feel free to reply and I'll try to spread the word. Love to you all.
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, October 6, 7:15ish
Where: Nowhere (or rather, wherever any of us is)

Drinking Liberally: Grill Marks, September 29

Hello brilliant people,
Personally, I'm loving Grill Marks. However, so is the rest of Columbia. Thus, it may have been premature to hold meetings there. I'm considering bouncing back to Five Points (Jimmy has opened a new Southern Belly on Harden) to get that Hot New Place bloom off of Grill Marks. But we'll see. Let's go back this week and see how it goes.

A helpful tip: the signage isn't terribly well-designed, thus the passerby would think that the establishment is named Marks and you would wonder where the apostrophe went. It's just off the northwest corner of Gervais and Pulaski, next to Jimmy John's. You should come out, we can make fun of Trump and marvel at the sudden sanity of John Boehner (but admit it, dude; it really rhymes with "loaner," doesn't it?) and generally have a merry time. And there will be a toy robot and strawberry shortcake mini-muffins. No, not the cartoon character! Come on down!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, September 29, 7:15ish
Where: Grill Marks, 711 Gervais St.

DL: Grill Marks, September 22

My fellow Win Biglians
As you may know, the presidential candidate, media titan, slumdog billionaire and all around combover king heretofore known as Donald Trump, has with his brilliant command of the English language, promised that he will "win bigly." I don't think this is enough. "Donald Trump" is a stupid name, two stupid names, two LOSER names in fact. I think the great man needs to change his name immediately to "Win Bigly." Wouldn't you be proud to have the voting machine choose such a great name for you, no matter how many times you try to vote for his opponent? After all, a noble spirit embiggens the smallest man. It would be so cromulent.

Speaking of cromulent, the poor excuse for a human being himself will be coming to our town with autumn (winter would be so much more appropriate) Wednesday at 6 at the Koger Center. I think it would be nice if some of us who can actually read and write and thus know that Latin immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than the general public go and tell that racist POS the GOP frontrunner so. (Still talking about Trump, not kidding this time.)

Meanwhile closer to home, Grill Works is still delightful as an establishment, if slightly less so as a venue since they found the volume knob on the sound system. But darn it, it's still delightful. We were digging the heck out of the little kids trying to catch the mist from the mist machine at the front of the patio. (They caught it, too!) You should come out, drink, eat, talk politics, help me with my Trump parody song lyrics, plan which country we're moving to if he wins, play with the robot, and generally have a hell of a good time winning bigly. Oh and there may be peach cobbler mini-muffins, but kinda sub rosa since they have peach cobbler on the menu. Shhh!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, September 22, 7:15ish
Where: Grill Marks, 711 Gervais St.

DL: Grill Marks, September 15

Hey cats,
I'm finding Grill Works to be delightful, probably delightfuller still with the kooky new cool weather! Come on out and give it a try. It's like Good Life Cafe's fried foods lower prices non-vegan twin brother. Gluten-freedom is available, but not required. I found street parking but will try the Tsunami lot one of these weeks, maybe Tuesday. You should come!

If you're looking at this on Monday, then you should know that friends of ours are putting on a show at Conundrum this evening at 9, Cortex from Norway playing free jazz (still the style, not the price). Price is $10; should be awesome. I'll be there.

Also awesome of course is DL Tuesday evening and you should definitely be there. I will have raspberry brownies, also Trump parody lyrics, also the yelling robot. Also we can follow Al Yankovic's lead and do a "Lump" parody; all it needs is a change of gender, switching "Lump" to "Trump," and changing the band name to NEVER Going To Be The Presidents of the United States of America. Although Presidunce also works. Come on!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, September 15, 7:15ish
Where: Grill Marks, 711 Gervais St.

DL: Grill Marks, September 8

Hello peoples,
I found Grill Marks to be a delightful spot with a groovy menu, with draft beer and everything! So let's give it a go. Parking is available on the street. Staff also mentioned that many of their customers park across Gervais in the Tsunami parking lot. This is not guaranteed, but might be worth a try.

Grill Marks has a large non-smoking patio area. You'll most likely find me there, me and my toy robot. It'll be fun. Come on!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, September 8, 7:15ish
Where: Grill Marks, 711 Gervais St.

DL: Oh let's go to a show!

I decided not to have a meeting this week because, as I have mentioned, it's really hard to be in two places at once. I want to check out a couple of potential venues but I can't do that on Tuesday at 7:15ish if I'm hosting Drinking Liberally at the same time. (If ONLY I had studied in Bilocation class at sainthood school!) I'm pretty charged about both possible venues, one you've heard about before: I want to see if parking is possible for our friends at Uncle Maddio's during the school year. The other one I haven't mentioned before because it didn't exist: Grillmarks on Gervais, in the old City Market building, has an unbelievably happening menu, mostly gluten-free. This may be the place, as somebody no doubt said.

It was a pleasure last Tuesday to meet new member John (not me) and to see Andy again (also not me). Hope you both come again, possibly at Grillmarks!

Tuesday evening instead, you should consider going to White Rose Artisans Boutique on Meeting Street, where there might well be a show happening involving friends and members of this group, but it's totally a secret, so shhhh! I'll probably be there, too, but you didn't hear about it from me!
What: Not exactly Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, September 1, 6:30
Where: White Rose Artisans Boutique, 831 Meeting St., West Columbia

DL: Pho Viet (5 Points), August 25

Hello beautiful people,
Of course, I always want to have the entire human race to come to DL, or as near as possible. However, anyone going to the hearing at DHEC (which does not stand for Drinking Hugely Enormously & Copiously, but should) Tuesday evening at 6:30 definitely gets an excused absence. It pertains to sewer discharge into the Lower Saluda, which unless they've moved it again is the part between Lake Murray and the Congaree (i.e., Columbia). So unless you look forward to the Pooperee Vista, you may want to turn up. It's at the DHEC Auditorium at 2600 Bull St. You may also email them your concerns at info@dhec.sc.gov.

All not attending that meeting should turn up at Pho Viet for Slurping Liberally. Those who went to a Bernie rally or rallies are particularly welcome to come along and talk about it. Brownies likely will be available free to a good home. Come on!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, August 25, 7:15ish
Where: Pho Viet, 2011 Devine St.

DL: Pho Viet (5 Points), August 18

Hello great ones,
Yes I'm still here. I stopped around at the Young Democrats' weekly happy hour at Delaney's (Wednesdays, 5:30) last week. Assuming that you're unlike me and can pass for young, you should definitely go! They're really great and get a wonderful turnout. It's allllll the way in the back (I thought for a minute that it was a prank and I was going to wind up in the parking lot, but no!) and they are very nice. They were appropriately apologetic about using the Drinking Liberally name (which they most certainly could, but not and be affiliated with a political party) and unfortunately were not interested in taking over for me as host.

So I'm still here. But I feel a lot better about it. Oddly, I think what most makes me want to stop being host is what a pain breathing any life in the Facebook page is. This is fully a reflection on Facebook, but if you can drop around and Like the Columbia SC DL Facebook page (or if you have already, unlike it and like it again), that might help. It's a pain to all concerned that I have to tag everybody individually for anyone to see my posts there at all. I am, as ever, open to suggestions.

Pho Viet is a delightful venue, but like Los Bellos Portales has no liquor, only beer and wine. So we probably ought to think about a more barry spot. I keep thinking about trying Thirsty Fellow again. Your thoughts, again, are welcome.

Regardless, come out Tuesday to Pho Viet. Maybe we'll have some YDs along!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, August 18, 7:15ish
Where: Pho Viet, 2011 Devine St.

DL: Pho Viet (5 Points), August 11, and a new beginning?

Hello wonderful people,
We'll have to see how things go, but this could well be the last meeting where I am the host. I can see a scenario that works out simply and well for all concerned involving a quick handoff to a new hosting situation. Details of course will be available when and if that happens.

So if you want to renew old acquaintanceships, or if you haven't met me and want to make a new one, this would be the time to do it. Plus there might be banana muffins. Also the pho is really boss. Also we can make fun of Donald Trump. Come on!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, August 11, 7:15ish
Where: Pho Viet, 2011 Devine St.

DL: Uncle Maddio's, August 4

Hello beautiful people
Let's start with (hopefully) fun stuff. The Clown Car Collision, ie first Republican debate, is this coming Thursday. Did I say debate? It's debates! However, the one with Trump in it is the prime time headline grabber. Our friends with Richland County Young Democrats are having a get together and viewing party at Delaney's (the pub, not the speakeasy) in Five Points, starting at 8. (Debate starts at 9.) Link to the Facebook event follows:
The B team candidates debate at 5. If anybody wants to put together a get together for that, holler and I'll spread word via the Facebook page. All you need is cable and a willingness to switch on Fox News. (Yeah, I know.)

As to less fun stuff, I've never hidden that DL under my hostship has never been a success. I think I've banged my head against this particular brick wall for a few years too many already. You all desperately need another, better host. One who isn't celiac would be an immediate improvement, since I can't really order anything at most of the places that would be the best DL venues. We're going to be at Uncle Maddio's this week one more time before the student deluge arrives. You should come; it's really good and big fun. In future, until somebody steps up to be a new host, I will continue sending these emails and being some place specific on Tuesdays at 7:15ish, probably either Pho Viet in Five Points or Good Life Cafe on Main Street. But I think it would be best and more or less beg that I be relieved. Throwing a party that nobody comes to stopped being fun many, many, many long months ago.
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, August 4, 7:15ish
Where: Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint, 601 Main St.