Drinking Liberally Columbia Chapter Blog

DL: Come on down

Hello lovely people,
We have a meeting tomorrow night at the Publick House, 7:15ish, on the side with the pool table. Or, depending how often you read your email, tonight, last night, or last week. Hope so much to see you, or to have seen you. Come on!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, July 22, 7:15ish
Where: The Publick House, 2307 Devine St., Columbia, 256-2207

DL: Allons-y

Baw! Come on tally voo. Saw vaw beeyen? Ururz joor duh basteel!

For those not conversant in French (or rather, for those who are), that read: FFS! Doesn't anybody speak English here? The nerve! OK, I'll have what he's having.

Also Happy Bastille Day! Well, I wanted to go with the most stirring scene from Casablanca, where Victor leads the crowd at Rick's in the Marseillaise, drowning out Watch on the Rhine, but the verse that I always thought was "Allons, mes citoyens!" turns out to be... something else. And I expect the NSA can read French. Darned alarming national anthem the French got! I could have also gone with the chorus from Lady Marmalade, of course, but figured that might not go over either.

Meanwhile, and in English, Bradley and PoV are showing "Body Double" at Tapp's in the Skyline Room this Thursday at 7. $5 gets you in; hope you can make it.

We will be at the Publick House as usual Tuesday, in the room with the pool table, 7:15ish. I am still the guy with the bright red flannel shirt, DL button, glasses and monobrow. Cookies this week may turn out to be macaroons. I do so hope to see you.
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, July 15, 7:15ish (or should we be vague on the date so it'll say 7/15ish, 7:15ish?)
Where: The Publick House, 2307 Devine St., Columbia, 256-2207

DL: So! Do you think William Devane will play him in the next movie?

I would guess that everybody has heard that Sheriff Metts is in a spot of trouble. But of course, it isn't real until it's in the New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/03/us/james-metts-is-accused-of-accepting-bribes.html?_r=0 As the article notes, Metts was played by Devane long ago in a TV movie. I'm guessing he'll be a bit farther from the A list next time. I hear Frank Barron's available...

Last week's meeting was way fun, though the soccer match did in fact run long like baseball so we had a boisterous crowd to share the Publick House with. And this was also fun. But although it's sad that the USA is no longer in contention, at least things ought to be back to normal. Well nearly; the brownies this week have raspberry added.

So come on down! We really hope to see you!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, July 8, 7:15ish
Where: The Publick House, 2307 Devine St., Columbia, 256-2207

DL: Hey, come back!

I know last week's email was a little discouraging, but really, like the Jackson 5, I want you back! This time around, there quite definitely is a USA World Cup soccer match, but it starts at 4. This isn't baseball; it'll almost certainly be done by 7:15ish. And if not, it'll be hella fun. Also there are brownies.

Persons living in Lexington County can also vote for a new coroner from amidst the seven people who weren't running against Lindsey Graham the other week. Will Barron make it this time? Will they go for the guy who's really a bear? Oh the suspense is killing me! Not surprisingly, they're all Republicans, but the LexCo voter registration head says anybody can vote. (Presumably he meant anybody living in Lexington County, but "anybody" is what he said: http://www.wistv.com/story/25891663/seven-candidates-vie-for-lexington-co-coroner-in-special-election Vote if you're anybody!)

It's First Thursday this week. Good times are ahead. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. Here's what's happening: http://firstthursdaysonmain.com/press-releases/

If I might blither a bit about something I've blithered about previously, allow me to say a few more words about Timmerman Trail. It's shady. That's the main point I wanted to get across. Otherwise, it's just another concrete path through the woods, enlivened by Congaree Creek and wildlife sightings (I'll show you my deer picture at the slightest invitation), but it shouldn't be as cool as it is. All I can say is that every time I finish the circuit, I have a strong urge to go take another lap. Which is a good sign. People who don't like the SCANA lot, or who want to subsitute a shorter walk/jog on dirt Old State Road for a longer one on concrete (five minutes walk vs. fifteen), get in touch and I'll give directions to Congaree Creek Heritage Preserve. Try it, you'll like it!

So please, come out Tuesday night for Drinking Liberally. I particularly want to hear from folks who went to Plan Together last week, preferably that Doxiadis has been updated brilliantly for the 21st century. And did I say there are brownies? Come on!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, July 1, 7:15ish (July? JULY! Are we still having those?)
Where: The Publick House, 2307 Devine St., Columbia, 256-2207

DL: Vuvuzelas Liberally

Hi kids,
Yeah, I know, they banned vuvuzelas this time. But the World Cup is loud is the point. Every bar in town has decided it's World Cup Central. So unless you know one with no TV, DL might be a little frustrating for a little while. That said, last week's meeting was big fun, we didn't have to talk THAT loud, and we had the pleasure of meeting a new member, Conor.

I mention the soccer because, well, remember, I love every one of you individually and collectively and want to see you every single week. However, if there were ever a week when I wouldn't mind if you gave us a miss, at least if you live in Columbia, it would be this one. The We Plan Together activities for Columbia will be Tuesday through Thursday at the Convention Center. Tuesday evening, Wednesday all day, and Thursday evening. Go figure. So I really really want you to come to DL but I really really want Columbians at We Plan Together, too. (I'll be at DL of course. You only have to look at my life to see that I'm no use at planning!)

I just found out that for nearly a year Lamb's Bread vegan restaurant had a second location called Ankh Life International on St. Andrews where Little Mexico used to be. Bummer drag that they didn't make it; do you think it might have been the name? (I mean, it's better than Ptomaine Town or The Bark and Purr, but after that, you've said everything.) I still have hopes of someday moving to the Good Life Cafe. If you feel that way, too, come down to the Publick House, try to get something vegan, then cry and yell and throw things. I know that's how I try to persuade people to my point of view. Someday it'll work, too!

The city and county do seem to want you to RSVP if you're coming to plant O'Gether, so please do so at http://weplantogether.org/ You don't have to RSVP to come to DL; just show up! I'll be thrilled to see you and will give you a cookie. Beat that, city and county!

Don't forget to vote Tuesday! And eat your vegetables! And wipe your feet before you come in here! And close the door; do you thing I'm paying to air condition the whole out of doors? And-- oh, sorry, just be sure to vote Tuesday. Please.

This email is earlyish because Dad has a dentist's appointment. Nothing major; just a lost filling. But you never know how long these things will take. Hope to see you Tuesday!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, June 24, 7:15ish
Where: The Publick House, 2307 Devine St., Columbia, 256-2207

DL: Your heroes are ashamed of you

No, not YOUR heroes. One of those people I went to high school with who grew up to be a teabagger (as I mention now and again) posted on Facebook to another Dreher person at an Elton John show, "Flick your Bic during 'Levon' for me!" And I thought, "You mean that song from the record about Nixon called 'Madman Across the Water'"? This suggested to me a bumper sticker that would read, "Your heroes are ashamed of you." Admittedly too vague, but I kind of like it anyway. Most show biz people are left-wing; most of our right-wing aquaintances still dig the same music they did when they were young and open-minded. Following on, I thought it would be fun to post a left-wing song (or songs) of the week on our Facebook page, which I started today (Monday). Feel free to add your own in replies. I'll try to keep it to a weekly theme.

Speaking of the DL Facebook page, FB has rearranged it. I find it busy, but maybe I'm seeing stuff as the proctor or page baron or whatever I am that y'all won't. Give it a look (and a Like if you haven't already), won't you?

Thursday at Tapp's, Bradley and P.O.V. are showing Black Orpheus. Said to be excellent, moving, and with a phenomenal soundtrack, particularly if you like bossa nova. 7 pm, $5. https://www.facebook.com/events/1460171280889927/

Friday at Conundrum, Jason Ajemian's High Life returns. 9 pm, $8. Awesome. Do not miss them. As Tom always says, "Attendance is mandatory." https://www.facebook.com/events/277832695722661/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

The primary runoff is next week (Tuesday week, as we like to say.) Another good site with SC election info: http://www.politics1.com/sc.htm

Starting this week, we are now Revisionist Songwriting Liberally. NOBODY LEAVES until we come up with another 20 verses for "We Didn't Start the Fire," bringing it completely up to date. (I'll pause a moment for you to curse my name for the earworm.) OK, just kidding, but wouldn't it be funny to turn it into the "Tommy" of "You kids get off my lawn!" songs? No? Well come out to the Publick House anyway and see if I've finally perfected my Dates With Assorted Nuts cookies. (I kind of think so.)
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, June 17, 7:15ish
Where: The Publick House, 2307 Devine St., Columbia, 256-2207

DL: A comparatively serious one

Hi kids,
I've been pondering for a long time the problem of keeping in touch. Not just for this group but for all non-profit or otherwise shoestring operations. Email is largely dead. Facebook is seriously moribund. I don't have any really brilliant ideas what the next big thing is. (Twitter seems largely to have come and gone as well.) If you have any suggestions or represent another nonprofit or otherwise and want to bat ideas around, I'd really appreciate it if you'd come to a DL meeting and talk it out with me. (I'm the one with glasses, a monobrow and a totally non-Trotskyist red flannel shirt.)

Relatedly, I have tried out my Windows phone for text blasts and they work OK. That is, I send a multi-person text and no recipient sees anybody else's name or number. They just read like a bunch of individual texts. If you'd like to be on the text blast network, reply with your name & number. I promise I won't use it to send out cat pictures. (If you want to be on a cute cat picture text blast network, you can note this in a reply as well. Although I think they call that the Internet.) Mainly, I would use it for circumstances like our venue losing its liquor license; I might try to move the meeting at the last minute. Let me know if you're interested.

Tuesday is the primary. Please vote. There are a lot of important races in each party's primary (Superintendent of Education sort of leaps to mind) so make it a point to go vote. It makes a difference.

Friday the 13th at 5 kicks off Tiki Time at Conundrum. Our pals Fred, Bruce, Fran and William and, as I understand it, hundreds of ukuleles are performing. Resort attire is encouraged. https://www.facebook.com/events/561027300685526/

We are meeting at the Publick House, round about 7:15 on Tuesday. New people are expected. (I mean new to DL, not newborns. Although that would be cool, too!) Come on down!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, June 10, 7:15ish
Where: The Publick House, 2307 Devine St., Columbia, 256-2207

DL: Out in Publick

Meeting last week at Pho Viet was crazy stupid fun, also delicious, and it was great to see Joe again. Erie's loss is our gain is how we look at it. Welcome back!

Cass, co-host of DL's Spartanburg chapter, passed along this link, a good one: http://www.uselections.com/sc/sc.htm It features everybody running in the statewide primaries next Tuesday, as well as links to candidates' websites where available. The always entertaining Republican Lexington County coroner race, on the other hand, happens July 1st. Their new wrinkle: a guy nicknamed Bear whose signs proclaim him to be a modern conservative Republican. Whether he attains this distinction because he does his business in the woods or is a fuzzy, the signs do not say.

Thursday is First Thursday. Always big fun; don't miss it: http://firstthursdaysonmain.com/press-releases/

This week, we return to the Publick House, where the people are friendly, the wings are hot and the beer is cool. I so hope to see you.
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, June 3, 7:15ish
Where: The Publick House, 2307 Devine St., Columbia, 256-2207

DL: In the immortal words of Moses Malone, pho, pho, pho

Tuesday, we welcome some old guy back to even numbers with a special birthdayish meeting at Pho Viet in Five Points. Pho Viet because we always wanted to meet there, because I heard complaints that St. Andrews Road is too far, and because I used "It's my party and I'll pad thai if I want to" last year. So let's try pho for a week, shall we?

I brought 5 sand dollars back from my last trip to Bull's Island and Ross hasn't claimed them yet. I finally figured out that I can transport them safely using a tomato can (not a bad boxer, but an actual tomato can), so if you like them and Ross (who reads these emails sometimes) doesn't turn up, you can probably get them away from me by asking real nice. I'll try not to use them for tipping, though; that's probably rude.

Bradley and Point of View film series present "Out of the Past" at Tapp's Thursday at 7. So take a look at it now, it's against all odds, and it's what you've got to face. Oh wait, that's the remake. Well go anyway! https://www.facebook.com/events/288733174634958/

I know nothing about this show, but Friday is New York Disco Villains Conundrum Hoedown. Anyone who has ever met me knows there's no way I could resist saying New York Disco Villains Conundrum Hoedown. (Twice even.) 8 pm at Conundrum. Also you should copy and paste this link to see the event photo, which involves kitties folk dancing and has to be seen to be believed: https://www.facebook.com/events/1414269298850000/

I never received last week's email myself, but I understand that at least one person did. If you didn't, kindly let me know and we'll try to figure out what all that's about.

I very much hope to see you Tuesday evening at Pho Viet. Come on down!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, May 27, 7:15ish
Where: Pho Viet, 2011 Devine St., Columbia

DL: At the Publick (or spelling-optional) House

Hello peoples:
If you're reading this on Monday, go over to Google and play with the Rubik's Cube doodle. I'll wait.

I know everyone is nervous about Operation American Spring having overthrown the government last Friday. Those millions of freedom fighters (rounded up from two) have struck fear in all our--BWAHAHAHAHA! I think they should do it every Friday, personally. Maybe eventually they'll get as many as ten people to turn out.

I was straightened out on Frank Barron's 2d straight saving lives campaign for coroner by our permanent if invisible host. (Also she didn't beat me up for the Yankees gag, so I am doubly grateful.) As it turns out, Lexington County's longtime (I mean like Queen Victoria) coroner died, which is why Frank is out there running again so soon. My favorite of his many slogans is "7-time President of SC Coroners Association." As if to say, "So why won't you people vote for me already?!"

I don't understand how the Koch brothers have any money left. Didn't Billy Ray and Louis ruin them at the end of "Trading Places"? If only real life were like (some) movies.

Given the array of deluded Caucasians we generally get to choose among on the ballot here in SC, I'm considering giving my vote to the person with the silliest name. I'm kind of digging the Moffly Superintendent signs. ("She was a fairly moffly superintendent.") Also, I understand that Rudy Ray Moore is running for lieutenant governor. Dolomite! (Rudy Ray actually checked out in '08; somebody tell Harry Harman!)

Not surprisingly for a group of liberals, there was disagreement with my suggestion to hold my birthdayish bash next week at Delhi Palace due to the distance involved. So if you like, we could try Shalimar Curry House on Main St., admittedly with drinking limited to tea or lassi. Or we could have our long-delayed meeting at the Devine St. Pho Viet. Though they fell off by all accounts, there are recent reviews on Yelp that were enthusiastic and their score on Chowhound is still 88%. Or we could go to Island Grill across from Benedict. This would be my top choice even though I haven't tried them yet. Send a reply if you have an opinion or preference, or we're headed to St. Andrews!

But that of course is next week. This week we can celebrate birthdays just past or my sister's 1,000 miles away or good friends, good fellowship, an escape from the right-wing echo chamber or just eat wings like stevedores. Come on down!
What: Drinking Liberally
When: Tuesday, May 20, 7:15ish
Where: The Publick House, 2307 Devine St., Columbia, 256-2207