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Drinking Liberally Tonight at the Brew House, 730

So, friends, anything happen lately? Yes? No?

Just kidding. Comey fired AFTER subpoenas were issued & Comey asked for more money. A disastrous healthcare bill cleared the House. And, forebodingly, the director of the Census resigned.

It's been a busy lately. Want to talk about it? We will be having Drinking Liberally tonight at the Brew House, 1047 E. McMillan Street, Cincinnati, from 730-930. I hope to see you there.

DL Meeting Tonight at the Brew House

Drinking Liberally is meeting tonight from 7pm-9pm at The Brew House at 1047 McMillan Street, Cincinnati.

I'd say I'd hope to see you there, but I can't make it. Instead Laura will be hosting. There's plenty to talk about--the Gorsuch hearings, FBI investigations, mayoral primaries, health care 'reform.' And if you're anything like me, you probably need a drink and/or a burger while you do.

So come on down!

DL Tonight at the Brew House

Hello Everybody,

Drinking Liberally is meeting tonight at the Brew House, 1047 E MacMillan, Cincinnati, OH 45206.

There's a lot to talk (and drink) about, as I'm sure you're aware. Trumpcare, DJT's leaked tax returns, and Cincinnati's upcoming mayoral primary, to name a few.

I'll be at the Brew House tonight at 7. They've got a great beer selection and a good menu. Hope to see you there!


Drinking Liberally Cincinnati-Kick Off

Attention Cincinnati Liberal Drinkers:

As I'm sure you may have noticed, the chapter has been on a bit of a hiatus. No longer! We're going to join The Brew House's Working Wednesdays. The Brew House is at 1047 McMillan in East Walnut Hills. There is ample parking, good food, and great drinks. I look forward to seeing you there!

I won't be there tonight, but I will be there next week, on February 15, when The Brew House hosts Planned Parenthood's Sexy Time Trivia fundraiser. There is a five dollar cover, but it's for a good cause. More information on that here:


Hope to see you there!


DL Cancelled This Week

Sorry, everyone. The DL scheduled for this week is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. Thanks.

Drinking Liberally this week--February 11


I hope to see you all out at Taste of Belgium Clifton, this Thursday night at 6pm.

There will be plenty to talk about, I'm sure, with the primary season in full swing.

Taste of Belgium has great parking available on the street, and also behind the building. It has great access by bus, as well.

So, I hope you'll meet up with us and try out the awesome beer selection at Taste.

Take care. Shawn.

Next Drinking Liberally Cincinnati - February 11


Our next Drinking Liberally Cincinnati will be February 11 at Taste of Belgium Clifton. It will be right after the first primaries, so there will be plenty to talk about.

That means that we aren't meeting this week. Frankly, that's on me, but I'm excited to get started in the new year.

I hope to see you all out soon.

Thanks. Shawn.

DL Cincinnati Cancelled this week

Sorry for the late notice this week, but I have to cancel this week's Drinking Liberally. See you in two weeks.


DL Cancelled This Week for the Holiday

We're going to skip this week's regularly scheduled Drinking Liberally since it falls on Christmas Eve. Have a great holiday season, everyone!

Updated: Drinking Liberally this week--New Venue! (now with Time and Address)

A quick addition to the email:

DL Cincinnati this week, Thursday, December 10, 2015 at 6pm. We'll go until 8pm or after.

Taste of Belgium Clifton
2845 Vine St
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

Hope to see you all there...


We have a new venue!

Based on the survey results and feedback from our regulars, we've found a new venue that we know you're going to love: Taste of Belgium Clifton!

There's great parking available on the street or behind Taste of Belgium. There are great beers in bottles and on tap, and they're also giving us a 15% discount on food!

Message me if you have questions, and we hope to see you there.