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March 22nd Drinking Liberally

As I have written before, our scheduled guest for tomorrow evening (3/22) Tina Liebling, canceled her appearance since she has suspended her campaign for governor. So, there is no guest tomorrow evening. Just conversation and libation.

But we'll still be there from six to nine PM, at the 331 Club, that is.

There are some really interesting guests in the offing, but since we are still working on some dates, I can't say more. But stay tuned, by DL email and on the Drinking Liberally Facebook group page.

If you are still on Facebook.


Drinking Liberally on Thursday, March 15th

We write to you with good news and bad news. First the good news:

Thursday, March 15th, will mark the return of Drinking Liberally trivia!

Following on the popularity of Harold Stassen trivia, we'll play Tim Pawlenty trivia, although Harold was a helluva lot greater Minnesotan than Timmy Pawlenty. Harold worked on saving POWs from Japanese depredation in WWII while Timmy worked on saving giant banks from the depredations of Congress.

But I digress.

As always, Drinking Liberally trivia will favor those with quick reflexes in addition to political knowledge. So come and test your knowledge and reflexes against Harvey, and let's see what you've got. Personally, I bet on Harvey, but there is always another young gun who comes along.

I am working on a celebrity Republican judge.

Drinking Liberally meets from six to nine on Thursdays at the 331 Club. We'll start trivia at seven on the 15th. There will be prizes; I just don't know what they are yet. The greatest prize, naturally, is the prestige of winning.

Now, the bad news. Tina Liebling has suspended her campaign for the DFL endorsement for governor, so she won't be our guest on the 22nd. She made the announcement just this morning (the 12th), and I got an email shortly thereafter apologizing for the fact that she won't be there, which I thought was really classy.

Tina is going to run for her seat in the Rochester area again, and we wish her the best.

Bone up on Tim Pawlenty, people, Steve

Congressman Tim Walz is this week's guest at Drinking Liberally

This Thursday evening, March 8th, Congressman Tim Walz will be our guest at Drinking Liberally in Minneapolis at the 331 Club -- that's at the corner of 13th and University Avenues NE.

We start to gather at six o'clock, or before, and Congressman Walz will begin the program at seven.

Our guest will offer some remarks and take questions from the audience.

N.B. Two weeks from Thursday, March 22nd, Rep. Tina Liebling will be DL's guest.

Drinking Liberally March 1st

According to the National Weather Service, tomorrow, March 1st, is the beginning of "meteorological spring." It seems like it's jumping the gun a little. It seems more like the beginning of dirty snow and pothole season.

But either way, you can come to Drinking Liberally tomorrow evening, March 1st to observe either season. We'll be at the 331 Club from six to nine PM.

Here's the really important part of this email. We have two gubernatorial candidates scheduled as guests with programs scheduled for seven PM for each, also at the 331 Club.

Congressman Tim Walz will be our guest on March 8th. That's next week.

Representative Tina Liebling will be the guest on March 22nd.

You will definitely want to be there for both of them.


Drinking Liberally tonight, February 22nd

Drinking Liberally falls on 2/22 this year, which won't happen again for probably, oh, seven years, so you won't want to miss it. We'll meet this evening for six to nine PM at DL's ancestral home in Minneapolis, the 331 Club.

And while I have your attention: Congressman Tim Walz is our guest on Thursday, March 8th, and Rep. Tina Liebling will be the guest either March 15th or the 22nd.

Stay tuned for more information about these events.

They're both running for governor.

You knew that.


Drinking Liberally Minneapolis Big Ol Caucus Review Show

This week at Drinking Liberally Minneapolis is the not really bi-annual, and maybe actually first ever, Drinking Liberally Minneapolis Big Ol Caucus Review Show!

Be ready for Chills! Thrills! Spills? I don't really know, we just decided like an hour ago to do this, so there probably won't be anything too special or crazy.

If you have questions about the caucuses though, or what happens next now that the caucuses are over, or even what the heck are caucuses, this is the event for you. Come on down to the 331 Club Thursday evening armed with all of your caucus related questions and we will do our best to send your home full of answers.

Also, mark your calendars for roughly one month from now, on March the 8th, when Congressman and candidate for Governor Tim Walz will be our guest.

Drinking Liberally Minneapolis meets every Thursday at the 331 Club in Minneapolis from 6-9 in the PM.

The 331 Club is located at 331 - 13th Street NE in Minneapolis.

Shiver Me Timbers night at Drinking Liberally

Tonight -- Feb. 1st -- is Shiver Me Timbers night at Drinking Liberally. We'll be packing warm socks and union suits for fans visiting for the Super Bowl. Well, maybe not. Giving warm socks and union suits to persons at a homeless shelter would be a good idea, though. Or hats, coats, and mittens, too.

We'll really meet tonight and compare syrup of ipecac with the SOTU.

That six PM this evening (2/1) at the 331 Club at the corner of 13th and University Aves. NE.

Drinking Liberally tonight, January 25th

It is a reasonably warm January day, and it isn't even snowing, so there is no reason not to go to Drinking Liberally this evening, January 25th, at the 331 Club, starting at six.

One good reason to go to Drinking Liberally is to discuss whether the Senate Democrats ending the filibuster on the continuing budget resolution dooms the Dreamers, or whether it was a good move to get CHIP funded and preserves the Dreamers, well, dream for another day.

There is spirited argument on both sides. Come to DL and tell your pals what you think.

Bot Minnesota senators voted to end the filibuster, by the way.


Cognitive testing this evening at Drinking Liberally in Minneapolis

Tonight (Thursday, January 18th) at Drinking Liberally in Minneapolis, we will conduct a cognitive testing session for everyone in attendance. You can see if you can do as well as President Trump did recently. We don't have the test he actually took, so you will have to improvise in testing your fellow DLers.

Testing starts as six.

You could start out with questions designed to test orientation as to time and place. What day is it? (That's a gimme for DLers.)

You can ask, "Who's the president?" (That was a gimme for President Trump.)

Then move on to the memory tests. Say three random words and ask your subject to repeat them. Then move on to the next test.

Ask your subject to draw a clock face with numbers and show ten minutes after two, eight thirty, etc.

After you do the telling time a couple of times, ask the subject to repeat the three words. With luck, you will remember what they are, too. Just for fun, repeat the request as the evening and the social lubrication advance.

Finally, ask for the name of an assassinated US president not named Lincoln or Kennedy. Getting this one right is an automatic pass of the test.

I trust we will find that we are all as mentally fit to be president as the current resident of the White House.


Drinking Liberally Minneapolis Tonight!

It's a new year, will it be worse than 2017? Hard to say! But it couldn't hurt to start the new year with a stop at Drinking Liberally.

Do you know what's coming up soon? Precinct caucuses. And not only is there going to be a contested Governors race, it's possible there will be a contested Senate race as well. The DFL convention this year will actually be interesting again

These are all things that need to be discussed among fellow liberals, so we'll see you tonight.

Drinking Liberally Minneapolis meets every Thursday at the 331 Club in Minneapolis from 6-9 in the PM.

The 331 Club is located at 331 - 13th Street NE in Minneapolis.