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Drinking Liberally Minneapolis Toys for Tots Special Event

This Thursday at Drinking Liberally Minneapolis is our annual Toys for Tots collection. Please bring a new unwrapped toy or gift for a child or adolescent. We'll be collecting cash, too.

Drinking Liberally Minneapolis meets every Thursday at the 331 Club in Minneapolis from 6-9 in the PM.

The 331 Club is located at 331 - 13th Street NE in Minneapolis.

Drinking Liberally tonight, Thursday, December 7th

Well, perhaps another day which will live in infamy.

Drinking Liberally will meet anyway. There were several atrocities perpetrated this week; come and talk about them all.

We'll gather at six PM this evening at the 331 Club in Minneapolis.

Steve Sack is our guest at Drinking Liberally this week!

As I previewed for a few weeks, Steve Sack will be the guest at Drinking Liberally in Minneapolis this week on Thursday, November 30th.

We'll gather as we always do at DL ancestral home at the 331 Club starting around six PM; Steve's presentation (and slides of his favorite cartoons) will begin at seven.


No Drinking Liberally in Minneapolis this week, Nov. 23rd

It's Thanksgiving!

NEXT WEEK on Thursday the 30th, our special guest will be Donald Trump's Boswell, Star Tribune cartoonist Steve Sack. There is no one, and I mean no one, who understands Trump's id better than Steve, and he tells us all about it multiple times a week on the op-ed page.

Here are the details:


Steve T.

Three weeks of Drinking Liberally

There will be a regular gathering of Drinking Liberally in Minneapolis on Thursday, November 16th from six to nine PM. As always, we'll be at the 331 Club.

I say "regular" if a discussion of a Senate candidate in Alabama expelled from a shopping mall for trying to play "Santa's helper" is regular. This story has gotten so creepy that even Mitch McConnell has abandoned Roy Moore. McConnell loves a reliable caucus vote more than he loves his wife (and by all accounts, he does love his wife), so this is extraordinary.

You want to be there to talk about it; you know you do.

The following Thursday, the 23rd is Thanksgiving, one of the few Thursdays a year we don't meet.

And then, on the 30th, as I've written before, our guest will be Minneapolis Star Tribune cartoonist Steve Sack. For now, you can get more information about that program here:


There is a link at the, um, link to get a copy of Steve's new book before the meeting so he can inscribe it for you. There won't be copies available at Drinking Liberally, unfortunately. They take a few days to arrive, so don't put it off.

Link to purchase Steve Sack book

Sorry to clog your inboxes. I mentioned in connection with Steve Sack's visit to DL on November 30th, that you could buy a copy of his new book The First and Only Book of Sack from the Strib (that is the only place it is available) and bring it to DL that night and he'd inscribe it for you. But I didn't have the link. Here it is:


Steve (Timmer)

Drinking Liberally on Thursday, Nov. 9th

Please come to Drinking Liberally tomorrow evening, November 9th, from six to nine PM at the 331 Club in Minneapolis.

There is a lot of election news, of course, and most of it is a LOT better than last year.

And for those of you who plan ahead, mark your calendar for Thursday, November 30th, because the brilliant (that will embarrass him, but so what?) Strib cartoonist Steve Sack will be our guest. He'll show us some of his cartoons from his new book, and if you have one, he'll inscribe for you.

Here's the thing: you can only buy the book from the Strib website, so you have to get it in advance. I am frankly having a little trouble finding the link on the website at the moment (your results may vary) but I'll send it along when I have it.

Buy several copies. They'll make a great gift.


The last Drinking Liberally meeting before the snow flies?

Perhaps. We all remember Halloween of 1991. It is a sobering thought, I know, and it may snow Friday.

Come to DL tomorrow night to buck yourselves up for what is to come. That's October 26th from six to nine PM at the 331 Club.


Minneapolis Drinking Liberally meets tonight

The Minneapolis chapter of Drinking Liberally meets tonight, October 19th, starting at six PM, at the 331 Club. It looks to be a lovely evening to sit on the patio for one of the last times this season.

Tonight's activity will be to write draft condolence remarks for Donald Trump. He obviously needs some assistance.


Drinking Liberally tomorrow evening, October 12th

Join us for a meeting of Drinking Liberally - Minneapolis on Thursday, October 12th, starting at six at the 331 Club in Minneapolis.

One of the items that will be discussed is who is smarter, Rex Tillerson or Donald Trump? And how can you tell?