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DL meets tonight

And it may be warm enough to sit on the patio. There won't be many more of those.

Drinking Liberally Minneapolis meets tonight (10/18)at the 331 Club in Minneapolis from six to nine PM.

Drinking Liberally this evening, October 11th

Drinking Liberally will meet this evening, October 11th, at DL's ancestral home in Minneapolis, the 331 Club, 331 - 13th Avenue NE.

We'll be there from six to nine P.M.

There is a lot to talk about, not the least of which is the ascension -- if that's what it was -- of Brett Kavenaugh from mere judge to justice.

Although I doubt he participated in the deliberations, the Supreme Court this week decided in favor of a North Dakota voter ID law and declined to take up an appeal of a Kavenaugh-written decision on the regulation of greenhouse gases.

It is unlikely to get better, folks.


Drinking Liberally meets tonight! 10-4 @ 6 PM

The weekly gathering of Drinking Liberally Minneapolis will be this evening six to nine at the 331 Club in Minneapolis.

We hope to see you there.


Drinking Liberally meets tonight, Sept. 20th

The notice is late but please come to Drinking Liberally this evening at our ancestral home in Minneapolis, the 331 Club, 331 -13th Avenue NE. We'll be there six to nine. Well, some of the denizens will be there earlier to catch Happy Hour; you might want to as well.


The patio season continues unabated . . .

At Drinking Liberally, that is. The shadow from the Grain Belt brewery creeps toward the 331 Club (not really, except metaphorically), but tomorrow evening, Thursday, September 13th, seems seems as though it will be a fine one to enjoy companionship, libation (and tacos, if you like), and political discussion at the 331 Club in Minneapolis.

Bob Woodward's book is out and the Kavenaugh hearings are over. Not to mention that there is a primary in New York tomorrow (hello to everyone at the Mother Ship) with very interesting races for governor and attorney general on the Democratic side.

There is a lot to talk about. You want to be there; I know you do.

That's six to nine PM, Thursday, September 13th, at the 331 Club in Minneapolis.


Drinking Liberally tonight, September 6th, for the beginning of the end

The end of summer.

What did you think I meant, silly?

But it has been a bombshell week and there will be a lot to talk about.

So come to Drinking Liberally this evening, September 6th, six to nine PM, at the 331 Club in Minneapolis.


Drinking Liberally on the last Thursday of meteorological summer

Kind of bums you out, doesn't it? Well, we don't make the rules.

But you ought to come to Drinking Liberally on Thursday, August 30th and hoist a glass (of whatever; it doesn't have to be alcoholic) to the end of summer. And to the beginning of the serious campaign season.

This will be the last DL in a while where you can come and won't have to defend somebody. So enjoy it while you can. Kidding. Sort of.

That's Thursday, August 30th, six to nine PM, at the 331 Club in Minneapolis.

There is one additional thing I wanted to call to your attention, though, DLers. Some of you know that campaign finance reform -- reform is hardly an adequate word under the circumstances -- is a subject that is of particular concern to me. If we don't fix campaign finance, we can just as well forget about the rest. DLer Sharon Tornes called this to my attention.

The Humanist Society is hosting a program on September 15th (a Saturday, so it won't conflict with soaking up suds at DL) at 3 PM at the First Unitarian Society at 900 Mount Curve Avenue in Minneapolis, with these speakers on the subject of campaign finance:

Kathryn Pearson - Kathryn is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Minnesota specializing in American politics. Her research has appeared in numerous journals and is included in several books on the topic. She received her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley and is currently working on a book involving party discipline in the House of
Representatives. She has received several awards for her research and has been a research fellow with the Brookings Institution and served as a Legislative Assistant for 2 members of Congress.

State Senator John Marty - Senator Marty has served in the Minnesota Senate since 1987. He is best known as an advocate on environmental issues, health care reform, and campaign finance reform. He does not accept any soft money contributions or contributions from lobbyists and he sharply limits the contributions he will accept from any one person. For the past three legislative sessions he has been advocating for a state resolution supporting a 28th Amendment that would clarify personhood (i.e., corporations are not people) and repeal the Supreme Court Citizens United Decision that was passed in 2010.

Vicki Barnes - Vicki is the Minnesota State Coordinator for both American Promise and Take Back our Republic. A large focus of her work is to initiate local resolutions to promote a 28th Amendment in Minnesota by organizing and obtaining resolutions of support from local governments. American Promise was formed in 2016 to get the related groups in this country to coordinate efforts. The achievements of these groups include resolutions to support the Amendment getting passed in St Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, Lauderdale and New Brighton, and Sherburne County. Progress is being made in several other counties and municipalities. Vicki has received awards for her efforts and is motivated by her grandchildren as "they deserve a
better government than what we have now."

These are speakers known to many of you. If you are worried about the outsized influence of money a politics, this is a program for you.


At DL on August 23rd, it'll be a quiet week

After four weeks of guest speaker programs, this week will feature relaxation on the patio and talking about politics or whatever else is on your mind.

Drinking Liberally meets six to nine PM on Thursday evenings at the 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis, 331 - 13th Avenue NE.

See you there.

A primary debriefing at Drinking Liberally - Minneapolis

Tomorrow evening, Thursday, August 16th, Capitol denizen Aaron Klemz and Tony "Dances with Numbers" Petrangelo -- both of them hosts of Drinking Liberally-Minneapolis, by the way -- will offer a debriefing of the just-conducted primary election in Minnesota.

The primary offered surprises, shivs, and a lot more. We probably won't see another one quite like this for some time.

Drinking Liberally will meet on the 16th at its ancestral home, the 331 Club in Minneapolis, at 331 - 13th Avenue N.E. People will start getting together at six (or earlier if you want to catch the happy hour) and the program with Aaron and Tony will begin at seven.


Drinking Liberally's guest is Mark Osler on Thu., 8/9

This week, on Thursday, the 9th of August, Professor Mark Osler will be the guest at Drinking Liberally. Mark is a law professor at St. Thomas University Law School.

Mark's been our guest several times and he's always a popular speaker. This week, he'll be talking about the pending nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court. I've asked if he could also give a brief update on clemency issues under the presidential pardon power. It'll be a busy program.

Come with your questions.

We'll be at the 331 Club starting at six PM, and Mark's remarks will begin at seven.

I am working on having the program live streamed and also made available for later viewing. You can check for updates about that on the Drinking Liberally - Minneapolis Facebook page; that is where the program will be hosted if we do get it live streamed.