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Drinking Liberally Tomorrow Night, June 16th

Hi all,

This is a quick reminder that tomorrow night, June 16th brings us another gathering of Olympia progressives. The Time and location remain the same: 7:00 at the Urban Onion Bar in downtown Olympia.

We hope to see you there!

Bruce and Barry

Special DL Olympia Meeting Monday, October 8th

Monday, October 8th brings us a special meeting at Warren Tryk's house. The time is 7:00 as usual, and will be a BYOB and BYOF (Bring your own food!). I suggest bringing an appetizer of some sort for all to enjoy.

If you would like to invite someone to attend that might not be a part of the Drinking Liberally gang, feel free to do so. Just direct them to this post.

Thanks Warren for hosting us! We're looking forward to next Monday night! Just click on the extended entry link for directions to Warren's house. Please note that google maps, mapblast, and other online maps incorrectly list Warren's house, so be sure to use the written directions below.

No Meeting on August 27th

But plan on joining us again in September at the regular place and time.

Meeting Monday, February 5th

Be sure to join us. For specific meeting information, visit the Issues of the Moment Blog

Election Night with Drinking Liberally

Ready for something new? Not sure what you are doing for election night? Start it out with Drinking Liberally! And maybe end it with Drinking Liberally as well!

There is a lot up for grabs on Tuesday, November 7th, and on this particular night, the "DL mutual support network" will provide a forum for what I am confident will be a good night for liberals.

The polls close at 8:00, which means we will start at 7:00 to watch the early returns, then perhaps move on to an election party or two. As one Drinking Liberally member mentioned, "we can crash a loser's party!"

So instead of our usual meeting time of the first Monday of the month (November 6th) , we will meet on the 7th, 7:00 pm, at the Tumwater Valley Bar and Grill.

If you haven't voted yet, drop that ballot into the mail, and then hop on over for another fun-filled Drinking Liberally event!

Hope to see you on Tuesday, November 7th!

Drinking Liberally Monday, October 16th at 7 pm

Tomorrow night brings another rock and roll adventure of progressive political discussion! There will, of course, be no shortage of rants and raves, but also, as always, thoughtful dialogue on a variety of issues in the news at the moment:

Drinking Liberally Meets Monday, September 18th

DL Olympia meets Monday night at the Tumwater Valley Bar and Grill. Hope to see you there.

No formal DL Monday September 4th due to Labor Day, however.....

here will be no formal Drinking Liberally on September 4th. Bruce and/or Barry may or may not show up. However, if you feel like you would like to participate in an informal DL, post a comment on the Olympia DL Issues of the Moment and indicate that you are interested (the link is

Return to the Blog monday night before you leave to find out if others are interested as well...and Drink Liberally!!!

DL will resume as normal September 18th!

Drinking Liberally Monday, August 21st

We will be meeting at the Tumwater Valley Bar and Grill at 7:00. If you can't find us, check at the Bar. They will point you in the right direction.

Monday will be "Open Mike Night." Bring your gripes, your jokes, your perspective. Best of all, bring your good cheer! See you on Monday!

Meeting Update

Tonight, we are going to try to begin puttng together a national issues platform that will build consensus within liberals--and actually get viable progressive candidates elected!