Drinking Liberally Olympia Chapter Blog

Next Meeting at the Fishbowl Pub in Downtown Olympia

Drinking Liberally is mixing it up! The next Drinking Liberally get together is Monday, August 7th at 7:00 pm. By popular request, the location for this meeting will be held at a different location, the Fishbowl Brew Pub. You may not know that the fishbowl pub recently completed a renovation, and they have a much larger space on two floors. The address is 515 Jefferson St. SE in downtown Olympia. Directions can be found at http://www.fishbrewing.com/fishmap.html

Check out the new Issues Blog

Check out the "issues of the moment" weblog -- and comments -- at the Drinking Liberally Olympia Issues Blog. This Blog will continue to serve providing information on meetings, etc.

The issues blog will supplement DL OLY meetings, and serve as an additional avenue for like minded folks to communicate on issues for progressive minds.

Don't Forget--Drinking Liberally is Tonight

Hope you can join us @ 7:00!

Next Drinking Liberally on June 5th

Hello Fellow Progessives!

Barry and I want to let you know that the Olympia Drinking Liberally group is alive and well, and want to extend an ongoing invitation to meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays at 7:00, at the Tumwater Valley Bar and Grill, located at the Tumwater Valley Golf Course. Our next meeting will be tomorrow, June 5th, at 7:00.

Drinking Liberally Monday Night

What is going on?

Immigration law proposals--I was listening to a talk radio guy tonight--conservative, I might add--and he was going on and on about how illegal immigrants are taking jobs from the american people and driving wages down, down, down.....

DL Day of Week and Meeting Time Change

Starting Monday, March 20, DL will start meeting on the 1st and third Mondays rather than on Thursdays. This is to mitigate a conflict with Thurston County Progressive Network, which has a Thursday meeting date. The new time will be at 7:00.

See you on the 20th at the Tumwater Valley Bar and Grill! There will be no meeting this coming Thursday, March 16th.

Thursday December 1st Meeting

Thursday's December 1st meeting will begin at 6:00 at the Tumwater Valley. All are invited! It's a small group, but one we hope will grow!

Feel free to join Olympia Drinking Liberally!

Join Us Thursday, Nov. 17th!

We will debrief on the Washington elections--good news for progressives! Also taking place--a discussion on how we would like to make DL a setting that folks would like to participate in. Please join us!