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Nope. We can't do it.  The ice hazard is real.  No DL meeting this evening. Stay safe and stay warm.

Icy Night

An icy night is ahead, but it looks pretty good right now. At the moment we are planning to meet this evening. If the weather declines significantly between now and then, we may cancel at the last minute so check your email before you head out. Whatever the case, use your best judgement whether it is worth it in whatever conditions exist when you leave.

Isla Bonita in Richland at 7:00 PM.


No Drinking Liberally tonight. Stay home. Stay safe. Stay warm.

Taking action

Let's talk about what we can do as constituents to influence our Congress critters in the next few months. At the Isla Bonita in Richland, this evening at 7:00.

Christmas Morning

The Christmas morning coffee group will be at Starbucks on Clearwater and Highway 395 at 10AM. This is a tradition for at least 10 years. Everyone is welcome!

Taking Action

Given that the majority of voters did not support the President-elect or his draconian espoused policies and given that he will have a like-minded Congress, the time for organizing and preparation for action is now. Let's put some ideas on the table of ways we can protect vulnerable people from destructive policies. Let's raise a glass and talk about it this evening at Isla Bonita restaurant at 7:00 PM.

Vote Today

Turnout looks to be high but when you stop to consider how close elections have been in recent memory, now, more than ever, every vote counts.

Some of our regulars may be off to various election night gatherings around town, but Tri-Cities DL will be Drinking Liberally this evening at Isla Bonita restaurant in Richland at 7:00 PM.


Time is short for our Letter to the Editor writers as the countdown to the election moves on. And be thinking how you can help get out the vote in the coming days.

We'll be talking about it tonight at Isla Bonita in Richland at 7:00 PM. Hope to see you there.

Vice-presidential Debate

Veep debate is tonight. Since it starts at 6:00 local time, many of us will be at Isla Bonita at that time to watch it. Perhaps you can join us then.


As a candidate, which is a better approach, find out what your potential constituent want from their public servant or convince them that your ideas are better than your opponent's.

We can talk about it this evening at 7:00 PM at the Isla Bonita restaurant in Richland.