Drinking Liberally Tri-Cities Chapter Blog

Change of Venue

Now that the travel season is picking up, the hotel is experiencing greater demand in the room service area. As a result, the service in the bar has become, shall we say….challenging.

We are moving the Drinking Liberally venue to the Isla Bonita restaurant at 1524 Jadwin Avenue in Richland for an indefinite period. We have talked to them and they are welcoming. So, make a note. Next week, we will liberally drink at a new location for us at the same time as usual, 7:00 PM, Tuesday. We hope to see you there.

A break in the weather

Our numbers were up to 15 last week. The 4th CD candidate field just keeps getting crazier. And it's amazing how many people are happy to be signing up on their statewide health insurance exchanges but who want nothing to do with Obamacare. Let's talk about it at 7:00 PM Tuesday evening at the Richland Red Lion.


Last week there were 10 of us. We touched on John Kennedy's visit to the Tri-Cities, sending people to war, Nate Silver, Flight 370, Charter vs. Dish, the need for a mental health court, and someone named Estakio Beltrane. What might we cover this week? Come join us Tuesday at 7 at the Richland Red Lion.


In December, Paul Ryan defended the cuts he wanted to make to the military. Today, he criticizes the cuts Obama proposes. Paul's cuts were bigger. It must be that if the President is for them, then Paul has to be against them. Well, that makes the policy-making easier, I suppose. Let's talk about it, Tuesday at 7:00 PM, at the Red Lion in Richland.

4th CD

The 4th CD seat is wide open. So far there are at least 6 Republicans salivating over it. Who's going to be the Democrat that pulls it from under their noses? Let's talk about it, Tuesday at 7 PM and the Richland Red Lion.

Let it Snow?

Republicans backtrack on immigration reform. They thumb their noses at the Hispanic vote as well as the poor. What's it going to take to bring them their just deserts? Come talk about on Tuesday at the Richland Red Lion at 7:00 pm.

Drip, drip, drip

The NFL has a new champion team but Chris Christie continues his slow meltdown. Let's talk about this and other things, Tuesday evening at 7:00 at the Richland Red Lion. Hope to see you there.

SOTU Tonight

The president makes his speech tonight at 6:00. Some of us plan to go early and see if we can watch it together at the Richland Red Lion. If you can't come early, we'll still be talking about it at the regular time at 7:00. Hope to see you there.

Don't Drink the Water!

Chemical companies pollute drinking water in West Virginia, but their Republican friends still think there is too much regulation. Why do they care about how much regulation there is? They don't observer the regulation that is already there! Let's talk about it and whatever else hits the headlines between now and then on Tuesday at 7 PM and the Richland Red Lion.

Looking ahead

Well, the holidays are behind us. What's ahead? Let's talk about it. Tuesday at 7:00 PM and the Richland Red Lion.