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SOTU options

Many of us will be checking in at an alternative to SOTU, the State of Unity gathering at Springhill Suites in Kennewick (attached to the convention center). The rest of the gang will convene at our regular time and place, Isla Bonita at 7:00 PM. At least, young Joseph Kennedy will be worth watching.

Election Day

Today is Election Day. Get those ballots in by 8:00 PM tonight at your nearest county dropbox. We will be discussing the race and tracking returns this evening at the Isla Bonita in Richland around 7:00 -ish.

Vote Today

If you haven't voted in the Washington Primary Election, today is the day. As of 7/31/2017, Franklin County has 12% of its ballots in and Benton County has 19% of the ballots in.

Poll drop-off boxes close at 8:00 PM. At that time, preliminary results will be published.

Come watch with us this evening at Isla Bonita Restaurant. Official gathering time is 7:00 PM but some come earlier for dinners beforehand. Let's cheer our candidates who will be going on to the General Election in November.


Ballots for our local primary have been mailed out and there have been reports that the people have been mailing their votes in at a high rate. Most races are non-partisan and there are a number of new names on the ballots. Bring your knowledge of the candidates and we can share amongst ourselves at Isla Bonita this evening at 7:00 PM.

And remember that announcement about a visit from Rhoda Williams, one of our local candidates last week? I messed it up. Rhoda is planning to show up this week. We are looking forward to talking with her tonight as well.


The Russian shoe has finally dropped. DJT II has admitted that he sought out campaign help from the Russian government. What are the anticipated consequences. We'll be talking about it this evening at the Isla Bonita restaurant in Richland at 7:00 PM.

A candidate for the Richland City Council will also be dropping by to talk with us, Rhoda Williams. We look forward to that.

Another Election Night

The polls close in the Georgia 6th Congressional district at 4:00 PM today Pacific time. Will we be celebrating...or not? In either case we will be talking about it this evening at Isla Bonita at 7:00 PM.

Becoming Scarce

Sitting Republican congressmen have declined the offer to be FBI Director. Could they be trying to avoid becoming obligated to a problematic regime?

Let's talk about it this evening at 7:00 at Isla Bonita.

Happy 90th Birthday

On Tuesday, April 25, one of our stalwarts and frequent writer of letters to the editor, Mildred Walton, reaches her 90th birthday. Please come celebrate with us that evening at Isla Bonita in Richland. Some of us will come at 6:15 PM for supper. We'll have cake and goodies at 7:00.

Lakoff and Elephants

How many ways can our Democratic values be recast into language that has a positive sticking power in the minds of voters?

Let's talk it over at Isla Bonita this evening. Come for dinner around 6:15. Main group at 7:00.

Allegiance The Musical Viewing

There will local viewing of the musical, Allegiance, based upon the story of George Takei. It will be at the Regal Cinema in Columbia Center Mall Sunday at 12:55 PM. You can get your tickets online. Use the link below.