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Drinking Liberally This Tuesday

Hey Everybody! This is your usual reminder that we'll be hosting Drinking Liberally this Tuesday at 7:00 PM. This week's selection for a venue is Friar Tuck, located at 3010 N Broadway.

Friar Tuck does not serve food, however, there are options nearby if you're hungry. Brian, the DL regular who recommended this location suggested Flub a Dub Chub's hotdog emporium or Crisp, a Mongolian-style fried chicken place.

As I'm unavailable this week, Brian has helpfully volunteered to host the event this week. So hopefully many of you will show up and make him feel loved.

Drinking Liberally at New Line Tavern

This week's winner in the Drinking Liberally bar selection competition is the New Line Tavern located at 201 North Clinton Street. We'll be meeting there starting at 7:00 as usual. Hope to see you there!

If you want to make a suggestion for the next bar we meet at, head over to our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/liberallychicago/ and post your suggestion. If you're not a fan of Facebook and want to contribute a suggestion, just reply to this email and I'll post it there on your behalf.

Drinking Liberally TOMORROW

Hey everybody, one last reminder that we'll be doing our first road meeting at Monk's Pub, located at 205 W Lake St. We'll be starting at 7:00 PM.

Also, to help make it easier to locate the group, I will be sure to wear a drinking liberally pin or t-shirt. Also, once I'm there, I'll post to the Chicago DL twitter to indicate where I'm at. The twitter account is @DL_Chicago (note the underscore). If you need to contact me, just message me there and I'll keep an eye out.

Hope to see you all there!

Drinking Liberally This Tuesday

This Tuesday we will begin the Drinking Liberally Chicago road season with our first stop being at Monk's Pub. It is located at 205 W Lake St. We will start things off at 7:00 PM.

If you'd like to put forward a suggestion for the next meeting place for Drinking Liberally, you can post it on the Facebook group:


Hope to see you there!

Big Changes for Drinking Liberally Chicago

Hey Everybody! First of all, no Drinking Liberally this week, but there's a lot of changes afoot, so please readon on.

As you may have seen, we've been looking for a new home for Drinking Liberally and I'd asked for suggestions. The whole time though I kept thinking that the Irish Oak was a good location for it, give or take the Cubs season where it would be overrun by Cubs fans. So I believe I've come up with a good compromise.


TIME: 1st and 3rd TUESDAYS at 7:00 (when not Cubs season)

So, going forward, we're going to have two seasons for Drinking Liberally, a home season, and a travel season. At the conclusion of Cubs season, we'll host Drinking Liberally at the Irish Oak. In the mean time though, we're thinking that we'll take Drinking Liberally on the road a bit. Also, we will be shifting our schedule to Tuesday nights as this works much better for random political events that we might want to watch.


TIME: 1st and 3rd TUESDAYs at 7:00 (during cubs season)

During the travel season, we will leverage our Facebook group for discussing where we'll be meeting next. You find that group here:


So if there's a bar you think we should check out, post about it there and then a few days before our meeting I'll post a poll on there to see what bar we should go to. If there's no suggestions or feedback, then I'll just invoke executive privilege and come up with something. All I ask is that if you suggest a bar, that you commit to going if we pick it. Dive bar? Gastro Pub? Tiki? All of it's fair game!

We're not going to make a big deal of coordinating with whatever random bar. We'll just show up and I'll make a point of having a sign or something so everybody knows where we are. So this might be a little chaotic, but my sense is it will liven things up a bit, make it easier for more people to attend at least some meetings, etc.

If you aren't into using Facebook, etc, then it will limit your ability to help pick a bar, but we will still use the mailing list to announce where we are going to be each time.


Because of scheduling conflicts and the need to plan this, we will not be meeting this week. So our next meeting will be on MAY 7th at 7:00. Of course, at this point, we don't know where. So if you want to offer up a suggestion, hop on the Facebook group and let us know what you think!

Drinking Liberally: CANCELLED

Sorry for the last minute notice, but Drinking Liberally is cancelled this evening. We'll plan to meet again in two weeks.

Drinking Liberally

Just a quick note that Drinking Liberally will be meeting this Wednesday night at the usual spot, The Grafton, starting at 7PM. We're still talking about a potential move and we were contemplating doing a DL pub crawl to consider some of the options. No plans have been settled for that yet, but I will post more when we have more of a plan.

Drinking Liberally Wednesday Night

Just sending out the usual reminder that we'll be meeting at the usual place at the usual time. As a refresher, the usual place is the Grafton, located at 4530 N Lincoln Ave, and we'll get things started at 7:00 in the back room.

I've received some bar suggestions since my previous e-mail, but if you have any recommendations for bars that would be good for hosting Drinking Liberally, please respond and send them my way. Ideally we're looking for something more central, so if you know of a good bar downtown that could host us on a Tuesday or Wednesday night, let me know!

DL This Wednesday and a Question

Just a quick reminder that with a new month, comes a new Drinking Liberally. We haven't met since the State of the Union, so there's plenty to talk about. As usual we will be meeting at the Grafton located at 4530 N Lincoln Ave starting at 7:00. We'll be meeting in the back room.

The back room has been rearranged a bit so I'll try to make a point of bringing an obvious sign to make it clear where we're sitting.

In other news, I've been talking about possibly relocating our meetings again. We've been at the Grafton for a bit over a year and there's been mixed feelings about the location. So, I'd like to open up the suggestion box for new bars we could switch to. So if you have a recommendation, just reply to this email.

For recommendations, keep in mind that we want a location that is close to transit, affordable, and has a decent selection of beer and food. It's also very important that we be able to consistently get tables there on a Tuesday or Wednesday night.

No DL This Wednesday

Since we just met last week for the State of the Union we will not be meeting this week. The next meeting will be in March 6th.