Drinking Liberally Chicago Chapter Blog

Laughing Liberally Presents Atlas Shrugged

Hey everybody! Matt Filipowicz, former fearless leader of our very own Chicago chapter will be back in town the last week of September for a very special Laughing Liberally performance. He, along with Josh Bolotsky, will be performing a live riffing of Atlas Shrugged. I had the privilege of seeing this at the Netroots Nation conference and it's hilarious.

Here's the facebook post about it so you can see the details and RSVP: http://is.gd/NVOar9

The event will be on September 25th and it will follow the regular Laughing Liberally show which kicks off at 7:00PM. So, 7:00 comedy followed by the the hilarity of Ayn Rand at 8:30. Hope to see you there!

No Drinking Liberally Tonight

Sorry for the late notice, but due to schedule conflicts there will not be a drinking liberally tonight. Our next meeting will be held on 9/17. I'll send out more details about that soon.

Drinking Liberally at O'Shaugnessy's Tomorrow

We've been getting pretty good turnouts at O'Shaugnessy's so we'll continue to meet there until we switch over to the Irish Oak at the conclusion of Cubs season. So to summarize:

8/20 - O'Shaugnessy's
9/3 - O'Shaugnessy's
9/17 - Irish Oak

We'll be meeting up at the usual time, 7:00. We'll be meeting at one of the tables in the back room. Usually it's pretty quiet back there so we'll be easy to spot.

Hope to see you there!

Drinking Liberally Tomorrow Night (Tuesday)

A quick reminder that we'll be meeting at O'Shaughnessy's on Ravenswood tomorrow night at 7:00 PM. We had a pretty good turn out last time and got into some pretty heated discussion of the conceal carry law in Illinois. So hopefully we'll have another good time tomorrow night!

Next DL Meeting: August 6th

Just a quick reminder that this is one of those months where we get an extra Tuesday that messes with our schedule. So the next DL meeting will be on 8/6. If you have any suggestions for where we should meet, you can chime in on our Facebook group, located here:


Drinking Liberally Tonight!

Apologies for the late notice, but we will be having Drinking Liberally tonight. The location this time will be O'shaugnessy's at 4557 N Ravenswood Ave (near the Damen Brown line stop). DL alumn, Adam, will be swinging by for a pint or two, so come on out and say hi!

If you follow me on twitter, @dl_chicago, I'll post notices about where we've settled in the bar so you can find us. We'll be meeting at the usual time, 7:00.

If you have any suggestions for the next DL meeting location, hop onto our Facebook group at: http://fb.me/groups/liberallychicago/ and let us know.

Need Suggestions for Next Drinking Liberally

Hey everybody! We need to come up with a location for our next Drinking Liberally event. We'll be meeting on July 16th and if you have a suggestion for where we should go, post it in this Facebook thread here:


There's actually been a lot to talk about in the news lately, so hoping to get some bigger groups together. Know of any good beer gardens that might work for us?

Drinking Liberally July 2nd

Back from a brief hiatus, we'll be hosting another Drinking Liberally, this Tuesday, July 2nd at 7:00. So far, of the travelling venues we've gone to, the best has probably been Monk's Pub, so we'll be going there once again. Lots to talk about this week, with big SCOTUS rulings, NSA shenanigans, and I'll have a couple t-shirts to give away from my recent trip to Netroots Nation.

Hope to see you there!

No Drinking Liberally Tonight

As you didn't receive a reminder e-mail you probably figured out that there's no Drinking Liberally tonight. We'll reconvene in two weeks!

Drinking Liberally This Tuesday

Hey Everybody! This is your usual reminder that we'll be hosting Drinking Liberally this Tuesday at 7:00 PM. This week's selection for a venue is Friar Tuck, located at 3010 N Broadway.

Friar Tuck does not serve food, however, there are options nearby if you're hungry. Brian, the DL regular who recommended this location suggested Flub a Dub Chub's hotdog emporium or Crisp, a Mongolian-style fried chicken place.

As I'm unavailable this week, Brian has helpfully volunteered to host the event this week. So hopefully many of you will show up and make him feel loved.