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Letter to the Editor

Member Ruth Stevens had her LTE printed in the Columbian.



Rodger and Lou had letters published recently in the Columbian



Keep those cards and letters coming.


Drinking Liberally this Tuesday

Join us this Tuesday evening for your choice of drinks and pleasant conversation, 7 pm at Woody's Tacos, 230 W Evergreen in the inside courtyard.

What do you think of the 47 Senators who think of themselves as junior statesmen? Maybe they should take a remedial course in high school civics. In the woodshed. What about the fracas over emails, deleted and not.

Wyoming just passed a bond measure to develop coal exports at the same time China is cutting back on importing coal. What should Wyoming do with that money?

Did you see Rodger's letter in the Columbian? Well written and to the point, the point, of course, getting big money out of politics.

See you on Tuesday.

Drinking Liberally Tonight

Was Kitzhaber driven from office by the Oregonian because of his tree-hugging policies? Was he blinded by love? Is Cynthia Hayes satan incarnate? Let's get to the bottom of this tonight at Woody's, 210 W Evergreen at 7. See you there.

BTW, who is your favorite Republican presidential candidate? Such a choice we'll be faced with - the bad and the ugly. None of them good.

Drinking Liberally this Tuesday

Kitzhaber resigns. Whaddaya think about that? Let's talk about it Tuesday at 7:00 PM, Woody's Tacos, 230 W Evergreen. In the courtyard.

See you there.

Move to Amend

My apologies for flooding your inbox but I think this is worth sharing.

Five years of the Supreme Court's worst decision in history, the Citizens United decision.

It is appropriate to let you know that the movement to amend the Constitution of the United States continues and will be getting its 'second wind' here in Washington State this spring.

This year's effort will be slightly different from last year's effort in that we will be petitioning the legislature to ask our Congressional delegation to support the amendment rather than a petition to the public to vote on it. What we gain is a lot more time than last year's effort when we basically had from February until the end of June to collect the signatures. This year we will start in April and have until the end of December which also means better weather to do the work.

There are other changes being contemplated that will be announced when they are finalized.

Right now there are two things for your consideration:

First: If you are interested in being involved, go to the link below which is the volunteer sign-up page for WAmend and fill in the requested information to be on the list of volunteers.


Second: Consider attending the movie "Pay 2 Play". The information for time and place is below:
January 26 - Vancouver, Cascade Park Community Library
600 NE 136th Avenue, Vancouver, WA
6:00 p.m. Screening

Continue the discussion at our Facebook page, Drinking Liberally Vancouver.

Tuesday's meeting

We were joined last night by Bill and Roy from Portland Drinking Liberally who reported that that group is in disarray. So they joined us for a lively discussion including, but not limited to, the State of the Union address. Roy recounted his chance encounter with Ron Wyden when he was visiting New York and Bill recounted some insights from reading "Invisible Bridge" by Perlstein (do I have that right?).

Rodger brought up the worst case climate scenario. Things are going to hell in an earth-size hand basket starting in - guess what - 2015! If you want to ruin someone's day, have them look at http://arctic-news.blogspot.com

On a brighter side, he mentioned that Wamend, the effort to get Washington on board overturning Citizens United, will be gearing up bigger and better than before. If, of course, we survive the climate shitstorm that is just over the horizon.

Drinking Liberally tonight

Woody's Tacos, 240 W Washington, downtown Vancouver 7 pm. I will be there early with my laptop to watch the State of the Union, join me if you like at 6 something. And we can watch the Republican response, Joni Ernst babbling nonsense. Sounds like fun.

Drinking Liberally This Tuesday

Tuesday evening the State of the Union address begins at 6:00 pm. After all the glad-handing and introductions it will probably start around 6:20 or so. I will be at Woody's Tacos then with my laptop so all the DLers may join me if they wish. We can watch it together, watch the lame response from, of all people, Jodi Ernst, the hog whisperer from Iowa. It whould make for a lively discussion.

Woody's Tacos, downtown Vancouver. See you there.

Je suis Charlie.

Keystone XL

Tomorrow evening there will be a rally in opposition to the totally unnecessary, climate destroying Keystone XL pipeline which, if approved, will snake its way through the heartland of America enabling filthy tar sands oil to be processed for Chinese markets while polluting pristine Canadian prairies. Do we want this pipeline? NO. NO. NO. To be fair, if it goes through it will create jobs. Maybe five or six.
If you have an interest in attending this rally, and you should, here are the details:

Remember, we now meet on the THIRD Tuesday and this month it will be on the 20th at Woody's Tacos. Looking forward to seeing you.

Lift a cool one for the defeat of the vile pipeline.