Drinking Liberally Vancouver Chapter Blog

Change in Venue

In response to numerous requests, we are changing our meeting location to Woody's Tacos, 210 W Evergreen, downtown Vancouver. There is an inside courtyard where we can enjoy our drinks and conversation.

Check out their web site at woodystacos.com

We are still meeting on the second Tuesday at 7:00 PM, no change there.

As always, we welcome feedback, comments and complaints so if you feel so inclined, have at it.

Drinking Liberally Tonight

Elections are coming up. What are we going to be doing about them? Talk about it tonight at the Eagles Club, 107 E 7th St. downtown Vancouver at 7 PM.

If, when you get there, the noisy exercise class is still going on, go down the stairs to the right to get to the lounge in the rear of the building, where it is peaceful.

Drinking Liberally This Tuesday

Come join us at the Eagles, 107 E 7th St, downtown Vancouver for drinks and good conversation.
7 pm, Sept 9. Be there.


A good time was had by all. Many thanks to Bob and his lovely family for the burgers, brats and hate fixings.

Photos at our new Facebook page Drinking Liberally Vancouver. Like it!


We need to get a head count on Sunday's First Annual Drinking Liberally Picnic at Bob's house, 13207 NE 38th Circle.

Please reply to this message with the number of folks we can expect will come, might come or won't come.


Craig Pridemore

In my last message I may have given the mistaken impression that Drinking Liberally Vancouver actually endorsed Mr. Pridemore. Nothing could be further from the truth. As I was reminded in a missive from Drinking Liberally galactic headquarters, we have a policy of never endorsing candidates for public office. We provided the campaign information merely as a public service.

So just to be clear we are not endorsing either the hard-working, intelligent and diligent Craig Pridemore or his despicable opponent.

I just wanted to clear that up.

Any questions? Please come to our monthly round table Tuesday at 7, Eagles Club, 107 E 7th St, downtown Vancouver.

And don't forget the picnic on Sunday.

Drinking Liberally this Tuesday

Join us at the Eagles, 107 E 7th St, downtown Vancouver for a lively discussion at 7 PM. What do you think about the bombing in Iraq, the situation in Ukraine, Ebola in W Africa, the lawsuit against Obama and local campaigns.

And don't forget to mark your calendars for the First Annual Drinking Liberally Picnic. You will arrive at Bob's house, 13207 NE 38th Circle with your favorite liquid refreshments and food to share at 3 in the afternoon.

A number of folks have asked how they can help in local campaigns. Well, Craig Pridemore, candidate for County Commissioner has some suggestions (why he would want to spend any time with David Madore is another question).

Drop by Craig's House 5419 NE Chateau Drive, Vancouver on August 10
Between 10:00 AM & 12:00 Noon
Pickup 20 neat yard signs on sticks and put them out in the medians all over town.
(No state routes, please. Bring a hammer, too)

II. Support Craig on his Walk Around Clark County

Craig will once again walk around Clark County (he did it when he won in 1998). In 1998 he went about 118 miles. Next week he plans for about 100 miles.

Support the Walk by –
Walking Along
Or just donating $1 per mile – that is real help, too!

Check the web site for details craigpridemore.com

Drinking Liberally Picnic

We're celebrating summer with the first annual Drinking Liberally picnic. It will be at Bob Moon's house on Aug. 17, 3 PM until we all get tired and go home.. Bring your favorite beverage and some food to share to 13207 38th Circle, Vancouver, WA.

Candidates and representatives of candidates are all welcome to make their case, hand out reference material and recruit volunteers.

So mark your calendars and prepare to have a good time.

Any questions?

Citizen Koch

The movie, Citizen Koch, will be shown at the Kiggins threaten this Thursday, the 10th at 7pm. The event will be a benefit for local candidates and to assist landslide victims in Oso.
Admission is $5.00.

Drinking Liberally This Tuesday, July 8

7:00 at the Eagles, 107 E 7th St, downtown Vancouver.
We have invited a couple of political candidates to join us so come and hear what they have to say. I'll give you a hint - they could use donations and volunteers.

Conversation and good drinks. Who could ask for anything more.