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Drinking Liberally Tomorrow

Join us at Woody's Tacos Tuesday evening @ 7:00 PM for lively discussion and your beverage of choice. What do you think of the media's take that Hillary won the debate? Was that your impression?

Who is your choice for least bad Republican? Ben Carson - scary, Carly Fiorina - inept, Rand Paul - Ayn Rand clone? Jeb Bush - dumber than his brother? Whaddaya think? Share your ideas and opinions.

Don't forget to vote!

Wallys Tacos???

I misspoke. Woody's Tacos. 330 Evergreen.

Drinking Liberally this Tuesday

Join the fun and merriment as we compare thoughts, opinions and jokes about messrs Trunp, Walker, Paul, Cruz, ms Palin, ms Fiorini and the rest.
And, Bernie is ahead in Iowa (barely). Whaddaya think of that?

Now that Rick Perry has nothing else to do, maybe he will join us at Wallys Tacos, 330 Evergreen, downtown Vancouver. 7:00 PM

Sorry you there.

Drinking Liberally, note from Kali

Hey Liberal Drinkers,

Tom still has union meetings on the 3rd Tues, and I'm back up in northern WA, working for the Colville Tribes once again, where fires are burning everywhere.

I will soon be sending money to Bernie and am looking forward to a bumper sticker! I don't think the dumb-ass media will be able to do to Bernie what they did to Howard Dean - they would love to ignore Bernie, but I think he's way ahead of them. It would make them look even more incompetent than we all know they are!

Enjoy the Willamette Valley, Phil!

Drinking Liberally this Tuesday

Join us at Woody's Tacos, 230 W Evergreen at 7 this Tuesday for lively discussions and your favorite beverage.
Do you have Bernie or Hillary stickers, bumper stickers or other campaign items to share? Bring them.
Remember how the media clobbered Howard Dean once he appeared to be a viable candidate? Will the same thing happen to Bernie? Whaddaya think?

We will be looking for someone to assume the awesome responsibilities and receive the benefits of leading Vancouver Drinking Liberally to new levels of greatness. Are you that person? Current leadership is forced to resign pending a move to the Willamette Valley.

Come on down. Looking forward to seeing you.

Drinking Liberally this Tuesday

Join us at Woodys Tacos, 210 W Evergreen, 7 PM. What do you think about actually talking with your adversaries - Cuba, Iran? Beats shooting them in my opinion.

I read a piece recently while generally favorable towards the Iran deal warns that we should not take them at their word that they are not pursuing a Bomb. after all Israel and Pakistan have the Bomb and Iran is not on the best of terms with either of them. It doesn't take much nuclear fuel to make a big explosion and they will still have a few kilograms of 20%. Whaddaya think?

Cuban embassy opens. Hurray. About time. Actually 30 or 40'years late. Talk to your adversaries.

Beer and conversation. What's your view?

Drinking Liberally thiis Tuesday

Join us for conversation and your beverage of choice this Tuesday evening at Woodys Tacos, Evergreen and Washington streets, downtown Vancouver.

Who is the least bad of the R's running for the most powerful individual on the planet?

Listed are my opinion on their good qualities.

Rand Paul: against military intervention.
Job Bush: speaks Spanish
The rest:

Do you have anything good to say about the candidates? Let's hear it at Drinking Liberally.

Money in politics

Rodger had a letter published in the Columbian a few days ago addressing the corrosive effect of money in elections. http://www.columbian.com/news/2015/may/21/letter-back-out-tpp-forward-movement/

Also, Nicholas Kristov addressed this issue in today's NY Times. Check out his column.

You might want to visit wamend.org to see what you can do to effect this issue.


Drinking Liberally This Tuesday

Join us at Woody's Tacos, Washington and Evergreen streets, downtown Vancouver, 7 PM for beverages and lively discussion.
Suggested discussion topics:

Big money in politics affects us all. Contact member Rodger Stevens to find out how you can help overturn the Citizens United decision. Rodger is no longer leading the Clark County effort but he knows a lot. Or Google "wamend" and you can find out more about volunteering in this project.

Conventional wisdom says that Hilary Clinton is a shoe-in for the nomination and the effect of Bernie Sanders candidacy will be to nudge her a teeny bit to the left. Agree?

Did Jeb Bush's implosion last week destroy his candidacy or is he still viable? Who will be the R's candidate? Interesting possibilities, none of whom make any sense whatsoever.

Madore, Mielke and Stewart are all running for County Council chair, Republicans all. What's the future hold for our county?

The Columbian is taking aim at the Port and its history of secrecy. My preferred solution would be to disolve Ports of Vancouver, Portland, Kalama and Longview and replace them with a Columbia River Port Authority like New York-New Jersey. Whaddaya think?

Share your ideas on Tuesday.

Check out Rodger's LTE

The Columbian printed Rodger's letter today.

And tonight is our monthly gathering at Woody's Tacos, 7 PM in the courtyard at Washington and Evergreen.

See you there.