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VENUE UPDATE: Drinking Liberally Norfolk!

UPDATE: I've been informed that Lola's Caribbean Restaurant has closed. I propose that we meet at Cogan's Pizza this evening, unless anyone else has a better idea. Cogan's is located at 1901 Colonial Ave, not far from Lola's - so if you were already planning to head out that way, it won't be an inconvenience for you!

(Click for map)

Email me if you have any questions! Thanks

- Heather

June Drinking Liberally Events

Warm weather is here and all the liberals are out and about, getting some much needed Vitamin D. (That's sunshine, y'all.) Here's a quick breakdown of this month's events:

Don't forget to vote tomorrow in the Virginia Primaries for Statewide and House of Delegates!! Show up to the DL Norfolk monthly social event tomorrow wearing your "I Voted" sticker and win a prize!

Tomorrow's event will be held at Lola's Caribbean in Ghent. If the weather is nice, you can find us on the patio OR at one of the low tables on the first floor. We start to gather around 6:00pm and we hang out until trivia starts (usually around 8:00pm)

Next up we have a Screening Liberally event at the Naro this Wednesday June 12th called "In Organic We Trust". The Naro usually has really good documentaries on Wednesday evenings, just check out their website.

The following Wednesday, we also have a Screening Liberally event, this time the film will be "We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks".

Our regularly scheduled Virginia Beach social event will be held on Thursday June 27th starting at 6:00pm at Croc's 19th Street Bistro near the VB Convention Center.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future events, please send them to [email protected] or click the "Suggest a Meetup" button on Meetup.com.

Thanks everybody and as always, when you drink liberally, remember to drink responsibly! See y'all soon!

- Heather

Meeting Reminder: Drinking Liberally Norfolk

Happy May, Hampton Roads liberals!

First of all, we would like to wish the Drinking Liberally/Living Liberally organization a BIG happy 10th anniversary! They had their celebration in NYC this past weekend at the original DL location and by all accounts, it was a blast! Also, this year's annual DL/LL conference location has been announced… it will be September 27-29 in lovely Madison, Wisconsin! If you're interested in joining me at the conference, or if you'd like more information, simply reply to this email. Now onto the good stuff…

This email is just to remind you that our monthly Norfolk meeting will be tomorrow, TUESDAY MAY 7th at our usual location, Lola's Caribbean in Ghent. There is plenty of on-street and lot parking, so don't be shy, come on by! The weather is looking stormy, so no we won't be congregating on the patio, so find us inside! Look for our table tents or ask the host/hostess. (Here is the Meetup event and the Facebook event for tomorrow's meeting.)

We also have some great Screening Liberally events on the horizon this month! Join us this Saturday, May 11 at The Naro for "The Gatekeepers". Here's the film synopsis:

"Charged with overseeing Israel's war on terror—both Palestinian and Jewish—the head of the Shin Bet, Israel's secret service, is present at the crossroad of every decision made. For the first time ever, six former heads of the agency agree to share their insights and reflect publicly on their actions and decisions."

The film begins at 5:00pm. We will meet at 4:00pm at Red Dog Saloon next door for drinks and snacks before walking over to The Naro at 4:45pm.

Also, there is another film coming up on Wednesday, May 15th at The Naro called "Harvest of Empire". Here's that film's synopsis:

"Based on the groundbreaking book by award-winning journalist Juan González (co-host of Democracy Now!), Harvest of Empire reveals the direct connection between the long history of covert U.S. intervention in Latin America and the immigration crisis we face today."

Hope to see you there! As always, if you have any questions between now and then or if you have suggestions for future events, just email me at [email protected]

Drinking Liberally VB Meeting @ Harold's!


Our usual haunt, Croc's 19th Street Bistro, is hosting a fundraiser this Thursday (the night we usually get together for our monthly Virginia Beach meeting). Even though it's for a good cause, it will be too loud and crowded for us to conduct our meeting.

It was suggested that we move the festivities to Harold's on Virginia Beach Blvd across the street from Princess Anne High School. I'm given to believe it's located near Town Center, next to Barnes & Noble.

We will still start gathering at 6:00pm. I anticipate we will be there hanging out for at least 2 hours, maybe longer. If your schedule permits, stop on by. You're not obligated to eat or drink, just come say hi! We'd love to have you.

your liberal leader (Heather)

DL Norfolk this Thursday @ Lola's in Ghent!

Reminder about a couple of upcoming events:

  1. "The Love of Beer" tonight at the Naro Cinema. The film starts at 7:15 with speakers and discussion following (including a beer tasting!) We will meet at Red Dog Saloon next door for a pre-movie libation and so we can sit together when we walk over. Check out the Meetup event page and the Naro's official film event page.

  2. Tomorrow night is our monthly Norfolk meeting at Lola's Caribbean Restaurant in Ghent. It's a small place, so you will be able to find us easily. I will bring the table tents to identify our group more easily. We start hanging out around 6:00pm and people come and go as they like, but most attendees scatter by 9:00pm. Here's the Meetup event page and the Facebook event page. We hope you can join us!

I had been scheduling Norfolk meetings on Thursdays because I was working every Tuesday at my second job. However, after throwing out my back, I can no longer work there. So since some of you have told me regular DL meetings exclusively on Thursdays was not working for your schedule, I've decided to move the Norfolk meeting back to the 2nd Tuesday and keep the Virginia Beach meeting the 4th Thursday. As always, due to my transportation situation, I'd still welcome and greatly appreciate any assistance hosting the meetings.

And when you Drink Liberally, always drink responsibly!

First week of Spring?? This calls for Drinking Liberally!

Quick note just to let everyone know about upcoming events!

On Wednesday March 27th, we're meeting at the Naro Cinema for "A Place At The Table". (In addition to the Meetup event, we also have a Facebook event with more info as well.

If you don't feel like catching the movie, there's a rally at the Norfolk courthouse for marriage equality this evening at 7:00pm. From the (unaffiliated with DL) Facebook event page:

As the U.S. Supreme Court considers DOMA and Proposition 8 (March 26 -27), and as people in all 50 states come together to support Marriage Equality... Let us also join together here in Hampton Roads, VA - in a visible and public way, in front of the Federal Courthouse (600 Granby Street, Norfolk)... Let us show our solidarity and unity for Marrage Equality and "light the way to justice!"

Also, our regular monthly Virginia Beach meeting is this coming Thursday the 28th (as it does on the 4th Thursday of every month) at Croc's 19th Street Bistro. (Check out that event's Facebook page here: 4th Thursday VBDL Meeting.

Do you have an idea for a meeting, speaker, event, cause, or anything else? Reply to this email or talk to me (Heather Hawkins) at one of our meetings. I'd love to collaborate on new and different events for our members! So far we've had suggestions to do monthly events at Whole Foods, Surf Club, and more. If you'd like to guest host an event, let me know!

As always, when you Drink Liberally, remember to drink responsibly!

Drinking Liberally VB this Thursday!

Come join your fellow liberals on the last day of February and raise a pint (or martini glass) as we prepare ourselves for the sequestration. We have tons to discuss, so this is one meeting you will not want to miss!

Day: Thursday February 28
Time: 6:00pm til whenever
Place: Croc's 19th Street Bistro
Why: Because February sucks and so does the 113th Congress

We also will be getting Screening Liberally together this Sunday, March 3rd at 9:30am for the FirstLook Film Forum at the Naro Cinema. Join us for Yorgo's bagels, doughnuts, coffee, juice, and some lively conversation after a great film.

We are also going to have to start getting a little bit better about taking donations at meetings and events. We are operating in the red right now and I'm hoping to raise enough money to send a member or two to the Living Liberally 10th Anniversary Celebration in New York City the first weekend in May. We can't do that without your help!

On a related note, I'm still looking for interested folks who might want to cohost a future event or two for me—especially in Norfolk and/or Chesapeake. If you think you might be interested or know someone who is, simply reply to this email or join the discussion on Facebook.

As always, check us out on Facebook and/or Meetup. (P.S. We just hit 100 Meetup members last week! Thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word!)

Drinking Liberally 2013: Off To A Running Start!

The holidays are finally over! Our crazy right-wing birther gun nut relatives are safely back in their own homes… oops! Or was that just my family? ;)

We're kicking off 2013 with a big ol' BANG! Take a look at our event calendar:

  • Thursday January 10 — Drinking Liberally Norfolk
    Our regular 2nd Thursday Norfolk monthly meeting. If we're not seated in the upstairs loft, just ask the bartender or look for our Drinking Liberally table tents. Big thanks to Frank Bell for guest hosting this one for me!

  • Saturday January 12 — Screening Liberally: "Argo"
    I'm happy to announce that HRDL will now be hosting weekend events! Come join us at 8:30pm at the Naro Cinema to watch this incredible film. To learn more, visit the Naro's website. You can also RSVP via our Meetup event page or our Facebook event page. (You may have to join the Facebook group in order to view it.)

  • Wednesday January 16 — Screening Liberally: "Chasing Ice"
    Even as the climate debate polarizes America, "Chasing Ice" depicts a heroic photojournalist on a mission to gather evidence and deliver hope to our carbon-powered planet. (76 mins) Speakers and discussion will follow a Wednesday night screening. RSVP via the Meetup or Facebook event pages.

  • Week of January 13-20 — Eating Liberally: Virginia Beach Restaurant Week
    January is a great time for Hampton Roads locals because it means Restaurant Week is coming! This is our chance to check out new restaurants and menus we might not have tried before! Virginia Beach Restaurant Week takes place January 13th - 20th with over 60 of the city's finest establishments offering specially priced two and three course meals.

  • Week of January 20-27 — Eating Liberally: Norfolk Restaurant Week
    Don't think we forgot about Norfolk! Eating delicious meals and saving lots of money is easy during Downtown Norfolk Restaurant Week. Get a delicious $20 or $30 dinner at participating Downtown restaurants during the week of January 20-27. Please reply to this email with the most convenient dates for you. The date with the most votes wins. I'll be sending out a follow-up email this week with the dates for both VB and Norfolk Eating Liberally dates.

NOTE: Our regular VB Drinking Liberally meeting, which would have usually taken place at Croc's Bistro on January 24th has been canceled in due to a conflict with Norfolk Restaurant Week. February's schedule should be back to normal.

As new events pop up, I will be adding them to our Facebook and Meetup groups, so be sure to check back often!

And as always… When you Drink Liberally, be sure to drink responsibly!
- Heather Hawkins

*TONIGHT* Drink Liberally @ the Turtle!

Join your liberal friends (and meet some new ones) tonight at The Greene Turtle in Chesapeake, conveniently located at the entrance to Greenbrier Mall. We will be meeting in the party room, so we should be easy to find.

We will definitely be discussing the fiscal cliff/curb/speed bump and which concessions—if any—the President should make, as well as the tragedy in Connecticut and our nation's obsession with firearms (Can we talk about it NOW?)

In between our monthly meetings, check out our Facebook and Meetup pages for the latest events, happenings, discussions, etc. I've received a lot of feedback this year that some of you want to get together on the weekends. I'd really like to explore this idea more in 2013, in addition to introducing you all to the joys of Screening Liberally, Reading Liberally, Eating Liberally, and more!

For those of you who will be in town, our last DL meeting of 2012 is next Thursday December 27 at Croc's in Virginia Beach. If you can't make it to next week's VB meeting, I'd just like to say thank you for making this such a great year for Hampton Roads Drinking Liberally and we will see you in 2013! (Impending zombie apocalypse notwithstanding.)

If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, feedback, etc. simply reply to this email and I will get back to you!


December Meetings!

Sorry this email is going out so late! I thought I sent it last week, but apparently my session had timed out and it erased the entire email. Oops.

We will be having 3 meetings this month:

  • Tonight at Lola's in Norfolk
  • Wednesday December 19 at Greene Turtle in Chesapeake
  • Thursday December 27 at Croc's in Virginia Beach

As always, check out our Facebook and Meetup pages for the latest events, happenings, discussions, etc.

If you have any questions or suggestions, simply reply to this email and I will get right back to you!