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Drinking Liberally VB this Thursday!

Come on out to Croc's 19th Street Bistro tomorrow, Thursday May 14! Join your fellow liberals starting at 6:00pm for happy hour food & drinks and great conversation.

Croc's is located at the corner of 19th and Cypress in Virginia Beach near the VB Convention Center. Parking is limited, so get there early!

Barring any private party that may have been scheduled, we will be enjoying the lovely weather in the covered side patio area.

Bring a friend, bring your ideas, and let's have fun!

THURSDAY: Drinking Liberally VB

Join us every 2nd Thursday starting at 6:00pm at Croc's 19th Street Bistro for our regular monthly Drinking Liberally meeting. You can usually find us out on the covered patio by the bar, frightening off the smokers who try to wander in. ;)

This week, we will have special guest Gary McCollum, who is running for state senate in the 7th district. Do your homework and bring your questions, let's give him a warm DL welcome!

(Psst! There might also be another surprise visitor. Stay tuned...)

Brunching Liberally was a big hit in February and March, so let's keep it going in April! Join us at 11:30am on Sunday, April 19th at The Public House in Norfolk's lovely Ghent neighborhood. You can check out their brunch menu here. I'm not making a reservation this time, but when I get there, I will tell them we have a large group, so they might seat us in the main dining area, or they might put us in the party room.

As always, you're welcome to join the conversation with us on Facebook and Meetup.

Until next time…

Your organizer,

DLVB: Happy March! (Or is it?)

You wouldn't know it by looking outside, but springtime is almost here! Come warm up with your friends at Drinking Liberally to help see you through until the sun starts shining again.

Our regular monthly meeting is at Croc's 19th Street Bistro in Virginia Beach next Thursday, March 12th from 6:00pm until whenever. We usually meet on the patio, but when it's reserved, you can find us at the high-top tables near the bar.

Last month, we had a great time at Brunching Liberally at O'Connor Brewing. (Even though it was loud as heck indoors... next time: patio!) A.W. Shucks was suggested as the next place for us to check out. We will be meeting there on Sunday, March 15th at 11:00am. There's an 8-top in the back left corner with a 6-top next to it so they should be able to accommodate us.
**NOTE: they will not seat us until everyone has arrived, so only RSVP if you think you can make it there around 11am. (They said they will hold the table for up to 30 minutes in case people are running late and if there's only one or two people missing, they will go ahead and seat us.)

There is also a Screening Liberally event on the schedule later this month: "She's Beautiful When She's Angry" a film about the women's rights movement of the 1960s. The film will be shown on Wednesday, March 25th at 7:00pm. I can't wait to see the film and participate in the post-film discussion!

Thanks and hope to see y'all soon!


Brunching Liberally (plus DL on the Peninsula!)

We're kicking February off with a bang!

You read that right. We will be venturing across the water for a special weekend event!

Join us on Saturday, February 2nd at The Point at Phoebus starting at 6:00pm for dinner, drinks, fun, and liberal company! (Don't worry, Southside folks, it's *just* barely across the water.) ;)

Who knows? Depending on how folks are feeling, maybe we'll make an evening of it and check out the historic Phoebus district after dinner and see what Olde Towne Tavern or Six Little Bar Bistro are all about!

I'd also like to announce that Drinking Liberally Hampton Roads' official home is Croc's 19th Street Bistro!

Join us on the first Thursday of every month, a.k.a Thirstday, starting at 6:00pm (or whenever you can get there) for great specials, delicious food, and the company of some bitchin' beach liberals. Our next meeting will be on Thursday, February 5th.

We will be on the patio where patrons are permitted to smoke, so please take that into consideration. If this poses a problem for you, don't worry! We have many other events throughout the month all over Hampton Roads. :)

NEW! We will be Brunching Liberally on Sunday, February 8th at O'Connor Brewing Company's new location in Park Place as the Waffletina pop-up food truck does their once-a-month brunch event. Join us starting at noon! We will be in the very back of the brewery to the left, there's a little area behind a railing. Please bear with me as this is my first time attempting an event like this.

As always, call or text me if you have questions, get lost, need directions, etc. 757-647-0387

Thanks and hope to see you soon!


Don't forget to check us out on Meetup and Facebook!

TUESDAY: State of the Union watch party with Drinking Liberally

On Tuesday, January 20 at 9:00pm, President Obama will deliver his sixth State of the Union Address.

We'll get together starting at 7:00pm and probably stay long after the President is done speaking so we can discuss every topic, parse every phrase, and Tweet every micdrop. ;)

I've decided to join the OFA folks at Ynot Pizza on Volvo Parkway in Chesapeake for a big group event! Let's be friendly and meet some new people who might have a thing or two in common with us.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please respond to this email or text me at 757-647-0387.

A reminder: when you drink liberally, always drink responsibly!


*5* more Drinking Liberally events in January!

If the winter doldrums have you feeling restless, never fear! Come out and join us for our exciting January events! =)

Wednesday, January 14
  Screening Liberally: "Art and Craft"
  • Where: Naro Cinema, 1507 Colley Ave. Norfolk
  • When: 7:00pm with speakers to follow the film
  Meetup event page here
  Facebook event page here

Thursday, January 15
  Drinking Liberally: VB Restaurant Week Edition
  • Where: Whiskey Kitchen, 2149 General Booth Blvd. VA Beach
  • When: 6:30pm until ???
  Meetup event page here
  Facebook event page here

Wednesday, January 21
  Screening Liberally: "Rosewater"
  • Where: Naro Cinema, 1507 Colley Ave. Norfolk
  • When: 7:00pm with speakers to follow the film
  Meetup event page here
  Facebook event page here

Thursday, January 22
  Drinking Liberally: Norfolk Restaurant Week Edition
  • Where: Big Easy Grill & Oyster Bar, 111 Tazewell St. Norfolk
  • When: 6:30pm until ???
  Meetup event page here
  Facebook event page here

Wednesday, January 28
  Screening Liberally: "The Great Invisible"
  • Where: Naro Cinema, 1507 Colley Ave. Norfolk
  • When: 7:00pm with speakers to follow the film
  Meetup event page here
  Facebook event page here

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please respond to this email or text me at 757-647-0387. I will keep y'all apprised of additional events as they are scheduled.

A reminder: when you drink liberally, always drink responsibly!


Celebrate 2015 with Drinking Liberally!

2014 was a big year.

We saw the number of states supporting marriage equality double from just 18 on January 1, 2014 to 35 states and the District of Columbia today.

It's not perfect, but thanks to the Affordable Care Act, which was largely implemented over the course of 2014, many more Americans have health insurance coverage than before.

Yet we also witnessed many instances in 2014 that prove we are not yet living in a post-racial America. From mind-boggling remarks of former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling to the anger felt by the people of Ferguson, 2014 will go down as one of the most racially divisive in our recent history.

And there's still so much more to discuss.

The tragic Ebola outbreak in Africa, a thaw in relations with Cuba, crazy low oil prices, the rise of Daesh (they call themselves ISIS but they represent neither Islam nor a recognized state), a European spacecraft landing on a fricking comet, an American economy that's thriving (while minimum wage workers do not) and another Bush eyeing the White House (maybe) along with a possible Bernie Sanders run. (Not to mention the ridiculous 2-year sentence for Gov. Ken Doll-er, Bob McDonnell that was handed down today.)

So let's get together and commiserate about our holiday season over a pint. (Or a glass, or a mug, or… well, you get the idea.)

  • Date: Wednesday, January 7
  • Time: Starting at 6:00pm and ending… whenever!
  • Place: Wild Wing Café(1437 Sams Drive, Chesapeake)

To find Wild Wing from Battlefield Blvd, turn into Wal-Mart Way, then turn right on Sam's Circle until you get to the end. Turn right into the parking lot and you will see Wild Wing Café on the left side of the shopping center. Give me a call on my cell phone at 757-647-0387 if you get lost.

Here are the specials:

(BTW, I'm still aggressively searching for a place DL can call home permanently, so if you have suggestions I'd love to hear them!) :)

Happy New Year!


DL Holiday Happy Hour Thursday!

Join us this Thursday, December 11th at Harold's Restaurant on Virginia Beach Boulevard between Barnes & Noble and Town Center starting around 6:00pm and going until???? Whenever! :)

They will also have $2 off large pizzas and $3 off burgers. (Due to state law, he couldn't tell me the drink specials over the phone. Thanks, Commonwealth of Virginia!)

The reservation is under my name for 10 people (separate checks) with gratuity added. He mentioned an area with couches that sounds pretty cool, so we might end up there.

This event is open to DL members and their guests so invite your friends!

It may not be the most wonderful time of the year for many folks—especially with so much sadness and hurt in the news—so let's get together as friends and fellow liberals to enjoy each other's company and try to make the season a tiny bit brighter.

And don't forget to love liberally.

- Heather

Quick Drinking Liberally December Update!

Greetings, fellow liberals!

Join us tomorrow night, Thursday December 4th, at The Porch at Whole Foods for Beer School! This week they are featuring a flight of abbey ales, so don't miss it! The cost is only $6.50 per person. Be sure to arrive early to buy your ticket and get a seat. (If you get there before the rest of us, try to save some space together.) And don't forget your ID!

Next Wednesday December 10th is Non-Fiction Film Series night at The Naro Cinema in Ghent! We'll be screening "Citizen Four" with discussion to follow afterward at the theater for those who wish to stick around and probably at a bar for those who don't. We will also probably be meeting around 6:30pm before the show at No Frill Grill so we can all walk over together at 7pm.

We will also be getting together at our usual time next Thursday, December 11th. The venue has not yet been determined, so stay tuned!

If you have a question, can't find me, or need directions, please reply to this email or call/text my cell at 757-647-0387.

Thanks, my Drinking Liberally friends and family!


Drinking Liberally This Thursday in Chesapeake!

Post-election greetings, fellow liberals!

Join us at The Greene Turtle at Greenbrier Mall (1401 Greenbrier Pkwy #2260 Chesapeake, VA 23320) this Thursday for our regular "happy hour" meeting. We'll be conducting a post-mortem on the midterms, as well as discussing other upcoming events, DL and otherwise.

You can find us in the party room anytime after 6:00pm, you can't miss us! Come enjoy some great food and drink, as well as the warm company of your fellow liberal compatriots. :)

We can have an "open mic" if any of you have stuff you'd like to talk about or inform the group of, whether it's a current news item, upcoming event, or something you think DL'ers might be interested in!

As always, if you have suggestions for regular Drinking Liberally happy hours or you'd like to host an event, don't hesitate to suggest it on our Meetup page or our Facebook group.

See you then!

- Heather Hawkins