Drinking Liberally Virginia Beach Chapter Blog

January 2014 Drinking Liberally Newsletter

Happy New Year, Liberal Drinkers!

We have lots of exciting things coming up this month. Check them out!

  • Drinking Liberally Norfolk's regular monthly happy hour is tomorrow Tuesday, January 14th starting at 6:00pm at UNO Chicago Grill in Norfolk.
  • Drinking Liberally Virginia Beach's regular monthly happy hour is Thursday, January 23rd starting at 6:00pm at Croc's 19th Street Bistro.

**We will begin hosting some "extracurricular" activities this month as well, including a DL Peninsula meeting, as well as a DL Chesapeake meeting. If you live nearby and would like to be included, please respond to this email with your preferred days of the week.**

Since January also plays host to TWO restaurant weeks, we would like to gauge interest on our Facebook page in holding a DL special event at a participating restaurant. If a restaurant/date/time is selected, the information will be posted as an event to both our Facebook page as well as our Meetup page.

  • January 12th through 19th is Virginia Beach Restaurant Week. Find a full listing of participating restaurants here.
  • Norfolk Restaurant Week is January 19th through 26th. A list of participating restaurants, as well as some sample menus, may be found here.

Also starting in January…

Yes! We have amassed enough interest among our members in hosting films for our liberal brethren that we have decided to schedule movie nights! These events are for all DL members, but especially for those who can't come out during the week or who might feel left out of the "drinking" part of Drinking Liberally because they don't imbibe.

The first Screening Liberally evening will be held at the end of this month at my home in Chesapeake. Right now I'm looking at showing either "The House I Live In" about America's war on drugs, or "Wal*Mart: The High Cost of Low Price" about the giant retailer's detrimental effect on America, the economy, and society as a whole. If these films interest you, or if you have suggestions for other films we can watch, keep an eye out for an event page to be posted to our Facebook and Meetup groups.

That's all for now, hope to see you all tomorrow at UNO's!

- Heather

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!!

This was a huge year for our Drinking Liberally group. We had some fun events, some great ideas, and we met a lot of fantastic new people! I have high hopes for next year and I can't wait to see where it takes us. :)

Happy New Year! See you in 2014!

December Diversion tonight at Uno Chicago Norfolk!

Meeting Tonight!

It's the 2nd Tuesday, so you know what that means… we'll be getting together in the bar area at Uno Chicago Grill on VB Blvd in Norfolk near JANAF! Folks will start showing up around 6:00pm, but as always, come when you can and leave when you must! We'd love to see you.

Also, we're hammering out the details for this month's VB meeting since, like last month, it falls right around a holiday. The preliminary plan is to hold the meeting the previous week on Thursday (December 19) but stay tuned to our Facebook and Meetup pages for more details!

See you tonight! :)

Drinking Liberally November Events

Welcome to the post-election world, ladies and gents! Bet you're happy to finally have made it here. No more phone calls, no more ads interrupting your YouTube playlists, no more living in fear that Ken "The Cooch" Cuccinelli was going to rule over the Old Dominion. ;)

As always happens on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, we will be having our Norfolk happy hour tonight! We meet in the bar area of UNO Chicago Grill in Norfolk on Virginia Beach Blvd starting around 6:00pm and usually wrapping up at about 9:00pm. We've got some new faces and some regulars slated to show up, so it should be a fun and lively crowd! (Check out the Meetup page and the Facebook page for this event.)

And since our usual 4th Thursday meeting falls on Thanksgiving in November, we're having our Virginia Beach event the week prior, on Thursday November 21st instead. I've booked the party room at Gordon Biersch since we've had such a great turnout there for events in the past. They're waiving the food order minimum for us (since we're Drinking Liberally lol!) just remember to take good care of your servers! (Here are the Meetup and Facebook pages for this event as well.)

There will also be a few more First Look Film Forum events at the Naro on upcoming Sundays. This is a special event where they screen first run films, followed by a group discussion about the film and its subjects. There is breakfast provided by Yorgo's Bageldashery beforehand as well. Find out more here.

And as always, when you Drink Liberally, always drink responsibly!

<3 Heather

TOMORROW: Norfolk Drinking Liberally

Come join us at UNO Chicago Grill tomorrow at 6pm for our October Norfolk meeting!

We will have much to discuss! The Living Liberally Conference! The government shutdown! Talks with Iran! Obamacares! Debt default! And MORE!

Where: 5700 E Virginia Beach Blvd Norfolk, VA 23502
When: 6:00pm - until???
Who: Your fellow progressive pals
Why: Because you know you need a drink and a laugh

Hope to see you there!

Psst! Check out this "secret" message that NWS workers hid in a recent weather report…

Drinking Liberally Special Event @ Gordon Biersch

Join us TOMORROW, Wednesday October 2nd at 6:00pm at Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant on Virginia Beach Boulevard in the Town Center complex.

We'll be discussing topics including -- but not limited to:

      • The government shutdown (of course!)
      • The 2013 Living Liberally conference wrap-up
      • The impending Virginia gubernatorial election
      • The light rail referendum
      AND MORE!!

There will be appetizers, drink specials, lots of great discussions, giveaways, maybe even a special guest!

Don't miss it! See ya there!


DL: September Fundraising Update

Here's what the group's financials look like so far this year.

We've received 12 donations totaling $102.43 and I've spent $517 on prizes, new business cards, a round-trip flight to the LLL conference, and 2 nights in a hotel for the conference. (I got a third night free because I'm crashing with a friend and I got a complicated plane ticket with a 2 day layover to save $100 on airfare.)

I'll be bringing back from the conference not only tons of valuable and interesting information, but also the giveaways they always have-- t-shirts, buttons, stickers, books, magazines, hats, ties, you name it!

I'm not trying to make money off of this, but as those of you who know my financial situation are aware, I'm not trying to go broke on it either. :) I'd love to be able to do more activities as a group and buy things for meetings, but we just don't have any funds set aside yet.

Since each of you can only throw in but so many bucks, if you have ideas for fundraisers we could do or people we could get in touch with who might help sponsor our group, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I'm all ears. :)

If you want to take a look at our group's account, here's the link: http://www.meetup.com/Drinking-Liberally-HRVA/money

Thank you for all you do for this group!

- Heather

TONIGHT: DL Norfolk + Obama Speech + Living Liberally Conference Update!

Come hang out with us at UNO Chicago Grill at JANAF Shopping Center tonight starting at 6:00pm until whenever! Snack Hour is from 4pm to 7pm = half off appetizers too. :) Come when you can, leave when you want, just be there!

UNO Chicago Grill
5700 E Virginia Beach Blvd
Norfolk, Virginia
(757) 466-0923

DON'T FORGET: the 4th Thursday this month will be on September 26th at at Croc's! I will not be attending as I will be traveling on my way to Madison, Wisconsin for the annual Living Liberally Leaders Conference. If you all have ideas, suggestions, questions, concerns, ANYTHING you want me to relay to the national team or ask any of the other chapter leaders, just let me know! Thanks to Scott and Stephanie in advance for hosting for me. :)

Join us TONIGHT for Norfolk Drinking Liberally!

Come hang out with us at UNO Chicago Grill at JANAF Shopping Center tonight starting at 6:00pm until whenever! Come when you can, leave when you want, just be there!

According to the manager, the covered outdoor patio is already reserved at 7pm for a VPA board meeting or something, so we'll most likely be by the indoor bar. Snack Hour is from 4pm to 7pm = half off appetizers too. :)

UNO Chicago Grill
5700 E Virginia Beach Blvd
Norfolk, Virginia
(757) 466-0923

And don't forget… 2nd Tuesday is this week but 4th Thursday is only next week, so we'll be at Croc's! Thanks to Scott and Stephanie in advance for hosting for me. :)

Stay tuned for possible special events! We had a great time at Gordon Biersch last month, I'd love to hear from y'all if/when you'd like to meet there again, or if you have any other ideas for places we can hang out!

Join us TONIGHT for a Drinking Liberally special event!

First of all, thanks to everyone who came out to Pasha Mezze last Tuesday for our regularly-scheduled Norfolk DL gathering. There were about 7 of us there and a couple of new faces! It was decided that although the food was delicious and the staff was polite and welcoming, the prices were a bit steep. So we're still on the lookout for a new Norfolk hangout! If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in our Facebook group or suggest a Meetup.

Now join us tonight at Gordon Biersch in Virginia Beach's Town Center for a special event! GB recently remodeled their party room and they want to show it off by hosting our group for a little midweek/midmonth R&R. They will be providing a selection of complimentary appetizers and there are happy hour specials and lots of other delicious food and drink for you to try!

And don't forget — next week is our regular VB get-together! Join us at Croc's 19th Street Bistro. Hopefully we will be able to use the covered patio, but I'll let you know how that goes! Otherwise, we will be inside, straight back by the bar. (The happy hour specials don't apply to patrons in the dining room, unfortunately.)

And as always, if you have any ideas or suggestions for locations or events, feel free to post them up or simply reply to this email and we'll see what we can work out.

Thanks, everyone! See you tonight. :)

- Heather