Drinking Liberally Bellingham Chapter Blog

Wed, 23rd

Hi Folks,

Sorry for late notice, but this Wed is the 4th of the month, so we'll be back at it, at Rumors @ 7:30.
Polecat is playing on Bay Street, so I may be a bit late, but I'll be there.
You too?

Sunset Special

The sunsets from our drinking liberally station at Rumors are especially brilliant these days. As are the conversations. Not to mention the $2.00 drinks and other bar specials. Be sure to check it out this Wed, 7:30PM.All welcome!

Rumored Meeting

We'll be at it again this Wednesday, 28May, @ 7:30 at Rumors, 1119 Railroad Ave, next to Boundary Bay Brewery.
I recommend arriving early. Drinks are only $2.00 until 9 (when the price doubles).
We had a warm welcome for our first meeting here on the 14th. C'mon down!

Rumors Has It

I hope all of you are looking forward to enjoying a spectacular sunset from our "ringside" seats at Rumors Cabaret this Wednesday, the 14th, 7:30PM. The views are great, the drinks are cheap and the conversations will be electric/eclectic: 1119 Railroad Ave; back right-hand corner. See y'all there.

Next Month

Changes are in the wind.

Our next session is three weeks from today: Wed, 14May.

We will be meeting at the same old time: 7:30PM, but at a new site:

Rumors Cabaret at 1119 Railroad.
(Rumors is just over a block south of the Horseshoe and just north of Boundary Bay Brewery.)

Rumors offers better and flexible seating/standing options for enhancing communication and beautiful sunset views for the more contemplative. The drinks are very cheap.

One downside: No food is served at Rumors. But we are permitted to bring food in and there are many options for that within one block.

So, pencil it in: Rumors, 14May.

That Time Again

OK everybody; we gather again this Wed, 7:30 at the Horseshoe. We do not have any "known unknowns" expected this week. But we will be discussing a change of venue, so if you want to have input, put in an appearance.
See y'all then.

Exciting News

Hey gang, next Wednesday, 9April at Horseshoe, we have 2 (count 'em!)Two exciting guests coming to DL: Both our reps in Oly: Jeff Morris (first visit) and Kris Lytton (2nd visit). (If you were in attendance for Kris' first visit last year, you probably remember what good fun she is.)

This will be your chance to ask questions, make points and just enjoy some first hand, down-home democracy.

Please put it on your calendar NOW, Horseshoe, 7:30, Wed, 9April.

Spring Now!

OK, gang,

I'm back from FL and can report, thankfully, no need to stand my ground this time.

But it is time for our first real spring session, 7:30 Wed. at the Horseshoe. I'm hoping Tara, our legislature "insider" will be our special guest and fill us in on some of the dirt in Oly. Tara? I'm buying at least one.

Also hoping to see the rest of you there.

Time again

Hey everybody,
It's time to meet again for drinks and comraderie, Wed @ 7:30, the Horseshoe.
I do not suffer from SAD, but, sad to say, I am taking off and heading to FL for a week with family. I promise, the weather has nothing to do with it.
Bob Burr has promised to hold forth in my absence, so do not hesitate to show up Wed. Raise one for me, pls.

White Out!

Hey gang,

Don't be intimidated by the white stuff. We'll reconvene again this Wed. at the Horseshoe. Wade on down.

One issue likely to be discussed is whether Bellingham's meager snow removal resources have been disproportionally marshalled to clean streets between city hall and Mayor Linville's house.