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That Time Again

OK everybody; we gather again this Wed, 7:30 at the Horseshoe. We do not have any "known unknowns" expected this week. But we will be discussing a change of venue, so if you want to have input, put in an appearance.
See y'all then.

Exciting News

Hey gang, next Wednesday, 9April at Horseshoe, we have 2 (count 'em!)Two exciting guests coming to DL: Both our reps in Oly: Jeff Morris (first visit) and Kris Lytton (2nd visit). (If you were in attendance for Kris' first visit last year, you probably remember what good fun she is.)

This will be your chance to ask questions, make points and just enjoy some first hand, down-home democracy.

Please put it on your calendar NOW, Horseshoe, 7:30, Wed, 9April.

Spring Now!

OK, gang,

I'm back from FL and can report, thankfully, no need to stand my ground this time.

But it is time for our first real spring session, 7:30 Wed. at the Horseshoe. I'm hoping Tara, our legislature "insider" will be our special guest and fill us in on some of the dirt in Oly. Tara? I'm buying at least one.

Also hoping to see the rest of you there.

Time again

Hey everybody,
It's time to meet again for drinks and comraderie, Wed @ 7:30, the Horseshoe.
I do not suffer from SAD, but, sad to say, I am taking off and heading to FL for a week with family. I promise, the weather has nothing to do with it.
Bob Burr has promised to hold forth in my absence, so do not hesitate to show up Wed. Raise one for me, pls.

White Out!

Hey gang,

Don't be intimidated by the white stuff. We'll reconvene again this Wed. at the Horseshoe. Wade on down.

One issue likely to be discussed is whether Bellingham's meager snow removal resources have been disproportionally marshalled to clean streets between city hall and Mayor Linville's house.

Wed, 12th

Hi kids,

You guessed it. The liberal drinkers will convene again this Wed at the Horseshoe.

Many of you who are on this email list have yet to make a personal appearance, so I am giving you (you know who you are!) a special "shout-out" and encouragement to join the rest of us this week. It promises to be a rainy, but not snowy, night: perfect for some warm and wet comfort.
We get started @ 7:30PM.

So! We Meet Again!

This Wednesday,22nd, 7:30PM at the Shoe.

News from Tara, "our" legislative aide in Oly, has Rep. Jeff Morris interested in joining us after the legislature recesses in March. Date TBA, but it is not too early to prepare your questions.

To toast the New Year

We'll meet for first time in '14, this Wed, 7:30 at Horseshoe. Hope many of you will be sufficiently recovered from the hollydays to renew our liberal fellowship.

Xmas Cheers

Hey gang,
This week marks our last chance to get together this year. (The 4th Wednesday of December falls on Xmas Day, so ...fahgeddabowtit.)

This week brings a chance to bid farewell to our own Tara Nelson who will be leaving us in January. Tara is heading south for the winter, to Olympia, where she has landed a job as legislative aide to State Rep. Jeff Morris. Please, everyone, come congratulate Tara, help celebrate her success and wish her luck.
(We can look forward to Tara's return sometime next spring, unless she gets appointed to a justice department position or some State Commission.)

And if you have any even passably decent last minute gifting ideas, I'll be all ears! (Or eyes.)
See you Wed, as usual, 7:30 at the Horseshoe.

We did it! The Muslims Are Coming!

We did it!

Not only did we sell the minimum number of 67 tickets required to bring The Muslims Are Coming! to Bellingham, we completely sold out the event! Thank you, everyone, for making this happen!

As of now, Tugg.com should have already emailed you your tickets for Thursday's showing. You'll need to print them or be able to pull it up on your smart phone at the theater. If you haven't gotten them, please email me ASAP and I will try to track them down for you.

If all else fails, or if you don't have a printer, simply bring your ID to the theater on Thursday and we'll figure it out. You'll need it to buy drinks, anyway. ;)

What: The Muslims Are Coming! (a film)
When: Thursday, November 14th
Where: PFC's Limelight Cinema
Time: 6:30 p.m.

For more information, visit http://themuslimsarecoming.com

See you all this Thursday!

~Tara Nelson
Drinking Liberally Bellingham