Drinking Liberally Bellingham Chapter Blog

Hoppy New Year

Hi kids,

We all set to usher in 2015 w/ cheers at Horseshoe, 7:30 this Wednesday, the 14th.

Hope to see you there/then.

Xmas Eve

Hi kids,
Our opportunities to share holiday cheers are mightily limited by the calndar this year. This Wednesday, the 10th, is about it for 2014. Our next regularly scheduled (4th) Wed falls on xmas eve, so ... well, most of us will be drinking egg nog at home.
So come on down to the Horseshoe on the 10th, 7:30PM, and we'll kiss off year 2014 w/ seasonal gusto.

Happy Turkeyday

Dear Hamsters,
Just a quick note to put your minds at ease: we'll not be meeting this next Wed, Thanksgiving Eve.
Enjoy your turkeys, and the food.
Put the next dl meeting on your Dec. Calendar: Wed, 10th.

Wed at Horseshoe

12 November is second Wednesday and first DL of this month.
We'll be abck at the Horseshoe, 7:30. Maybe we'll be licking wounds after last week's election results. Or drowning them.
Anyway, we need to re-visit our venue choices as the 'Shoe comedy program, despite the efforts of Bob Burr, produces many more groans than horse laughs.
Dear god, spare me, please.

Wed at Horseshoe

Our return to the Horseshoe was marked by the return of some long-missed former regulars as well as a few new faces. We'll be there again this week, Wed the 22nd, 7:30PM.
This will be our last pre-election gathering, your last chance to make a pitch, if that's your thing.


OK, folks,
We're going back to the Horseshoe this week. They have comedy at @ 10:00PM these days, so that segue should be smooth.

See you all at the 'Shoe, Ranch Room, in back. It'll be just like old times.

Wind Change

OK, kids,
Sorry for this tardy reminder, but we'll still be drinking liberally this Wed (4Th one of the month, as usual), 7:30PM.

BUT, last time a quorum of die hard loyalists voted to return to a former old haunt. So this week we'll be at the

Bellingham Bar and Grill, 1408 Cornwall, next to the Limelight Theater.

The Bar & Grill features liberal pours at low prices and decent food as well. And what happens there Wednesdays @ 9:00 PM ... should stay there.

C U Wed!


YES, everybody, we will meet tonight, 7:30, at Rumors.
See you there!


YES, everybody, we will meet tonight, 7:30, at Rumors.
See you there!

Sunset Wed.

OK, folks,

Last couple of drinking liberally sunsets are upon us. This Wed, 7:30 at Rumors, for sure.
FYI, I personlly am in "retirement mode". We need new blood/ideas to keep this worthwhile gathering viable & vibrant. It can be taken in almost any direction.
Are YOU up for it?