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Gathering Reminder

Hi Gang,

In last week's gubernatorial debate, Nikki Haley said that not one of the CEOs she's talked to has complained about the confederate flag flying on our statehouse grounds. So one can assume that she's into this "corporations are people" thing big time. Can we hope that these same CEOs start complaining about our roads, education system, health care, lack of a competent workforce to face the challenges of the jobs that are available? Maybe this Citizens United debacle could work to our advantage.

So there's another debate Tuesday and the following Tuesday one between Jill Bossi, Tim Scott, and Joyce Dickerson. Then the week after that it's election day results party. The next few weeks will be interesting.

DL Spartanburg gathers Tuesday Oct. 21st, 6:00 PM at The Nu-Way. Verbalize your thoughts over a pint or two at the table Tuesday.

There's Always Hope,

Al, Kevin, Diane, and Cass

Gathering Reminder Update

Hi Gang,

The debate starts at 7:00 PM instead of 7:30 PM as previously mentioned. sorry for the mistake. ac

Gathering Reminder

Hi Gang,

We would like to welcome Linda to our gathering. It was good to meet her last week and hope to see her again in the weeks and years to come!

It's Debate Night Again!! Tuesday Haley and Sheheen will hold their first debate which will be televised starting at 7:30 PM. It's always great to view these with a bunch of Hoo-Hawers, Pooh-Poohers, mixed with shouts of "Right On" aplenty. Come join us.

DL's contribution to The Nu-Way menu has grown considerably! Thank you all for your help. In addition to The DL Progressive Platter, The DL THC, The DL Bernie Burger, and The DL Left Wings, we can add:

THE DL Anthony Weiner

The DL Sloppy Joe Biden

The DL Michelle Garden Salad

The DL Appalachian Trail Mix

The DL Pork Barrel Special (Pigs in a Blanket)

The DL Freedom Sampler

This is by no means all of the super suggestions from last week. We'll try to take some time Tuesday to refine the recipes before we submit them to Beckie.

If there's nothing on your mind, let us know how you did that! Share the mellowness please. DL Spartanburg gathers Tuesday Oct. 14th, 6:00 PM at The Nu-Way. See you there.

Thank You!

Cass, Kevin, Diane, And Al

Gathering Reminder

Hi Gang,

Becky, the owner of The u-Way, as asked us to create some food fare for the new menu. This is a great opportunity for us to use our creative talent. Could the new items be:

THE BERNIE BURGER--Pure and simple with a bit of bite.
Veggie burger,pimento cheese, jalapenos on an onion

Tomato, humus and cheese sandwich on rye

LEFT WINGS--Your favorite wings but with a lean. Served with a liberal side of blue cheese dressing for dipping.

THE PROGRESSIVE PLATTER--Appetizer plate with your favorite finger food thingies (serves six?)

This could be fun, let's talk about it. Remember if we create something, we should be willing to eat it. And of course there is much more to cuss and discuss. Share your point of view and a pint or two Tuesday with like-leaning liberal friends.

DL Spartanburg gathers Tuesday Oct. 7th, 6:00 PM at The Nu-Way. See you there,

Live Long and Prosper

Al, Kevin,, Cass, and Diane

Gathering Reminder

Hi Gang,

The mid-term election is just a bit over a month away, time to take a close look at what's on the ballot. You can go to scvotes.org and click on "get my sample ballot". After entering your name and date of birth, a sample ballot specific to your precinct will be available to read and print.It's pretty slick and an easy way to get better informed.

Last week Al had a routine visit with his doctor, a good man with a conservative slant on things. For some reason, discussion about politics and the general state of the world always seems to happen. It appears that he is just as frustrated as we are about all that needs to be done in our country. And he does have some interesting opinions about our fight with ISIS. Full story on Tuesday.

DL Spartanburg gathers Tuesday September 30th, 6:00 PM at The Nu-Way. Bring your suggestions, stories, thoughts and opinions to the table, we'll talk.

Al, Diane, Cass, and Kevin

Gathering Reminder

Hi Gang,

This reminder is coming out early as your hosts will be at a National Conference over the weekend. We want to welcome Nancy and Christopher to our group. It was a pleasure to meet them and hope that they will be with us in the weeks and years to come.

The Korean War, the Cold War, the Vietnam Conflict, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, can you think of any time that you felt you were at peace?

DL Spartanburg gathers Tuesday September 23rd, 6:00 PM at The Nu-Way. Bring your thoughts to the table, we'll talk.

Peace will prevail,

Cass, Diane, Al, and Kevin

Gathering Reminder

Hi Gang,

The good news is that the Upstate Pride March was a huge success with an estimated 4000 people participating! DL's Sidewalk Group grew a bit this year also. And we heard from some of our friends who marched that they really appreciated the support we shouted out to them. There were about 20 DL members participating last Saturday in some form, thank you all!!

Another item of good news, depending on your slant, is that Bernie Sanders is considering running for President, either as a democrat or independent. We've all heard his speeches and know his thoughts, would you like to see him as your President? What are your thoughts?

The move to amend the Constitution to reverse Citizen's United has tanked in the House. That's the bad news, or at least some of it coming out of last week. We have this war against ISIS. Mark Sanford and Sarah Palin, who gives a flip?

These and other interesting topics can be discussed Tuesday. So Bring your thoughts to the table, we'll talk.

DL Spartanburg gathers Tuesday Sept. 16th, 6:00 PM at The Nu-Way. See you there.

Peace please, and thank you,

Al, Diane, Kevin, and Cass

Gathering Reminder

Hi Gang,

There's another interesting week ahead. On Monday Sept. 8, 2014, the U.S. Senate will vote on a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizen's United.This is a big first step but there will be more to do, depending on the outcome of the senate vote. This gives us all an opportunity to learn the process involved in overturning a Supreme Court decision.

The City of Spartanburg Pride March is happening Saturday Sept. 13, 2014. A first for this year is that the City Chamber of Commerce will raise the Rainbow Flag for 48 hours at their offices on Pine Street! This is big, and should make everyone proud of their fair city. So dig out your DL tee shirt and join your liberal friends as we support our neighbors. The parade starts at 11:00 AM but you should be there no later than 10:30. You can march or join together and cheer from the sidewalk. We'll meet up at the main entrance of Barnett Park at 10:30 AM. After hanging around for awhile at the Park after the march, we can go out for a beer and snack on Morgan Square if you like. Hope to see you all there.

Last week the decision was made to donate $100.00 from the Absolutely Non-Obligatory Contribution Jar to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). That will be done this week. Thank You!

Over the last six years your hosts have received many positive comments about DL Spartanburg, who we are and what we stand for and do in our community. We are a gathering of wonderful, caring people. Be proud to be liberal!

Strive to do good things,

Al, Kevin, Cass, and Diane

Gathering Reminder

Hi Gang,

First, just a couple of reminders: tickets for The Book of Mormon at The Peace Center should be available to the general public Sept. 1st, Monday. Try to get tickets for the Saturday, Nov. 15th evening performance (8:00 PM). We will do a before and/or after party, probably both, and make it a fun road trip.

The Spartanburg Pride March happens Sept. 13th, Saturday. Your DL Chapter has supported this event for the last 4 years with our participation in the march. Last year we decided to show our support along the parade route with our banner and tee shirts, and kazoos, cow bell, just anything to make it more festive. It's a lonely walk with no sidewalk support. So mark the date. More information to follow. We'll party after of course.

Russia into Ukraine, looking like an invasion. Any thoughts? Bring those thoughts, and anything else you're thinking about to the table Tuesday, we'll talk.

DL Spartanburg gathers Tuesday September 2nd, 6:00 PM at The Nu-Way. See you there.

"Walk together, talk together...."

Al, Cass, Kevin, and Diane

Special Notice

Hi Gang,

This is just to clarify what we know about getting tickets for The Book of Mormon at The Peace Center. Tickets will be available Sept. 1st. Try to get tickets for the Nov. 15th, 8 PM performance, Saturday. Be quick, the performance will sell out fast.

Once you have your tickets, let us know and we'll arrange a before and maybe after party in downtown Greenville for all of us who need no excuse at all to have fun.

Go for it!! You won't be disappointed.

AC, DC, CC, & KJ