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Gathering Reminder

Hi Gang,

The good news is that the Upstate Pride March was a huge success with an estimated 4000 people participating! DL's Sidewalk Group grew a bit this year also. And we heard from some of our friends who marched that they really appreciated the support we shouted out to them. There were about 20 DL members participating last Saturday in some form, thank you all!!

Another item of good news, depending on your slant, is that Bernie Sanders is considering running for President, either as a democrat or independent. We've all heard his speeches and know his thoughts, would you like to see him as your President? What are your thoughts?

The move to amend the Constitution to reverse Citizen's United has tanked in the House. That's the bad news, or at least some of it coming out of last week. We have this war against ISIS. Mark Sanford and Sarah Palin, who gives a flip?

These and other interesting topics can be discussed Tuesday. So Bring your thoughts to the table, we'll talk.

DL Spartanburg gathers Tuesday Sept. 16th, 6:00 PM at The Nu-Way. See you there.

Peace please, and thank you,

Al, Diane, Kevin, and Cass

Gathering Reminder

Hi Gang,

There's another interesting week ahead. On Monday Sept. 8, 2014, the U.S. Senate will vote on a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizen's United.This is a big first step but there will be more to do, depending on the outcome of the senate vote. This gives us all an opportunity to learn the process involved in overturning a Supreme Court decision.

The City of Spartanburg Pride March is happening Saturday Sept. 13, 2014. A first for this year is that the City Chamber of Commerce will raise the Rainbow Flag for 48 hours at their offices on Pine Street! This is big, and should make everyone proud of their fair city. So dig out your DL tee shirt and join your liberal friends as we support our neighbors. The parade starts at 11:00 AM but you should be there no later than 10:30. You can march or join together and cheer from the sidewalk. We'll meet up at the main entrance of Barnett Park at 10:30 AM. After hanging around for awhile at the Park after the march, we can go out for a beer and snack on Morgan Square if you like. Hope to see you all there.

Last week the decision was made to donate $100.00 from the Absolutely Non-Obligatory Contribution Jar to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). That will be done this week. Thank You!

Over the last six years your hosts have received many positive comments about DL Spartanburg, who we are and what we stand for and do in our community. We are a gathering of wonderful, caring people. Be proud to be liberal!

Strive to do good things,

Al, Kevin, Cass, and Diane

Gathering Reminder

Hi Gang,

First, just a couple of reminders: tickets for The Book of Mormon at The Peace Center should be available to the general public Sept. 1st, Monday. Try to get tickets for the Saturday, Nov. 15th evening performance (8:00 PM). We will do a before and/or after party, probably both, and make it a fun road trip.

The Spartanburg Pride March happens Sept. 13th, Saturday. Your DL Chapter has supported this event for the last 4 years with our participation in the march. Last year we decided to show our support along the parade route with our banner and tee shirts, and kazoos, cow bell, just anything to make it more festive. It's a lonely walk with no sidewalk support. So mark the date. More information to follow. We'll party after of course.

Russia into Ukraine, looking like an invasion. Any thoughts? Bring those thoughts, and anything else you're thinking about to the table Tuesday, we'll talk.

DL Spartanburg gathers Tuesday September 2nd, 6:00 PM at The Nu-Way. See you there.

"Walk together, talk together...."

Al, Cass, Kevin, and Diane

Special Notice

Hi Gang,

This is just to clarify what we know about getting tickets for The Book of Mormon at The Peace Center. Tickets will be available Sept. 1st. Try to get tickets for the Nov. 15th, 8 PM performance, Saturday. Be quick, the performance will sell out fast.

Once you have your tickets, let us know and we'll arrange a before and maybe after party in downtown Greenville for all of us who need no excuse at all to have fun.

Go for it!! You won't be disappointed.

AC, DC, CC, & KJ

Gathering Reminder

Hi Gang,

The Chulick clan received a post from a friend living in Santa Rosa, California, close to the Napa Valley. The earthquake certainly did wake her up, and her first thought was, "please let it be an earthquake, I can't afford an exorcist". Positive thoughts go out to all those who are injured, and who's lives have been disrupted.

As of Sunday evening ticket sales for The Book of Mormon at The Peace Center are still not happening. If you're interested in going, and who wouldn't be, try to get tickets for the 8:00 PM performance November 15th, Saturday. Keep searching The Book of Mormon Tour on the net. You won't regret it. We can all party and discuss before and after.

So you all know what you know, some of us know what we don't know, a lot of us don't know what we know or don't know. So bring what you know to the table and share.

DL Spartanburg gathers Tuesday August 26th, 6:00 PM at The Nu-Way. Bring your thoughts to the table, we'll talk.

Diane, Cass, Al, and Kevin

Gathering Reminder

Hi Gang,

Yea! Governor Haley signed into law legislation that allows us to buy liquor on election days. Boo! This law shifted the ban to another day---Christmas day. Understanding why the election day ban was in effect, this shifting thing just doesn't make any sense. Surely liquor store owners do not see this as such a good idea. This bit of information was posted on The Statehouse Report, a weekly newsletter coming out of Columbia. If you haven't already, go to: brack@statehousereport.com and sign up, it's free and full of wonderful information.


Bring your thoughts to the table Tuesday, we'll talk.

DL Spartanburg gathers Tuesday August 19th, 6:00 PM at The Nu-Way. See you there,

Al, Diane, Cass, and Kevin

Gathering Reminder

Hi Gang,

We have two new friends to welcome this week. Sue and David found us through "Spartanburg Underground" a publication about what's happening in and around Spartanburg. If you haven't read the article yet, the book can be found at The Hub City Book Store. It was good getting to know Sue and David, and hope to see them again in the weeks and years to come.

The mid-term elections will be held in three months. We would like to invite some candidates to our gatherings in the near future to talk to us, and let us talk to them. We'll work on that, but if any of you have contact with anyone who you think might like to give us a little talk, on any subject, give us a name and contact information, we'll contact them and set it up.

IRAQ---bring your thoughts to the table Tuesday, we'll talk. DL Spartanburg gathers Tuesday August 12th, 6:00 PM at The Nu-Way. See you there.

Thank you for making DL Spartanburg what it is,

Cass, Diane, Al, and Kevin

Gathering Reminder

Hi Gang,

It's always a good week when we have new friends join us at the table. This week we welcome Greg, Frances, and Richard to our gathering. We had a wonderful time getting to know them last week and look forward to their company in the weeks and years to come.

We're free thinking folk, and sometimes it's hard for us as a group to actually make a decision. We even have trouble deciding on how to arrange tables sometimes. But maybe we could make an effort to decide what you want to do with the money in The Absolutely Non-Obligatory Contribution Jar this week. So far we have The Rape Crisis Center, Safe Home Haven, Hatcher Gardens, and Jamison Smith Fund. Everyone has a voice in this, so if you know of a project that could benefit from our support, please bring that info to the table.

For those of us who wanted to get a group together to take in the performance of "The Book of Mormon" at the Peace Center, we have hit a snag. We don't have enough people interested to arrange a group rate. We'll talk about this Tuesday, we may not be sitting together, but we can party before and after together!
Things are happening. There seems to be a positive attitude toward the legalization of marijuana going around for medical and recreational use. And the right to marry the one you love and be welcomed into the system seems to be coming around. There is a change in the air.

Bring your good news to the table Tuesday, we can handle not so good news also, we'll talk.

DL Spartanburg gathers Tuesday August 5th, 6:00 PM at The New Way. See you there.

Always be hopeful,

Al, Diane, Cass, and Kevin

Gathering Reminder

Hi Gang,

At least four of our members attended the Unity Rally Against Hatred Saturday in Greenville. We can look forward to hearing of their experiences. The press was very positive, reporting that there were over 400 people in attendance.

The South Carolina election for governor is getting a bit more interesting with new candidates jumping into the fray. So it's time to ask our members two questions: who do you think our next governor will be, and who do you want our next governor to be. This can be ongoing until October 1st, so you have time to give it some thought. We'll start collecting data at our next gathering Tuesday, and every Tuesday thereafter until October. It could be fun.

A big shout-out goes to all that have kept up our new tradition of bringing our own beer mugs/glasses/cups to The Nu-Way each week to cut down on the plastic that's going into our landfills. It's not that hard, just designate one special vessel to travel with you on Tuesday. Put in your trunk then put on the table Tuesday to be filled with the house brew.

HOT VODKA TUESDAY is happening this week. Wanda has had some vodka fermenting with maybe hot chile peppers? Don't quite know, but she has offered to share it with us. It might be a good idea if we had some crackers and cheese to go along with this exciting tasting experience, so bring some if you can, just to make it through the night.

DL Spartanburg gathers Tuesday July 29th, 6:00 PM at The Nu-Way. Bring your thoughts to the Table, we'll talk.

With much appreciation for all you do to make DL Spartanburg successful:

Diane, Al, Kevin, and Cass

Gathering Reminder

Hi Gang,

What a great time we had at Daniel and Donna's Send Off Party. Thank you all for participating. The rain did not stop us! Last post from Daniel was a picture of him surrounded by luggage at the Berlin airport, so we know they have arrived.

We've received a request to mention that the Spartanburg County Democratic Party has a face book page and would like interested parties to join. They are trying to grow their base, so if you're into it, look them up. DL Spartanburg also has a face book page that you can request to join. Both the Spartanburg County Democrats and DL Spartanburg have interesting posts.

The Unity Rally Against Hatred is happening July 26th at the Hughes Main Library in Greenville from 3:30 to 5:30. Bishop Cass welcomes all of us to see if we can't, as humankind, just chill out. (Not his words)

We're still accepting suggestions as to what we all want to do with your money in The Absolutely Non-obligatory Contribution Jar. Any ideas--let us know.

DL Spartanburg gathers Tuesday July 22nd, 6:00 PM at The Nu-Way. Bring your thoughts to the table, we'll talk.

With Gratitude,

Cass, Diane, Kevin, and Al