The Daily Digest

1. Christian Bale arrested. Police were nice enough to wait until after London premiere of Dark Knight.

2. President Bush:
"Wall Street got drunk...and now its got a hangover"

more at ThinkProgress

3. Former advisor to George H.W. Bush schools the Bush Administration on diplomacy: 'Don’t talk about 'do we bomb [Iran] now or later?'…' By using such language 'we legitimize the use of force…and may tempt the Israelis'

Former advisor to President Jimmy Carter said 'I don’t want the public to believe a preemptive attack can be justified'

4. Barack Obama: "A nuclear Iran would pose a grave threat and the world must prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon"

5. Bush Administration thinks power plants do not emit CO2, therefore they should be further deregulated.

6. McCain Campaign Ad: Obama is the reason gas prices are rising, says McCain

7. David Brook's OpEd, The Culture of Debt

8. And one from the backfiles, Naomi Klein's fantastic article on Obama's economic ideology. Liberals be alarmed.