Blogging Liberally: Daily Round-Up

1. Speculating on Obama’s running mate, Republicans are calling former House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt their ultimate VP nightmare. Meanwhile a new poll ranks Gephardt 2nd most favorable running mate. #1 is Colin Powell.

2. Big Brother update: The government is illegally holding certain public records as "state secrets." On the hopeful side, Chief Judge Vaughan Walker just issued an opinion that leaves the case for telecom immunity somewhat undermined.

3. "President Bush Boosts Porn Industry With Economic Stimulus Plan” Supposed to generate jobs, the stimulus plan instead has generated demand for erotica.

4. Living Limbaugh: $400 Million Contract, Gulfstream, Scented Candles, And The "Business" Of Hating Liberals

5. Box office superheroes are a disappointment, some say. superheros

6. According to latest polls, campaigning in Montana is paying off for Obama.

7. Netroots activist Darcy Burner needs help. She's getting some, plus many compliments on her t-shirt.

8. "That's the most stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life." Stephen Baldwin on Fox News – endorses McCain, then unendorses himself.

9. Faceless couple attends Wimbledon. Other faceless people have been spotted. It is still unclear whether this gig is part of a new ad campaign or a grassroots protest.

10. Oil is at $146 a barrel.

11. is now a t-shirt and more historical than you might guess. Paul Thomas Anderson took Plainsview's milkshake speech straight out of a transcript from a 1924 congressional hearing on the Teapot Dome Scandal.