Do More Than Vote 2012

If you have five minutes…

- You can commit to voting and confirm information on where, when and how to cast your ballot

- You can find the most compelling political videos on the web -- arranged by issue, district and candidate -- and share the strongest with your friends

- You can show your support on progressive causes other than election through effective, online actions

If you have 30 minutes…

- Sign up for a "Friends and Neighbors" program that will help you connect to people in your own network about the election

- Create your own ballot to share your preferences with friends, and learn more about candidates up-and-down the ticket

- Take advantage of a free online training on getting out the vote and other campaign skills

If you have an hour...

- The Obama campaign makes it easy to call swing voters from your own home on your own schedule

- Not interested in the Presidential race? Call out the Vote for critical Senate and Congressional races with the Progressive Campaign Change Committee

- If you want to dig in on more progressive candidates, you can dial voters in key districts with Democracy for America

If you have an afternoon, a day, or more…

- Find a local phonebook, canvass or action organized by MoveOn volunteers near you

- Sign up to join Workers Voice GOTV efforts

- Want to work directly with the Presidential field team? See where Obama For America would send you

If you want to protect the vote...

- Help election protection efforts -- whether you have legal experience or not

If you have a few dollars:

- Support progressive candidates

- Join the fight to take down the Tea Party Ten

Plus, Do More WITH Your Vote

- Vote early

- Learn about smaller party candidates in safe states

- Learn about fusion voting options in your state