52 Weeks or Less

Virginians and Kentuckians agree:
Standing for health care & women's rights,
against corruption & right-wing attacks
is more popular than standing with Trump.

Diplomats & military personnel agree:
Trump blackmailed Ukraine --
as Trump appointees change testimony
& Trump lashes out at a decorated colonel.

Even more Republicans agree
that Trump broke the law --
they're just too scared to do
anything about it ... so far.

Elections have consequences
& Tuesday's should be a GOP
more scared of standing with Trump
than scared of standing up to him.

If they don't learn that lesson soon,
we'll teach then in 52 weeks. Or less.

That's 52 more chances to gather,
to share & sip & shoot this s**t,
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you

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