Bleeding Hearts Vs Heartless Beasts

Bleeding Hearts Vs Heartless Beasts

The President's leftward lean in his Address
made hardy liberals' hearts beat faster,
while Boehner's stony, silent stare
made you wonder if his heart beat at all.

Increasing the minimum wage, cap-and-trade,
immigration reform, pay equity, gun control
were all valentines to progressive partners,
while Rubio proved more heartless than heart-throb.

Investing in education, infrastructure, science,
Obama wrote a love letter to the future.
Saying that we're better off on our own,
Rand Paul wrote a break-up note with reality.

On this Valentines Day, the direction of our nation
may be as simple as following our hearts:
we'd rather be called bleeding heart liberals
than conservatives without beating hearts at all.

If it's bleeding hearts vs heartless beasts,
we know who will be our Valentine.

Your heart needn't bleed alone
as there are plenty of like-minded lefties
ready to share politics and a drink
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.