Boston Massacre: A Mass Scare Into Mass Care?

As we try to make sense of the Boston bombing,
some say it should make us fear Islam,
distrust immigrants & be suspicious of our neighbors.

Some set off alarms & say the rules don't apply
invoking WMDs, seeking military tribunals,
arguing against Miranda rights & defense attorneys.

We're scared so we consider desperate steps:
more surveillance, monitor Muslims,
cancel public events, limit individual rights.

But it's also a moment of extraordinary generosity,
as people open homes, hearts & wallets;
of communities pulling together in caring;
of respect for our public first responders.

And tempered voices call for patience,
speak against stereotypes & frenzied reactions
& affirm that a stronger civic space
will keep us all safer in the end.

The last Boston Massacre was part of a Revolution.
Maybe this one will be part of our Evolution
and the Massacre can turn Mass Scare into Mass Care.

We'll think of Boston as we share a drink together,
sharing public space & public space in a pub
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

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