Congressman Alan Grayson Believes In Living Liberally

Fresh off a debate in LA with George W. Bush (played by Laughing Liberally vet James Adomian), Congressman Alan Grayson offered a message to the good people of Living Liberally.

Thank you, Congressman -- and keep on fighting!

Though he won't make it person, we know Congressman Grayson is with us in spirit at this year's Living Liberally Annual Celebration -- this Saturday, MAY DAY, in New York City.

Come partake in this proud tradition of living -- and drinking -- liberally.

Communist-Fascist Rhetoric

If the Obama Administration is the 'communist/fascist regime' that Right Wing Extremists would have us believe, then the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck would not be on radio or television. In fact, if they were spreading the truth, both of them would either be dead or at best, imprisoned for life. Americans are being brainwashed by the spewing of their hatred, disguised under a cloak of concern for this country.
How many people who honor thy Rush or thy Glenn have ever been behind the Iron Curtain? When these guys and their cronies preach their communist-fascist rhetoric, it is such a slap in the face to anyone who experienced the despicable cruelty of Hitler’s actions as well as millions of killings by the likes of Mao Tse Tung and Joseph Stalin. I visited my Czech relatives in 1977 and just stepping off the airplane was quite the experience when I had to walk between two lines of men in military uniforms with semi-automatics pointed at each person who passed them. My mother escaped from Prague in the ‘50’s; she was in a Displaced Persons camp for some time, and then lucky enough to be smuggled into the safety of the U.S. Had she stayed in her homeland, she would have been hung for protesting communism by simply marching in the streets of Prague with a picket sign.
These overzealous, supposed patriots who claim to love this country with their overabundance of rhetoric are making big bucks for helping tear it apart. Mr. Beck has invented new definitions when he equates communism with social and economic justice. He also proclaims fascism and communism to be the same thing. Anyone who has studied history or political science knows that there is a vast difference between these two kinds of government; however, it is true that in both of these regimes he and Limbaugh would be in big trouble for such antagonism.
Beck suggests that if social or economic justice is mentioned in any churches or church websites, to "run as fast as you can." Does this guy realize that there would be no churches, no less church websites, if this country were even close to his imagined American Communist-Fascist regime? The idea behind economic justice is to give everyone an equal opportunity to prosper (prosper being the keyword). Social justice is based on the concept of human rights, which entitles us to freedom, the very thing these righteous clowns keep saying we are losing, while zip-lining their way into prosperity.
There are daily anti-Obama jokes being emailed from members of our troops in the Middle East. Like it or not, like HIM or NOT, he is their commander-in-chief and all email coming in and out of that country is of course, well-scrutinized. How many Nazis were alive and well after sharing anti-Hitler jokes? But therein lies a paradox because if this country has become a Communist-Fascist regime, these tedious military brats would be shot, hung or in jail.
Thanks to this fear-mongering, we have also now have Tea Party members warning us about the loss of our freedom. There would be no Tea Parties in a Communist-Fascist regime! These activists in Oklahoma have this idea that a state-wide volunteer militia would “protect state sovereignty.” Verbally spreading the fear is not quite working yet, so the usage of guns must be next. These extremists keep preaching about how Obama and company are going to take away our Second Constitutional Amendment. If this state militia comes to fruition, these clowns just might have a self-fulfilling prophecy on their hands.
Perhaps we should have fear, but not of Obama and his evil agenda; Americans should fear the stupidity and hatred that will soon be running this country.