Drones and Droning

After years of attacks by unmanned drones
-- a practice that has seeded fear & enmity --
it takes a confirmation hearing for the Senate
to finally question the White House about it.

After years of increasing tension & confusion
for non-documented workers in the US,
a group of GOP lawmakers finally speak for reform,
but maybe not as loudly as those who oppose it.

After debt ceiling struggles, Super Committee foibles
and Grand Bargain scuttles created sequestration,
Congress is now talking about avoiding the crisis
of severe cuts that they themselves created.

They act like a bunch of unmanned crafts
-- maybe it's a Congress made up of drones.
Even when they are poor at legislating,
they still prove pretty adept at droning...

Instead of droning, join for discussion,
and choose a drink instead of drone
as you share a night with like-minded lefties
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

I choose drink instead of

I choose drink instead of droning drinking gives you freedom to express yourself.

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