Elections Come And Go, The GOP Stays The Same

The American people spoke on Election Day
in support of the top 1% paying their fair share
but Boehner & McConnell return to DC
& immediately insist tax revenue is off the table.

Voters sent the Republicans a message
to let Benghazi inquiries run their course
but the GOP keeps searching for a scandal
instead of searching for the truth --
or searching for a jobs plan!

And John McCain threatens to filibuster Susan Rice
if she's nominated for Secretary of State
saying our UN Ambassador is ill-prepared
...from a man who made Palin a household name.

Preserve social security, no austerity,
focus on jobs, let Bush tax cuts expire --
the American people have spoken,
but the right-wingers aren't listening.

It's just a reminder that elections come and go
but the Grand Old Party stays the same.

Hopefully, the Democrats remember
that it's American voters they should listen to
-- not Senate old-timers or Fox News pundits.

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