Filibustered and Feeling Busted

Because Congress created a Doomsday device
that it was unable or unwilling to confront,
we're now stuck with the sequester
& it's senseless, severe service cuts.

Because conservatives remain in the grip
of the dystopian paranoia at the NRA,
commonsense gun laws finally introduced
already face a steep uphill climb.

Because Democrats were too timid to stand up
to their own Prez over illegal drone strikes,
it took the bane of liberals, Rand Paul,
to raise the issue through a filibuster.

When a man droning about drones is the most
functional, uplifting act in the Capitol,
we might as well cheer a filibuster --
because otherwise we're feeling busted.

Lift your spirits, your voices & libations
and fill-a-pitcher instead of filibuster
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

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