The Hangover: a Post-Election Message from Drinking Liberally

Following last night's election, many folks are going to need a drink.

More than at any point in the past two years, they will be seeking out their liberal community. They may be frustrated and need to vent. They may be reinvigorated and want to share ideas. They may be eager to learn from peers. They may be ready to get to work beating back the right-wing.

Good thing we have Drinking Liberally.

Here's the thing: elections come and go. Candidates often vanish after election day. Grassroots groups sometimes power down until the next campaign.

A real community is there month-after-month, year-after-year, and Drinking Liberally is a real political community for liberals all over the country, and increasingly around the world.

I feel now a little like I did on November 3rd, 2004. There are some results that sadden me most, as I'm sure there are for you. I am uncertain where to focus my energy next.

Fortunately, now -- as then -- Drinking Liberally is there to give me a home. In 2004, we saw surging attendance as liberals got together to organize, re-engage and, of course, drink.

We still play that role.

We're not sure what strategy will most effectively push our country on a progressive course, and who can say what the next two years will look like? Nonetheless, we still have each other.

Drinking Liberally chapters can expect strangers to show up for the first time and familiar faces to return to the fold.

Our chapters will be going strong, providing a home for everyone who wants to raise their liberal spirits and raise a few liberal pints in the times ahead.

There will be more special projects and announcements in the times ahead. For now - we just want to say, keep drinking liberally.