If The Vatican Can Act, Why Can't The Hill?

The President having GOP Senators for dinner
didn't stop them from having him for lunch.
He may win over their taste-buds and tummies,
but it's a far reach to their hearts and minds.

Paul Ryan's past budget proposals
have turned the Republicans into lemmings,
yet despite a decisive national defeat,
Ryan's new budget is a lot like the old.

More Americans speak against the sequester
but stopping cuts requires Washington action,
and in DC these days, the hardest task
is getting Congress to do anything at all.

We need a group of proud aging men
with differing goals & fractured alliances
to can get together to make a decision.

They just did it in the Vatican --
why is Capitol Hill having so much trouble?

Whether discussing the white smoke in Rome
or just the hot air and dark tempers in DC,
share your thoughts, a drink & a night
with your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

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