Mathematics vs. Mitt-Thematics

Mitt calls half of America dependents,
implying they are freeloading moochers
-- including the working poor, seniors
& middle class families who pay payroll taxes.

Mitt says these voters all support Obama
though Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia,
Idaho, South Carolina are among the top states
for residents paying no federal income tax.

Mitt says he doesn't worry about these people.
He should worry because these people
are regular Americans, voters, and the deciders
who are about to keep him unemployed.

Mitt's math led to Mitt's myth about America.
Truth-challenged Romney finally got a fact right
but he drew all the wrong conclusions.
No wonder he usually sticks with fiction.

He tried to win us with mathematics
but he lost us again with Mitt-thematics.
And now 47 is the new 99...

Bill Clinton did say the secret was "arithmetic."
For Mitt, he should've added "Don't be a jerk."

Liberals + drinks + good conversation
adds up to a welcoming scene & fun night,
so join the math of politics and pints
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Oh, I'm sorry I missed this comment

How did the event go Jay? I hope Michelle was her usual "quick on her feet" and bested Jancie Arnold-Jones in the debate. Come see us in Cedar Crest next Thursday, Oct. 4 at The Greenside.

Today is a day of infinite possibility.

Short Notice of Debate for Cong Dist 1 House of Rep Race


As you can see, my name is Jay Tinnin. I live on the east side or Moriarty and very recently became the Precinct 6 Chair Person here in Moriarty.

Tea Partiers and Republicans are trying to pull another fast one on the Democrats in the East Mountain Area. Notice just came out last night in the Independent News Paper of the Debate being held in Moriarty at the Civic Center tomorrow between 5 PM and 7 PM. The Meet and Greet starts at 4PM. Both the Moderator and Sergeant at Arms are Tea Party Republicans. The following is just part of what was in the article.

Meet and Greet starts at 4:00 PM. Moderated by Rick Lopez,Chairman of the Torrance County GOP. Questions selected by Rick Lopez from members of VFW (Mostly Tea Party Rep's) and American Legion (Turning Tea Party). Article claims the questions are non-partisan. Sheriff Heath White (Rep) is at Arms. "He will escort anyone acting unruly from the debate. No radicals from any side will be allowed to disrupt the event. The audience will be allowed to applaud but not to make catcalls or negative comments during the debate." Lopez said.

Please turn out to show your support of the Democratic Candidate Michele Lujan-Grisham. Keep in mind there will be no questions allowed from the floor and any unruly conduct will get you removed.

Thank You
Jay Tinnin