Mourning After Obama's Morning After

The President got in bed with Republicans
to help him pass gun control legislation,
but it was no love-match, they screwed him over
& the morning after has left us with no new laws.

He continues to court conservatives
on immigration reform & budget deals,
and he's willing to make big compromises
that the morning after look more like mistakes.

Now to do extend a hand to the Christian Right
to appeal to those who won't ever be appeased,
his administration is opposing access
for young women to the morning after pill.

Just because there's no pill to fix
the bad political mistakes Obama has made
doesn't mean he should deny Americans
a legal course out of a bad situation.

Whether a pill or some political will,
we could all use a way to make things right --
it's better than mourning after the morning after.

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All political issues is not

All political issues is not anymore healthy for all the people. - Brenda Lee Reed