Outrage Outage

Are Republicans too weary from witch hunts,
from turning Benghazi from sorrow to scandal
and the IRS affair from insensible to impeachable,
to be outraged at the news from the NSA?

Are conservative columnists too consumed
slandering Snowden as seditious & selfish
to save any shock for the domestic spying
that has turned citizens into suspects?

Did liberals expend so much of their anger --
first at Bush's illegal warrantless wiretapping,
then at the Congressional cave-in to make it legal
-- that they're less fired up at Big Brother Barack?

The government shouldn't, but it is,
the Prez said he wouldn't, then he did
& the public's so overwhelmed by insult & injury
that we don't even know where to direct our outcry.

For a bunch of people who often seem enraged,
this time there seems to be an outrage outage.

Let's power-up that outrage again
and send a powerful message to the NSA
-- after all, we know they'll be listening.

Outraged or out-of-touch, either way come on out
where we're never out of topics & you're no outsider
at your progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

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