Putting Zen Back Into Citizen

While the NRA pushes a paranoid dystopia,
the President proposes common sense steps
to calm violence, cool tempers & control guns.

The President will propose a pathway to citizenship
to give many families a sensible, secure standing,
but conservatives want to obstruct that path,
hurt families & leave immigrants in the shadows.

The Tea Party Congress wants to play games
with the debt limit & our country's finances,
but the President's refusing to pay ransom
as he seeks to reassure & rejuvenate the public.

One side stands still, while the other moves forward.
One side stokes fears, the other sparks progress.

The "everything's a crisis" approach to governing
has been done & hasn't served us too well.
Let's put a little Zen back into Citizen.

Join the rhythms of conversation & good company
as you cool down with a drink & warm up with a toast
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.