Remember, Remember That Day in September

Fear-mongering right-wingers whip up a storm
over a building several blocks from Ground Zero
-- but where's the concern about lack of progress
in rebuilding & memorializing the site itself?

Congressional GOP dictate how to honor the dead
while they block aid to the living,
fighting against funds for 9/11 rescue workers.

We claim that terrorists attacked our freedom
so in response we attack our own freedom:
extraordinary rendition & security state steps
that change the fundamental American Way of Life.

Politicians claim September 11th is on their minds
but it's Election Day that really consumes them.

They might do better to check their calendar
& really remember that day in September.

DL remembers those we lossed on September 11th,
toasts those who came to the rescue
& on this Rosh Hashannah, the Jewish New Year,
we wish for a year of peace and healing.

Come share your wishes for the year
at your local political social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.