Seek or Quest or...Sequester

We could have political leaders who seek
to create the prosperous economy of tomorrow.
Instead Congress avoids responsibility
and follows the path of yesterday's bad choices.

Elected officials could make it their quest
to inspire confidence in all Americans.
Yet now they make Americans question
what our representatives are representing.

They could strive, champion and lead,
but they hide, chicken out and flee
from a self-created crisis with a silly name
that was a silly solution to another mock-crisis.

Their choices: calm crises, or create them?
Ambitious inspiration or anxious perspiration?
They can seek or quest...or sequester?

I guess the seekers and questers weren't available.

Come seek some solace in liberal company
as we sequester ourselves for political conversation,
sharing what we think while sharing what we drink
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.