Speech Us, Preach Us, But Will He Reach Us?

Michelle moved us, Castro connected,
Warren whipped us up & Bill blew us away,
but after a series of inspiring addresses,
it's ultimately Barack Obama on the ballot.

The President & VP will take the stage
to stand by their first term and seek a second,
yet it's not just if the past four were good,
but convincing us the next four can be better.

We know the President's orations can inspire
but also that his actions at times inspire less.
Can tonight's words renew our hope for change,
as well as prove these are more than just words?

Mr. President, you'll preach us and teach us,
but in the end, will your speech truly reach us?

And set your bar higher than Mitt's speech.
In the competition for best address,
it's the First Lady who is your main rival.

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