Time For Midterms: Some Cram, Some Just Scam

While Dems make Hail Mary passes
on job stimulus they had all term to pass,
the GOP digs in, says No, opposes all ideas
& blames everything on someone else.

While Dems race frantically around the issue
of Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans,
the GOP just lies & says that Dems
want to raise YOUR taxes, whoever you are.

And while Dem candidates suddenly talk issues
they never acted on -- like energy independence
-- the right-wing candidates fear-monger
about mosques, immigrants & Amendments.

As always happens when Midterms come around --
some students cram & some just scam.

I guess I'd prefer the crammers to the scammers
but I also just have to wonder why nobody
was keeping up with their work all semester long...

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