When Getting Lumped Beats Being Trumped

With "horses and bayonets" Mitt started a weak week,
spending half the final debate getting trounced
and half agreeing with the man doing the trouncing.

Then Murdouck made Mitt's week much worse,
saying pregnancy from rape is what God's intended
forcing Romney to decide if he defended
the man he told Indiana to send to the Senate.

But $5 million brought the week to its worst --
offered by Mitt's own supporter, Donald Trump,
who trumped Romney by mugging the media
in a bigoted, foolish crusade to steal the spotlight.

Compared to what fellow GOPers have said,
being mocked by the Prez was this week's high point.

Mitt's hit bumps, seen a slump and was dumped,
but getting lumped still beats being Trumped.

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