You Can Drink After the Polls are Closed

Rand Paul supporters tackle an activist
and stomp on her after she's down --
when they all shout "Don't tread on me,"
they really mean, "Stomp on others."

Many Americans tired of the raging Right
are ready to "Rally to Restore Sanity,"
led by a comic who just interviewed the Prez
and who tells more truth than most reporters.

Others want more than sanity - we want progress:
investment in infrastructure, compassion in policy,
sensible budget priorities, a 21st century economy
...but those take more than protests & rallies
-- they take voting, volunteering & work.

So tell the right: Don't Stomp on Me.
Rally for Sanity & protest the insanity.
Then find ways to do more on Election Day.

News around the country may make us want to drink
but we need to do more than drink this Election.
Besides, we can drink when the polls are closed.

Learn how to get involved, share your ideas
as we share one last pre-election drink
at your local progressive social club.

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

Milford DL

As Someone Who has only been active for the last year or so I ask Everyone To Go Find Someone to Help I've Personally Found That My State Rep Jen Callahan and Congressman Neal are Truly Supporting My Views and Serving
The People And Knowing Them Personally Now Makes The Fight More Personal, and Meaningful

Going To Save Our Sanity!!!!
Going To Help !!!