The Artifice of the Deal

Trump dined with Schumer and Pelosi,
and the Dems said they dealt on DACA
which Trump didn’t deny, then he did,
leaving everyone dazed and dizzy.

Last week his deal with Dems on the debt
left Republican leaders in the lurch,
but it’s a short-term patch for a bigger fight
of showdowns and shutdowns in December.

The GOP has one more Trumpcare bill
that nobody seems ready to touch.
They also claim they’ll rush a tax bill
that hasn’t been drafted, debated, discussed.

The self-proclaimed “deal maker”
is just as often a complete “deal breaker”
and amid the lies, bluster, and double-talk,
seems like his approach isn’t an art at all
and should be called “The Artifice of The Deal.”

Here’s a deal you can trust:
conversations and camaradeire
liberal libations with like-minded lefties
at your local, progressive social club.

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