The Audacity of Hopes

After the Parkland massacre,
students turned mourning into outrage,
outrage into hope, and hope into action
pressuring companies, planning marches
& even getting Republicans to talk gun laws.

In the face of deportations & aggression,
Dreamers inspire us with courage,
the Supreme Court rejects Trump on DACA,
& even in this dark and frightening moment
there is hope for a better path for Dreamers.

And as Kushner loses clearance,
the White House succumbs to in-fighting,
Mueller indictments continue,
Hope Hicks admits to lying ...
then announces she'll resign.

Even greater than the audacity of Hope Hicks
is the audacity of hope
inspired by Dreamers, by students
& by all those fighting to reclaim our country.

Share a hope and a hearty hello,
and share a beer, better than fear,
at your local progressive social club.

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